Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Philippians 3:3. Studio Tour Part 1: Fabric Storage

Philippians 3:3.

What a powerful Scripture with such clarification in the Amplified version!  Paul is saying we don't need physical marks on our body to serve God.  We serve Him spiritually with joy and praise to Him, not putting confidence on any part of our flesh!  
This Scripture has ministered deeply to me today!  In spite of the fatigue and pain of fibromyalgia (the physical), I can still praise God and serve Him in my Spirit via His Holy Spirit!  I was up to the wee hours of this morning Netflix binging and crocheting.  But, in reality, I was spending time with my Abba Father trying to understand and truly make peace with my situation.  

I've been offered and accepted a nearly full-time position with our local university and am moving forward with the Spanish speaking Cancer Care Support Group - in spite of my physical challenges.  

God has confirmed that both of these opportunities are ministerial opportunities. I am relearning to 
focus on Him and not the challenges, serve Him in and via His Spirit, not in the physical,
have faith in my God dream situation.

He will 
provide the physical strength I need 
teach me to ask for help.   
A lesson in itself.
Either way, 
my spirit has been comforted and strengthened by His Holy Spirit today!

Abba Father, how I love and appreciate You and Your everlasting presence in my life.  I realize that my physical body is what reaches out to minister, but my spiritual body is stengethened by Your Holy Spirit.  

I guess sometimes I have to rest.
Perhaps during these times of resting 
beside the still waters, 
You are strengthening by spirit
that my physical body may go forth
and serve Your people.

Thank you for helping me to see this.
Help me to maintain a positive attitude (Philippians 4:8)!

I love You and I trust You, Abba Father!

Studio Tour Part 1:
Fabric Storage
We all have various ways 
to store our fabric and 
I've tried many of them.
For now, this works for me!
I have a rather large cutting table 
that measures roughly 
5 1/2 feet X 4 feet with 
adjustable storage shelves underneath.
It faces my west window,
so it gets a lot of natural light.
Not to worry though, 
I share a solution below.

On right side I store my 
Drunkard's Path, 
upcoming projects, 
and other miscellaneous fabric.
Batiks, flannels and
 other miscellaneus fabrics
 are stored on the left side.
There is more "fabric-in-waiting" 
behind the stacks on both sides!
My Accuquilt, dies and
 scrapbooking punches
 are all on the bottom shelf.
Oh, and the Brown Bag?
It's filled with scraps too large to toss!

These scraps are becoming 
part of the Crazy Quilt
I'm making for my son.
He's amazing!
He took care of me 
for almost 2 years - 
when I was 
going through and recovering 
from chemotherapy.  

I posted about this solution before, however, these mini design boards
now serve a different purpose.
Remember when I said that in preparation for the 
RSC 2017, 
I cut strips of fabric 
from each bolt?

This is how I store them!
It really helps me to keep up with the monthly blocks!

I've always wanted to make a Strip Quilt
as well as to participate 
in the RSC Challenge.
I know it's a bit of a cheat......
but I'm having so much fun 
with this project
that I can't feel too guilty!

I place them in front of my fabric shelves.
So that my fabric strips don't fade, 
I simply turn them around when 
not in use!
Win, Win!

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  1. Great project organization, with the plus of turning them around to avoid sun exposure. Thanks for sharing this on Midweek Makers

  2. Awesome share both spiritually and physically!

  3. What wonderful opportunities / blessings you've been given with the university and the Cancer Care group! I've often found that God doesn't call you to opportunities without giving you the strength that you need to do them! That doesn't mean that you won't have flare-ups, or that other situations won't come up, but He'll make the way clear for you to accomplish what you need to do - maybe in another way, or time....

    1. Amen my dear! I have faith that He will come through! He has given me great opportunities that I'm very excited about! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  4. Love that beautiful lion illustration. Wow on the nearly full-time position! Thanks for the room tour.

    1. Isn't it gorgeous? It spoke courage to me. I updated the post and added my source: Thank you so much for stopping by!