Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Fourth of July! Patrick's Strength. Blouses.

Happy Fourth of July!
Hello there!  I wonder if you have any plans for the 4th? We do!  The day will be spent with family and friends celebrating my 4th grandson's birthday - yup - he's a firecracker - born on the 4th!  

Double celebrations!

I'll be taking a reprieve from blogging until Wednesday, July 5th in honor of these special occasions!  

Patrick's Strength. 
Patrick's Strength is looking pretty good!  I made some serious progress as we were in Ruidoso yesterday.  I love short road trips!
My son-in-law graciously cooperated as a model to measure the afghan.  We think it's about 1/2 way done!

Surprise, Smiley, Oh, Fear, Scare, Alarm

I FINALLY altered these blouses - it's been what?  almost a year maybe?

Quilty 365
Keeping up with this one as well...did you notice a black circle for today?  Yes, pain is back, hopefully just for today....

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  1. Your afghan is lovely. Both of my grandmothers knitted and crocheted afghans that I still have in my house, but to me, that is mysterious magic -- taking a ball of yarn and conjuring it into a blanket! I'm curious about your circle quilt blocks, and the black one for pain. Are you chronicling an illness or recovery with this quilt? I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday and birthday weekend with your little firecracker!

    1. Thank you I love how you described crocheting and knitting - "taking a ball of yarn and conjuring it into a blanket"! The circle quilt blocks are part of a year long quilt along called Quilty 365. It's a lot of fun! We pick a fabric for each day and create the quilt block. This was my first year and I plan to continue this next year.

      I have fibromyalgia. It was complicated in 2015 when I was treated for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. The 2016 was a year of pain and recovery - much of it spent in pain and in a wheelchair. 2017 is seeing much fewer pain filled days. A few months ago I started chronicling my pain filled days with black circles. June was a black circle free month! This month has begun with pain due largely to the fact that I chose to play with my grandchildren (ages 7 years to 1 year) during the holiday weekend. I had a great time, but am now paying the price.

      It was soooo very worth it!! :)