Sunday, October 20, 2019

Saturday's Song: Still Rolling Stones. Slow Stitching. Stash Report

Saturday's Song

The lyrics to this song are so powerful!  At first, it sounds like it’s all about Jesus rising from the grave, but then I realized it’s about us – rising from our own personal graves in answer to the voice of our LORD and Savior!

As we rise, we come alive with open eyes – eyes that see.  We become victorious.  Sometimes that victory doesn’t look like victory to those looking in from the outside, but no matter!  It is OUR victory and it is quite personal.  The chains of darkness of insecurity, of pain, of secrets, of whatever our chains are fall powerless to the ground as we cry out to our LORD and Savior.  We are free and our eyes now see!

We rise up with open eyes, with power, with confidence as we shake off the grave and move with power in His name.  The darkness should have known it could not keep us captive forever. 

My dear reader, we are never too far gone, bound by our sins, our fears, our chains!  Though we may have dug our own grave, as we respond to our LORD and Savior’s call, we become alive, with our eyes open to the lies of the defeated one!  We run with victory and power as our Savior joyfully receives us with open arms!

Will you answer His call?  Will you become free?  Will you face your own chains, turn them over to Jesus and be free?  It’s difficult, my dear, but also so very wonderful to be free!
Slow Stitching
Confession time:   I have not touched my hand piecing project.  

This month my husband and I went to the Taos (New Mexico) Wool Festival and It. Was. Wonderful.  We stayed at a fantastic AirBnB and - yup - I bought yarn, and more yarn.  

Needless to say, I've been crocheting a ton!  I  finished two cowls before I even got home!  
The yarn is from the Good Medicine  Sheep Ranch in Lyons, Colorado.  It was easy to work with and washed up nice and soft. My husband bought an actual sheepskin as well!
The yarn is from Zombiepenguen Yarns and also worked up fast and is so very soft.  I bought quite a few hanks from Guenevere - she and her husband are so fun!

Now I'm working on a lovely shawl 
from Tamara Kelly over at Moogly!  Mine is no where as lacy as her's but the beautiful yarn makes up for my mistakes!  
The yarn is from the Wooly Lizard in Cortez, Colorado.  
I'll be sharing my yarn purchases on Thursday as I link up to Lee Ann's I Like Thursday party at Not Afraid of Color!  Guess what I like?  Yup!  Yarn!
Either way, this week I at least pulled out my hand piecing  and will hopefully put down my yarn for a bit of hand sewing.  

Stash Report
Fabric Usage
No finishes this week so no changes in fabric usage.  
last week - 38.80/100 yards
this week -  38.80/100 yards
Yarn Usage 
Two cowls done!
last week - 117/300 ounces
this week -  126/300 ounces

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Jesus Asked It #14: Matthew 7:16. I Like...So Many Things! $7.50 Blocks!

Jesus Asked It #14
Jesus Asked Series: 1,  2, 3, 4, 5678910, 11, 12, 13
Updated to include Bible Study.  :)
Seems like I forgot Bible Study portion of this post!  I'm so  sorry!  Let's get on with it, shall we?
I found the change of subject interesting as I read this question.  

The Scriptures went from judging others, to asking, receiving and giving, to remembering how narrow the road is that we should walk and now to discerning the message of the prophets.  Interesting in itself.  
When we hear the Word of God or even a prophetic message, especially from someone new, it's vital to test it against God's Word. Word.  I learned this from Pastor Mac Barnard in Clovis, NM.  I remember one sermon in which he encouraged us to study and ensure that his sermons lined up with God's Word.  His advice lead to me deeper studies of the Bible, to seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit and to using wisdom when attending a new church.  Over time, God will reveal the heart of a person.  
By the way, his sermons consistently lined up with the Bible.  :)
I Like....
Traveling!  A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took what turned out to be a second honeymoon to the Taos Wool Festival 2019!  It was an amazing time.  I'll be sharing about in another I Like post.  :)
For now, here are some favorite likes!
Christian music!  As I'm driving and a great song comes on, I snap a photo of the screen (at the stop sign of course).  This reminds me to feature it on my weekend post:  Saturday's Song.  

I also like perusing Instagram for quotes.  I learn from them as well as share them with loved ones as they go through their own trials.  I even started printing them out and putting them in a journal.

I've been reading more and more lately!  My "Want to Read" list is quite healthy now!  I wanted to find a way to pick up the next great book, so I found this printable at Starts at Eight!  When I do have time to blog, I share my reading life on Mondays and link up to the Book Date's party - a fabulous blog and resource for other bibliophiles!  
 I have always said I can't draw, but last week my husband surprised me with a Kindle Fire 7.  I wanted to label the charger and add a drawing of a flame.  After an online search for "how to draw a flame", here is the result!  Tada! 
Maybe it's true what most artists say:  Everyone can draw!  :)

$7.50 Blocks
I've finished the last blocks for our $7.50 quilt!  
The final steps to finishing this quilt are a doozy, so I may put it off for a bit.  The end result however, will be worth it!

As with blogging, I fallen behind in other BOM's, so I've decided to at least finish up the blocks, catch up on others and then work on the finishing steps.  

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Jesus Asked It #13. Wednesday Wrap Ups. Pressing On.

Jesus Asked It #13
Jesus Asked Series: 1,  2, 3, 4, 56789101112
I have various Bible studies on my blog.  I've decided to focus on one - the Jesus Asked It series.  I hope you are enjoying it!
This verse is a tough one - giving our kids what they ask for.  

In context, this verse is saying that of course, when we seek the Lord and His will, He will respond with the appropriate answer.  
 7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.8For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.  Matthew 7:7-8
I also read the Bible as a my own personal love letter from Jesus.  I sometimes take it quite literally, such as in this case.  In each alternative gift mentioned above, they were inappropriate (the stone) or even harmful (the snake).  
My dear loved one, sometimes, when we see our loved ones suffering via their own decisions, we want to help, we want to rescue.  But as I learned long ago, and am still learning, when we get between our loved one and their pain, we get between them and God.  
Sometimes, the best gift we can give is lovingly giving them the dignity to live with their own successes and/or failures.  All the while praying that our Father in heaven will give good gifts to those who ask Him.  Matthew 7:11
Believe me, I know how heart breaking this can be and my love, compassion and prayers go out to those of you going through this.  I've learned and continue to learn that as long as I rescue, I become that person's God.  I need to let God be God in my loved one's lives.  

Wednesday Wrap Ups 
This is kinda funny.  I finished this quilt top, my LAQ did a fabulous job quilting it and then I bound it using a scrappy binding.  But, did I take a picture of the finished product before I gifted it?  Nope.  Silly me.  Anyway, here is the finished flimsy!
I also finished quilting Pat's quilt.  As I mentioned before, Pat's mother-in-law pieced it, began quilting it, but passed before she could complete it.  I was honored to finish it up for the family.    
I machine bound it - a first for me.  

Pressing On
Last time my goals were:
1.  Visit Daddy and Mama. ✔
2. Continue to work towards a new normal.
This appears to be changing every day.  My health/limitations/successes change every day.  Flexibility and acceptance are my new words.  

This Week's Goals
1.  Visit Daddy and Mama.
2.  Write at least two blog posts.
3.  Finish up this month's Stitcher's Garden block and finish up one "tardy" block.
I wonder, do you set weekly goals for your personal, blog and crafty life?

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Monday's Strength. Stitcher's Garden. Book Date.

Monday's Strength
Romans 15:13 is my prayer as we follow His will.  Sometimes, as we grow and mature, we change.  Change can be hard, painful.  Yet, as we go through these changes, I pray we overflow with hope as we follow His leading.  

Stitcher's Garden
I'm slowly catching up on my Stitcher's Garden Blocks.  Here is the latest one.  
To me, it's a departure of color from my other blocks.....but I'm coming to like it.  This month's lesson was making piping.  The red piping really pops and the lavender one quietly says, "Hello!"
Here's what they look like all together.  This isn't the final layout at all.  They are just up on my design board.  I wonder if any of you have made a Stitcher's Garden quilt?

Book Date
Current Reads
Into the Beautiful North: A Novel

I've enjoyed starting and finishing several books in these last few weeks!

New Mexico Colcha Club: 

Spanish Colonial Embroidery & 

the Women Who Saved It

I recently discovered the art of Colcha Embroidery.  Naturally, I've been researching it and this book was a fabulous introduction.  The author provided a detailed history of the introduction Colcha Embroidery to Northern New Mexico in the 1600's.  It went on to describe it's near extinction and how Maria Teofila Ortiz de Lujan started it's revival.  Her daughter, Esther Lujan Vigil, has continued in her mother's footsteps.  
The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap: A Memoir of Friendship, Community, and the Uncommon Pleasure of a Good Book
I'm so enjoying reading books on books!
Waiting for the Biblioburro
I gave this social justice book to my grandson in hopes to continue his mother's teaching regarding such issues.  You can learn more about this book here (not an affiliate link) and  about Luis Soriano's work here.  

The Dog Lived (and So Will I)
The Dog Lived (and So Will I)
This is a fabulous book for all types of cancer patients, thrivers and their families, as well as dog lovers!
As you can see, I've been a bonafide bookworm lately!  :)  I'm off to the link ups to see what you, my friends, have been up to!  ;)

I'll be linking up to:

Saturday's Song. Sunday Slow Stitching. Stash Report.

Saturday's Song

I heard "Eye of the Storm" again on the radio and it blessed me.  As we go through the storms of life, He is the anchor that holds us in stormy times.  
He's held me, continues to hold me and He'll hold you as well.  
During stormy times, praise and worship help me see His truth, much like this song says.  Clarity and peace come as I worship Him who hold us in the palm of His hands.  

According to the story behind the song, it is based on Psalm 69.  
May the LORD strengthen us as we learn to praise Him in the storm.

Slow Stitching Sundays
I finished this embroidery project for my granddaughter.  It's called Follow Your Heart by Tamar Nahir-Yanai.  
Next steps?  Convert it into a pillow!  I love making things for my grandchildren....sigh.....

Today I've also been binding a bow-tie quilt.  It's my first time using scrappy binding and I'm loving how it is coming out!  I'm hoping to share the finished product this Wednesday. 
UPDATE:  Here is the picture of the finished flimsy as well as a funny story about taking pictures of my finished quilts!  

Stash Report
Fabric Usage
No changes in fabric usage this week.  
last week - 38.80/100 yards
this week -  38.80/100 yards
Yarn Usage 
My next prayer shawl is coming along beautifully.  I'm using a simple half double crochet pattern in hopes that the beauty of the yarn will be the focus rather than the stitch work.  

last week - 107/300 ounces
this week -  117/300 ounces

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