Thursday, July 6, 2017

Philippians 4:1 Part 2/2. I Like! Studio Tour Part 6: Increasing Crafting Productivity and Storage Tip Mini Tutorial

Philippians 4:1 Part 2/2

In Part 1, we discussed Paul's love for the Philippians and how this verse could be a prayer. I would now like to look at Paul's instructions to stand firm in the LORD "in this way".  
In what way?  By keeping in mind that our citizenship is in Heaven (Philippians 3:20)? Yes and no.  I believe Paul is refering to the entire letter.  He gave so much instruction on living out our faith in this letter!  We could go in chronological and focus on applying one aspect a week and be challenged!  Yes, I believe he is focusing on the entire letter.  

What do you think?

Thank You, LORD, for this wonderful letter and insight....I wonder if that is the new path You have for us?  

You have been so generous with Your insights and guidance.  My heart is filled with gratitude and humbleness.

Thank You, my dear Abba!

I Like!
Have you participated in Leann's of Not Afraid of Color I Like Thursdays?  I encourage you to give it a try!
Here's my likes from this week!  
My theme is 
rescuing plants 
and gardens that not only survive, 
but thrive!

These four plants were dying at my local hardware store!  In fact, the Devil's Ivy had black leaves!  But, with a bit of TLC, they came back stronger and better than ever.....sort of like people......
 This little garden always struggled, even though it had a drip system in it.  But now look at it!  It needed a bit more TLC in the form of more water (more nozzles) and better soil.  Sometimes we have to provide a bit of extra for those who are hurting.....

 Consequently, the tree in the same garden took off and is now providing much needed shade from our 100+ degree temperatures to the garden below!

Amazing what a bit of 
TLC can accomplish!

Studio Tour Part 6: Increasing Crafting Productivity and Storage Tip
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
This is they side of my sewing studio where the magic happens!  Or the frustration - depending on the circumstances!  :)

By the way, this is an unedited picture!  

This little project board keeps me on task with current project and wish list projects.  Due to it's small size, 
I don't get overwhelmed!
It's made from a left over 4'X8' foam board 
we picked up 
from our local hardware store.
I just covered it with flannel.
My granddaughter decorated the edges and my projects, materials, patterns 
and such went in the middle.  

I usually print out my To Do Tuesday (from Stitching All Things)
and pin that up there as well.
That helps me stay focused,
organized and productive!
And yes, 
I do go off on rabbit trails once in a while - depending on the rabbit of course!

I store all those little bits and bobs we use in these little containers.  It's easy to do:
Several Dollar Tree cookie sheets and packages of storage containers
(I uses squarish ones because more fit on the cookie sheet.)
glue gun and glue

1.  Glue the magnets on the lids of your containers.
2.  Gather all your bits and bobs that are floating around your sewing space.
3.  cover your containers and place them lid down on the cookie sheets.
4.  You can now see all your stuff and it's attached to one place.  I simply stack my cookie sheets when not in use!  
Cool, huh?

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  1. Those plants are looking great now! Love your studio tour. Are those teddy bears on your foam board wall?

    1. Hi Nancy! Thank you! I'm enjoying sharing my sewing space! Yes, those are teddy bears. I need to embroider their eyes and nose so I can finish them and send them to Dolls of Hope. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. I love your little theme of rescue and the wonderful look of your rescued garden. Great work space you have made for yourself and the cookie sheet/magnets idea is wonderful organization. I am intrigued by two things...that pretty lamp hanging in the corner and what is that block project you have on your design wall...still in the package.

    1. Thank you! Isn't gardening so much fun! I love my work space. It was a special gift from my husband and some dear friends! You noticed the lamp! I purchased it in a museum that supports teaching women of South America to market their goods! The block project is the final layout for the BOM I've been participating in this year. It's various Drunkard's Path blocks and has been a blast! I can finally sew curves! If you would like to see them, please do a search on my blog for Drunkard's Path, the blocks should come up. Thank you for visiting and your kind interest!