Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Philippians 4:7 Part 2. Prayer Shawl #3 Finished! To Do Tuesday

Philippians 4:7 Part 2
Part 1

Verses 4-6 teach us how to obtain this peace that passes all understanding, but how do we pray?  How do we present our requests to God?

Let me tell you, my prayers are sometimes with joy or tears.  But lately, they have been with great authority and indignation and even shouted!  I have let God know how much I believe in Him, His Son and His Holy Spirit!  I have reminded Him of His promises and broken through my fear to victory!  I have been a passionate lawyer advocating for myself and my loved ones!  

Meekness and quietness are necessary and certainly have their place - as does passion, authority and indignation!  

Look how the indignant child runs to their parent screaming after their big brother/sister has hit them!  

We can - and certainly should do the same with our Abba!  

For me - it's powerful and releasing.  I can then turn to my problems and the evil one and say, "There you go!  My Abba will get you now!"  And He does!

The result is a peace that
- passes all understanding,
- my heart is guarded by this peace,
- my mind guarded by this peace and is focused on Christ:
even if the answer was unexpected.

Does this happen all the time?
But I'm working on it - with my Abba and my Big Brother guarding and guiding me.

Prayer Shawl #3 Finished!
I finally finished my third prayer shawl.  This one is going to a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  
 I used Fireside in Lotus Blossom by Yarn Bee which is sold by Hobby Lobby.  

My pattern is my go to pattern from Fiber Flux.  Here you can see how a different yarn and hook size can make all the difference in the world!  My only changes to the pattern were using an "N" hook and adding pockets.

To Do Tuesday

Last Week's To Do Tuesday
- Keep up with Quilty 365 Done!
- Prayer Shawl #3 - make progress Done!
- Covered In Love Done!
- Drunkard’s Path:  Pick layout, do the math, begin cutting fabric Done!
- Fabri Flair - make progress Done!

This Week's To Do Tuesday
Keep up with Quilty 365 
Prayer Shawl #4 - make progress
- Drunkard’s Path:  finish flimsy
- cut fabric for FAB class
- Construction Panel Baby Quilt to LAQ
Slow Stitching
Fabri Flair - make progress 
Own It! by Michael DiMarcoHayley DiMarco

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Philippians 4:7 Part 1. Back to a Drunkard's Path. Book Date.

Philippians 4:7 Part 1

We can have the true peace of God that defies understanding and also will guard our hearts and our minds in Christ!  This is a promise!  How do we grab hold of it?  Read on my dear!


1.  We rejoice in the LORD - always.
2.  We are gently to all.
3.  We know and accept that our LORD is near.
4.  We rebuke anxiousness always.
5.  In every situation - good/bad - we go to our Abba with thanksgiving and ask for what we need.

Then we will have 
- the peace that passes all understanding
- this peace will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!!

How do we go to our Abba?  
To avoid a much too long post, please read my experiences and thoughts in my next post.  

Back to a Drunkard's Path
I've picked up this UFO and am determined to turn it into a flimsy, make the backing and get it off to my LAQ this week.  

This is my $7.50 BOM layout.  
This will be my 3" sashing.  

This might be my accent border.  It will be pretty thin, I think.....you know how the creative process is....
I'm not sure about quilting patterns to suggest to Stephanie.  I know she wants my input, but I know almost nothing about quilting design. I'm learning a lot by reading Nancy's Grace Peace and Quilting.  I'm sure I would like something special in the borders, but other than that...we'll see!

Book Dating

I'm still reading Own It! by Michael and Heyley Di Marco. I'm realizing that it helps me to take notes on what I'm learning...perhaps that is a bit too persnickity...and that's ok with me!  :)

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Saturday's Song. Slow Stitching. Stash Report and An Invitation

Saturday's Song
This week was interesting, filled with challenges and victories! I was reminded of this song. 

God didn't mind my questions, but while we are on our journey of discovery and healing, let us remember to Just Be Held.

Slow Stitching
Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts hosts a Slow Sunday Stitching link up.  In fact she's the reason I learned about slow stitching and began dedicating Sundays (and now all weekend) to slowing down.  I so appreciate her influence in my life, her link up and her blog!  I have met other slow stitchers and been so inspired to continue with my own slow stitching projects!

She took a nasty fall last week which, naturally is resulting in a blogging break. I was sad and concerned for her! Imagine my joy to see her link up this morning!   What an inspiration!  Please take time to check out her blog, fill it up with encouraging words, pray for her, and do some Slow Stitching!

For my own slow stitching, I've decided to work on my Fabri Flair bowl.  I started the bowl for her and sense that it's time to send it to it's new home.  

I'm also adding some pockets to Prayer Shawl #3, thanks to a great suggestion from a friend.

Stash Report
Another one of my husband's co-workers had a baby!  Yea!  Mother and child are doing well!  Naturally, a quilt is in order, so I purchased all the fabric necessary to complete this panel quilt.  It will be fun and fast, so I'm hoping the yardage will be used up this week.  

Fiber Stash Report:  August 5, 2017
(started 6/11/17)
Fabric used this week
3  yds
Fabric used to date
20 1/8 yds
Fabric Added this week
3 ¾  yds
Fabric Added this year
16 7/8 yds

Net Fabric
3 ¼ yds

Yarn used this week
0 oz  
Yarn used to date
78 oz
Yarn Added this week
0 oz
Yarn Added to date
41 oz
Net Yarn
37 oz

For tomorrow's blog post I will be sharing how I figure out yardage for scrappy projects.  I'm not sure if it's accurate, but it's the best I could come up with.  If you have a chance to stop by, I would surely appreciate learning about your own processes!  
Blessings to all!

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Philippians 4:6 Part 2. RSC Catching Up With Blue! Book Dating. To Do Tuesday.

Philippians 4:6 Part 2
Part 1
Before we present our requests to God, we should have an attitude of thanksgiving...interesting.
I've developed the habit of begining prayer with praise and thanksgiving, but I didn't realize the implications of that.  For me, it means, 
- we know that God will answer; 
- before we even present our requests or receive our answer, we are thankful.  

This must mean we are trusting God with His will.

Wow....I never really saw it this way until now.  

God is good all the time.
All the time, God is good.

Oh my LORD,  thank You for this revelation!  I am so blessed and encouraged on how You have grown me spiritually, emotionally and in all ways!  I'm humbled, grateful and receiving cuddles from You, my Abba, right now!  Thank You, Abba!  Thank You!

RSC Catching Up With Blue!
Granted, it's a little late in the year, but I realized that I can keep up with my RSC colors very easily!  Because I'm making strip blocks, they are now my Leader Ender project!   As the squares pile up, my excitement is growing!  This will be a colorful, beautiful quilt/quilts!  So exciting!

Here's my blocks!
Here are some of the 
blue mini's!
Aren't they so pretty?
I'm so looking forward 
to seeing what 
they tell me to do with them!

Book Dating

I'm reading Own It! by Michael and Heyley Di Marco.  So far it's o.k.  It's bringing up some good points about owning our own faith vs. renting or borrowing it.  I can see how in the past, I was definitely renting my faith.  Now that I'm actually owning it, my faith is stronger.  Consequently, I am stronger.  

Younger Next Year
(Part 1, Part 2) 
was simply abandoned.  I posted it on paperbackswap and hopefully the recipient is enjoying it!  

To Do Tuesday
Last Week's To Do Tuesday
- Bind Baby Panel Quilt Done and finished!
- Keep up with Quilty 365 Done!
- Prayer Shawl #2 - make progress  Done and finished!
- Covered in Love/Crafty Cop Quilt Blocks Done!
- Drunkard’s Path:  Pick layout, do the math, begin cutting fabric 

This Week's To Do Tuesday

- Keep up with Quilty 365 
- Prayer Shawl #3 - make progress  
- Covered in Love
- Drunkard’s Path:  Pick layout, do the math, begin cutting fabric 
- Fabri Flair - make progress

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