Sunday, March 25, 2018

Saturday's Song. Still Stitching #3. Slow Stitching. Stash Report.

Saturday's Song

Hillary Scott's song, Thy Will Be Done, was written through heartbreak.  But, she found peace and victory!  His will be done as we continue with Still Stitching.

Still Stitching #3
Still Stitching #2 Still Stitching #4
In my last post, I left off mentioning the first of 5 points that got me through a very dark time in my life.  Note, I wrote that sentence in the PAST TENSE.  It WAS a dark time - but NOT ANY MORE. It's one day at a time, my dear, one day at  a time.  But I digress.  

Back to our first point:

I noted how it was so familiar to Joshua 1:9. 

excruciating heart-rending
as this process was –
and can still be,  

I began the journey of walking away and searching for peace.  

BUT FIRST, I prayed, read and memorized Joshua 1:9.  Then, I leaned into God’s everlasting arms as He carried me away from His loved one (my qualifier) and into His grace. He is still doing this as I write this post.  
It’s a daily battle.
One day at a time.

But, with God’s Word, faith-based music, wisdom found in the rooms of Al-Anon, support from loving friends, I am growing in courage and strength. 

My dear reader, try this one step.  We are not in control of anything but our own actions.  All the pleading, tears, arguing and even shouting will not change our loved ones. 

Which leads us to the second point I learned: 
Ouch.  Ouch. Ouch.  Another tough point to ponder.  

I am sharing what has worked for me.  Most of my days are filled with prayer, music, friends, grandbabies, family,  sewing, crafting, blogging, walks and yes, even laughter! I even get to enjoy drop in visits from my qualifier (loved one struggling with addition/alcoholism) in which we visit and share a meal!  

Most of the time, my spirit is light and joyful - truly it is!  After all, the joy of the LORD is indeed our strength (Nehemiah 8:10).  

Sure there are moments of sadness and sometimes even tears.  But weeping lasts only for a moment - joy comes in the morning!  It really does.

Until next time, my dear reader.  

Sunday Slow Stitching
I am glad to say that I've almost completed 13 Comfort Dolls!  Here's the first one!

I'll be finishing up the rest today and into next week and then I can take some yardage off - finally!  :)

Stash Report  
My LQS picked up a new line of digitally printed fabric and I love it!  I'll find the name of this digitally printed fabric and update this post when I have it!

Instead of purchasing stash building fabric, I purchased two pre-cut pillow case sets!  I get to enjoy a fabric I love without a lot of time or financial investment! Win - win!
No changes in yarn usage/purchases - yet.  My current prayer shawl should be finished soon!
Fabric used this week
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To Date used

Fabric in this week
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Net in the red (more bought than used!)
Yarn used this week
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Yarn in this week
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Thoughtful Tuesdays. To Do Tuesdays..

Thoughtful Tuesdays
Today's Thoughtful Tuesdays post is perfect for our new study - Still Stitching.  Debbie from Blogger Loves The King writes about surrendering.  She certainly has triumphed over great challenges, yet still writes as a faith-filled woman of God.  Such faith and strength are not easily gained.  

I hope you give her blog a visit and follow the link to her post about her grandson, Colt.  

We look back to see where God has brought us from, but we look forward, straining to win the race.  

To Do Tuesday
Last List
1) Do a fabric pull for the new Y-seams Tumbling Blocks prototype with my new Accuquilt DieNot yet.
2)  Finish joining Row 2 of the Maria's Blue Crayon Spring Granny Afghan CrochetDone!
3) Do a fabric pull for the new CIL block drive.  Done!
4) Finish the Felt Nativity CalendarDone!

This Week's List
1) Do a fabric pull for the new Y-seams Tumbling Blocks prototype with my new Accuquilt Die.  Fingers crossed!
2)  Finish joining Row 3 of my afghan - the Maria's Blue Crayon Spring Granny Afghan Crochet
3) Finish a pillow I started last year.  
4) Complete 13 Comfort Dolls.  I've made some progress on them!  
I've been hand embroidering the eyes and attaching the hair with a blanket stitch.  Next, I sew the little bodies together, stuff them and make their skirts!  
5) Contact the organizations to give out the drainage bags.  

I hope you check out 
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Monday, March 19, 2018

Still Stitching #2. Stitching with Love. Book Date.

Still Stitching #2
Perhaps you’ve been heartbroken over the decisions of a loved one?
Perhaps your pain is so great you only have strength to move from your bed to the sofa and back again? 

I’ve learned that depression is not all bad, in fact it can be productive.  A friend who has lived with depression told me that she uses that time to ask God what she is to learn during this darkness.  He has been faithful to respond.

So, as I lay in God’s green pastures and quiet waters, I made friends with depression and asked my LORD and Savior to teach me.  And He did.  He brought a person into my Al-Anon group who listened to my story with understanding and compassion.  When it was his turn to share, he shared five life-changing points that he learned from a 80+ year-old lady.  They flamed my flickering hope into flames of victorious faith.  So, I’ll share them with you. 

Point 1:
Pray for the courage and strength
to walk away and
for peace in the midst of it.

As you can imagine, this was grueling – to pray for and to do.  But, God moved and showed me clearly that this was what I had to do. 

Joshua 1:9 kept popping up in my readings and in sermons at church.  Notice the similarity of the wording.
This was no coincidence.  God moved even more, to confirm that this step had to be taken - for my own good and for the good of my dear loved one.
To be continued.

Stitching with Love
CIL Squares 
The current CIL Block Drive will be using blue colors.  I've pulled this fabric and will be making them soon!  

Comfort Dolls

Comfort Dolls are given to the brave women in domestic violence shelters.  The originator, Pat Winters, gave me permission to make them for cancer patients.  They will now have a little softie to comfort them as they go through various tests, treatments, effects of chemotherapy and the year after treatment.  Very little fabric is needed for these dolls.  It could even be considered a scrap project.  They are quite simple - as  you can see by the pattern I drew out on Pattern Ease.
Here's the fabrics I've chosen!

I'm off to sew now!
Book Date

Image result for the story the bible as one continuing story of god
The Story continues to bless me.  I'm seeing God's word in a whole new light as I read through this book.  Just in case you're interested, my church, Heart for the World,  provides some awesome study outlines that enrich my reading experience.
I not only finished The Quilter's Homecoming by Jennifer Chiaverini, but also A Circle of Quilters!  Both were audio books, so I feel like I'm cheating, but during the university semester, audiobooks are the way for me!  

Why the Sky Is Blue
Why the Sky is Blue by Susan Meissner is a deep book filled with real emotions and struggles.  I am so eager to see how the protagonist finds her way through her challenging circumstances.  I am also reading eagerly to see how the LORD works in her life.  

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Saturday's Song. Still Stitching #1. Sunday Slow Stitching. Stash Report.

Saturday's Song & Still Stitching #1
Still Stitching 2

This chorus from Blessings by Laura Story is so true: 

'Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops

What if Your healing comes through tears

What if a thousand sleepless nights 

are what it takes to know You're near
What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise

Push forward my dear reader, push forward.  

Today begin our study on living with loved ones who have lifestyle challenges - alcoholism, addictions, etc.  I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL counselor or therapist.  I'm simply a Spirit filled woman who deals with this issue.  

The title "Still Stitching" is a play on words.  "Still" comes from Psalm 46:10:
I have absolutely no control over anybody or anything - except myself.  Oh!  That truth was so hard to learn!  But, Psalm 46:10 is of great help to me.  
You might say that "Stitching" is my way of Bible Journaling, my way of healing after being broken yet again.  I began the #1yearofstitches during this time.  When life got crazy, I picked up my stitching, sat quietly and prayed.  As a friend listened to me describe this time and a name for this study, She said, "Awww....Still Stitching."  There you have it!  

The focus of this study will be on helping ourselves, not our "qualifier" (person with the addiction).  Our toolbox will be foremost Scripture, music,  and the tools I've picked up in Al-Anon meetings.   

I will begin with where I am now, refer to where I've been and then onto where I hope to be.  

My prayer and hope is that many are blessed via this study that has been and continues to born of tears and victories.  

So, I leave you today with a beautifully encouraging song and a word:  
Be still.
Know He is God.
Still stitch.

Sunday Slow Stitching
I finally finished my Felt Advent Calendar!  At first I thought I mis-numbered a couple of decorations my pink an, but all is well.  Whew!
Here you go!
 Here it is!
 Baby Jesus is added 
on the 25th day.  

Today I'll be Still Stitching as well as crocheting some squares together on my Spring Granny Afghan by Maria's Blue Crayon.  Here's my humble progress so far....

Stash Report  
Fabric used this week
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To Date used

Fabric in this week
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To Date in
Net in the red (more bought than used!)
Yarn used this week
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Yarn in this week
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Net in the red (more bought than used!)
I got this quilt back from my LAQ and 
picked up some binding for it.  Of course, 
this fabric is already in my stash and 
of course 
I bought too much.  
I will not pass up 
a yellow batik 
that is 50% off! :)

I visited my local quilt shop and picked up two polka dot 
Grunge charm packs 

as well as a couple of yards of white Grunge 
to compliment them. 

Not sure what quilt pattern 
I'll chose, 
but I'm eager to get started!

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