Friday, May 26, 2017

Philippians 3:7. I Like! Studio Tour Pt. 3 - Embroidery Floss Anyone?

Philippians 3:7.

Paul is referring to the "gains" he received as a Pharisee.  After he met Christ, he considered these gains a loss.  
How this verse resonates within my own heart!  So many objects, thoughts, books, and my own lifestyle seemed so inconsequential after I received Christ as my Savior!  As I go through my walk with Him, growing and maturing in Him, more "gains" seem a loss compared to the blessings He's poured into my life!  

Our entire thought process and value system changes to become richer and deeper.  The wonderful aspect of this growth is that our loving Savior works in is gently.  He is a perfect gentleman.  

Oh Father!  How I thank You for taking me down Memory Lane with this verse as well.  Since I accepted You into my heart, You have been gently molding me, healing me and taking me to the next level.  I'm so eager to see what lies next!

Thank You, Abba, thank You for all the work You've done in my life and for the coming work You will do!  


Studio Tour Pt. 3 - Embroidery Floss Anyone?
(Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here!)
Guess what?  I bought some embroidery floss....well a lot of embroidery floss.

My daughter convinced me to buy it.  Though she says differently.  Since she's not here to defend herself, we'll stick with my version of the story!😉

My LQS was selling their entire stock of Presencia embroidery floss complete with the store display at a fabulous price.  
Yup.  I bought it!
 All of it.

It makes us happy 
just to flip through the drawers.
There's more, but you get the idea.
We want to fill in the empty slots,
but we won't...
I think.

I Like!
I really like Lee Ann's "I Like" linky party because it helps me to focus on gratitude.  I've been hesitating to post because so many things I like on right in my own home - and lately I've been home a lot.  But, I decided what the heck?  So, here goes!
 I love having various locations to stitch!  Here is one of them!  We picked up this chair and ottoman at an Estate Sale and it works perfectly in my bedroom!  I get great sunshine, a breeze and view of our honeysuckle from the window.  The French doors to the right give me a nice view of our backyard gardens.  Right now I'm enjoying "AnnE with an E" on Netflix as well!
 I thoroughly enjoyed playing Monopoly with my kids - 
and now I'm playing it 
with my grandkids 
on the SAME board!  
How fun!
I love Tinkerbell!
This is the mug I usually use 
for my Mason Jar soups.


  1. Oh I like those things too! The chair and french doors with honeysuckle! Priceless. The floss!!!!!! Tinkerbell! Yes! I believe! It's the little things we have to be thankful for, because they make up our lives

    1. Right? Your "I Like" party makes gratitude a conscious part of my daily life! I Like!

  2. Visiting from FreshMarketFriday. Love your stitching spot - that chair looks like a good reading spot as well.

    Although I don't embroider, I enjoyed looking at your drawers of threads - the colors are so pretty.

    I love Phil. 3:7 All the things I thought were important seem less so in the light of eternity!

    1. Hi Jerralea! Wow, you have such a pretty name! Thank you for coming by to visit! Yes, my chair is also a great reading spot! There's more drawers of floss - all the colors of the rainbow. They make me happy just looking at them! I so agree with you - somehow in the light of certain verses - our everyday worries seem so inconsequential!

  3. Hi, I found you on Oh Scrap and am happy to meet a fellow Christian stitcher. It's been 34"years since Jesus has been my Savio and Lord. I've been on a great adventure with Him every day since. Threee years of blogging have given me a new worldwide neighborhood of the dearest friends. God bless and keep you in the palm of His hand.

    1. Hi there, Paula! I'm so happy to meet another Sister in the Lord as well! Wow! Thirty-four years! That's awesome! I'm sure yo have indeed been on a great adventure with Him over the years! I love how the internet has made our world smaller so that we can meet new friends! Thank you for your blessing! May He also bless you and yours as well! :)

  4. Awesome score on the floss! The display is such an added bonus to keep it organized! Have fun with it.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'm glad we picked it up - especially with the display case! I've begun an embroidery project that, thanks to your post, I've realized I need to blog about! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!