Monday, January 30, 2017

Philippians 2:11. Origami Bento Bag

Philippians 2:11

Because of Jesus' obedience to the Father, even unto death, eventually EVERY tongue will acknowledge him as LORD!

Furthermore, this acknowledgement is to the glory of God, our Father!

Woohoo! Hallelujah! 
I just love to praise my Jesus!  I do - even if sometimes it's through tears!  I remember when the nursing home called to tell me my mother had passed away.  Now, mind you, she and I were not close at all.  However, for the last year and a half I took care of her.  Just the same, when I got the call, I held Baby B. in my arms and sang a quietly sang praise song as I wept.

The other day, Baby M., who is now seven, asked me, "Ama, why are you so loud?"

I am.
I truly am. 
Not obnoxiously loud in social situation, but when a favorite song comes out on KLOVE I sing - loudly!

Here's how I responded:

"You know, I know your mama is quiet and you really love that quietness don't you?"

"Yes I do!"

"Well, sometimes the joy of the LORD so fills my own heart that it bubbles right out of my mouth and I have to sing and dance!"


I must admit, I have a terrible singing voice, but thank God that the Word says He loves our praise - and doesn't mention that a requirement is to have a lovely singing voice!

LORD, You are amazing!  Thank you for the gift of praising You!  I just love to praise you - even with my voice!  :)

You are good, all the time,
all the time, You are good!
Dear Friend, 
Turn up the speakers on your electronic device and dance your heart out as you listen to this song!  
Come on!
I dare you!
Double dog dare you!
You'll feel so much better!  :)

Dear Friend, this is my truth!

Origami Bento Bag
A friend of mine crochets.  
She loves yarn. 
We both buy too much yarn.
It's partially my fault.
Another friend and I
taught her how to crochet!

She loves crocheting scarves 
for her loved ones.  

Her cat ate one that was almost finished!
I said, "Bad cat!"
She said, "Playful cat!  :)"
I loved my friend's attitude.

I made her this bag from Very Shannon
I highly recommend this tutorial.  
Don't worry about 
the folding part of the tutorial - 
just follow the pictures!  :)

If slouchy bags are not your style, 
add a bit of interfacing and line it.  
use a heavier fabric, like duck or denim. 

But give this bag a try!  

I did add a snap to it 
so that naughty cat can't get into it without exerting more effort!

Oh, by the way, 

I gave my friend 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Phiippians 2:10. To Do Tuesday

Philippians 2:10.


God so exalted His Son because of His obedience even unto death on they cross, that even now, so many years later, every knee will eventually bow - in all realms- to His name.  Wow.

Yesterday we received some terrible news. I have a sweet, gentle friend who found out that one of her childhood friends is sick.

Her family, friends and loved ones are 
and perhaps even angry.

is dying.

Shes was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
Today the doctors are operating.
But they've already said 
she won't be going home.
Until she goes Home.

How does someone even wrap their heads around this idea?!

I just went to the funeral of a friend 
who died from this same disease.

And then I read Philippians 2:10.......
how does this verse and these events 
even relate?

I was watching a movie, "Born to Win".  After experiencing several major life challenges, the protagonist loses his faith in God.  I understood him. 

Years ago, I was there. 

But today, 
when I saw that part of the movie, 
my knee bowed before the King of Kings, my big brother, Jesus, 
the name above all names.

As a survivor and fellow human being, 
my heart hurts for my friends, loved ones, acquaintances who 
are dealing with cancer,
who have lost loved ones to cancer, 
who have yet to be diagnosed with cancer.


I'm angry, hurting  and hopeful
for these precious people.
Where there is life, there is hope.

My dear reader, this is my truth.


That about sums up my Tuesday To Do List from last week!

- work one hour on my Embroidery Around the House project

- Make my $7.50 block Done!

- pull purple fabric for the RSC DONE!  Also pulled fabric for the Covered in Love Blocks!  

- pull fabric for a Snail Quilt (more about that later!)  This one has been postponed.

- Make 5 more blocks for the Simple Scrappy Sampler  Nope.  But I've cut out about 7 squares!

- make the last of the grey hand warmers  Nope - didn't even touch it!

- Work at least one hour on the Hexagon Afghan Nope - didn't even touch it!

My "squirrel" was two cool Quilt Block Books!  I'll be sharing those tomorrow!  They will really facilitate taking my projects to my Quilting Bee!  

In line with my goal of finishing UFOs, my next Tuesday To Do List is fairly simple:

January 24 - 31, 2017
My First Priority
Support my friend as she supports her childhood friend and her family.  
- Finish cutting and piecing the blocks for the Simple Scrappy Sampler.  This is my OMG, and the month is quickly coming to a close!  Where did January go?  This quilt will probably go on to be my February OMG!  

- Add at least 40 hexies to my Hexagon afghan.

- Make my RSC and Covered in Love Blocks!  

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Philippians 2:9. Green Chile Stew. Crazy Quilt Squares.

Philippians 2:9
Therefore........... Consequently, as a result of His obedience,
God exalted Jesus! 
Not only exalted him – but exalted him to the highest place.
Plus He gave Him the name that is above EVERY name!
There is a reward for obedience.
We please God.

If we can obey Him in the smallest of requests, He knows He can trust us with more – and our own faith is built up.

I’m learning to listen to His voice,
and respond to the needs of those around me
when HE wills it.

Green Chile Stew
Yesterday my husband asked me to make him Green Chili Stew.  Yum!
He loved it so I decided to share my recipe!  It's perfect for cold, wintry days with beans and flour tortillas or homemade bread.  Are you hungry yet?  Is your mouth salivating?  I've changed the recipe a bit from the original, so here's my new one in a PDF file!  This is a first for me, so please let me know if there are any hiccups!  :)  Also, I used a translator to translate it into Spanish.  I haven't translated since I left the classroom, so please forgive any errors!  Enjoy!

Crazy Quilt Squares
I made these squares for a friend for Christmas.  I had made her a set before, but when our waitress admired them, she generously gave her one.  She has mourned her lost square for years.  So, I made her two more!

This was the beginning of one square.  They always look so funky at this stage!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Slow Stitching Surprise. Progress On My Grandmother's Flower Garden.

Slow Stitching Surprise.
Do you remember this project?  It was a quilt along from Carole at From My Carolina Home.  She called it Autumn Jubilee.  

In this post I said there was a surprise twist to it and then I never showed you "the twist" that I added at Christmas!

Tada!  Here it is!

Here's the "Fall Side".

I made a few changes.
I added beads instead of buttons.
(Didn't have any buttons to match.)
I didn't add the bottom layer of wool.
And I made it reversible!
This was my daughter's idea.
I like it.  :)
We all know wool is expensive.
But I am hooked.
I may make  more candle mats as gifts.

Progress On Our 
Grandmother's Flower Garden
Many of you have seen this picture of the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. The reason I call it "ours" is simple. 

When I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, my daughter jumped in and started helping me to make it.  So, it is ours.  
The top row should be all connected by tonight, tomorrow at the latest.  

My daughter and I...
well...this quilt is so special.  
I'm so glad God healed me 
so that we can continue to work together on this beautiful expression of 
love, tenacity and beauty.

I love it.
I really do.
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Bed For Marley and a Song

A Bed For Marley
I love this little guy!  
He's my "grand-dog"! 
He's laying on my legs
as I'm babysitting him. 
He lives with my son.  
He gave my son back to me.
Long story; 
not mine to tell.
But I love him.
Here he is a mere two days old.
His mama died.
My son became his parents - 
both mama and daddy.

My son does landscaping work
in all types of weather.
Marley goes with him.
So I made him a little bed
which is also a "go bag".

Here's the pattern I used.
Thank you, Simplicity!

The bag needed to be durable, 
so I used lightweight denim
for the outside.
Can you see the pockets?
I used velcro 
for ease of opening them.

By the way, 
I discovered that denim
is hard to sew through.
I used a denim needle.
I'm open to any tips
you have to offer!

I used red velour for the inside.
Marley also got a fleece blanket 
made out of this fabric.
Thank you, Jo Anns.

I love this little guy - 
my grand dog!

Thank you, God, 
for our Marley!

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A Song
I went to a funeral today.
Here is a song that I hope will bless you.
It certainly has blessed me over the years.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Philippians 2:8. Covered in Love.



Christ humbled himself even more by becoming obedient to death – even death on a cross – which was reserved for criminals.


Doesn’t that make the entire passage even more meaningful?

Somehow these Scriptures put a new perspective on my own petty points of view, my supposed “right” to not take any guff from anyone.  I want to be more of a servant and less of me. 

The phrase “dying to self” comes to mind.  A quick internet search brought me to this page and these verses:

These are difficult lessons.  Again, we must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit when serving others, when trying to achieve unity in our work places, churches, families - wherever! 

Even when going about our day to day lives, let’s consider: 
What works for us? 
What is God telling us? 
Are we enabling or supporting? 
Are we becoming less?

Father God,
As I meditate and saturate in these verses and the Holy Spirit’s voice, I find myself becoming slower to speak and respond.  I find myself seeing life from a different perspective.  I hope I am becoming gentler, wiser, kinder to others – and to myself.

Help me to see the lessons here and to incorporate them in to my life.  Help me to know boundaries.  Help to know when help others and when to lovingly detach.

I praise You for these lessons, difficult as they may be!

Dear Friend, this is my truth!

Covered In Love
I was able to make some charity blocks last month for Covered In Love!  These were new for me, but Kat's tutorial was awesome!

Here's the blocks I made for January!  

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Philippians 2:7 Part 2. Baby B's Boot Cuff and Scarf Set

Philippians 2:7 Part 2 con't from here

I am working on boundaries. So, please understand, that’s the view from which I’m interpreting this passage – as well as the earlier verses. 

I apologize if I am in error in interpreting these Scriptures.   As I’ve said before, I am simply a woman of faith sharing God’s Word as it applies to my life. 

Sooooo, here goes!  J

I find it so interesting that in His ministry, Jesus gave His all, BUT remained Jesus…………..

As I look back on my life, I can see times where I’ve given so much – even to my detriment.

I can now recognize my behavior and begin to pull back.  Here’s a few signals that help me:
1)               The Holy Spirit whispers to me to be careful.
2)               I am stressed instead of joyful about helping someone.
3)               I begin to think that I’m am the ONLY person that can save the day.
4)               My husband, who loves me dearly, will begin to show concern and question my actions.   Though I may get irritated, I know I can trust him.  I value his opinions. 

As we’ve discussed
working towards unity (v. 2) & (v.5),
being humble (v. 3-4),
being willing to REALLY listen to others (v. 3-4)
having the mindset of Christ (v. 5),
we also need to remember to ask God at least some of these questions:

1)      Am I in Your will? 
2)      Do You want me to act or is this a case of no response is a response?
3)      Do You want me to say something?  If so, help my words improve on the silence!
4)      Am I enabling this person?  Will my “help” prevent them from experiencing natural consequences; perhaps even inhibit Your will in their lives?
a)     Or am I supporting them?  Will my “help” truly help that person?

My heart if full of what You are speaking to me.  Thank you for giving me courage to
learn about and set boundaries,
apply what I am learning
share what You are teaching me.

I ask You for more
more of You that I may serve You as You desire.

You are awesome. 
You have gone through so much to
touch my heart and life!

Thank you!

Baby B's Boot Cuff and Scarf Set
I had crocheted this scarf for my granddaughter, but used a thinner yarn.  It came out ok, but I felt it was too thin, so I added a border.  And since I added a cute border, I decided to make matching book cuffs as well!   

My granddaughter loved them!  Here they are!

Here is the new and improved scarf!  
It's so pretty!
Baby B loved it!

Here'a a close up of the butterfly!

Baby B. loved how the boot cuffs went with her boots!  At five she is such a fashionista!  I did adjust the pattern for her calve size by chaining 33.

I used Lion Brand's Mondern Baby Yarn in creme for the scarf border and cuffs and Red Heart's Unforgettable in Winery for the scarf body.  

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