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Philippians 4:14. Tutorial: Making a Fabric Stash Notebook. To Do Tuesday.

Philippians 4:14
Let's look at this verse in context.  Paul softens the words in Philippians 4:10.  Don't you think?  

It reminds me of our current world where email and text messages are such a major part of our communication.  I have started to believe that we are best served by these tools by always - yes always - assuming the best in the tone of these communications.  I also am trying to learn not to take statements personally - but to try and receive them in love.  When this seems difficult, I go to a loved one and ask them to help me find the "best" in a message.  Life is becoming more serene as I am slowly learning to do this.

Another point I love in this verse it the entire verse - it was good for you to share in my troubles.  I get the sense Paul isn't saying this in the attitude of "misery loves company", but with joy and relief that he had prayer support, love and other support during his trials.  

I know that recently I have indeed rested behind the shield of faith of many loved ones.  I've needed to do that - 
Sometimes we all need to lean into His everlasting arms and into the arms of trusted loved ones.  

Thank God they are available to us!  

As I write this, I think of a precious little girl named Hazel.  She has leukemia - she's very ill.  Would you consider praying for her?  Following her mom on Instagram @veecrow?  Precious Hazel has taken my heart and I pray for her every day.  

Oh my dear readers, let's share in each other's troubles!  Let's build each other up with prayer!  Let'!

Abba, You know my situation. You know Hazel's situation.  You know each person's situation who is reading this.  
You hear our cries.
You hear our praises.
You know.
You hear.
You respond.
Thank you, Abba, for sharing in our troubles.
Hugs to You, My LORD and King.

Tutorial:  Making a Fabric Stash Notebook
My local quilt shop, Bernina Sewing and Design, always has a fabulous year end fabric sale.  My daughter gave me the great idea of purchasing the backing fabrics I would need for the foreseeable future.  Which I did as you can see here.  

I also wanted to fill in some "holes" in my stash as well.  Hence, my fabric notebook.  In all honesty, it's not pretty at all.  But, it's oh so functional.  Here's how it came together:

manila folders
fabric scissors
2 1/2" square ruler
double sided sticky tape
book tape

I have my fabric organized by sets, color and projects.  Yes, this is my entire stash.....except for precuts, fat quarters and backings!  :)
Every evening while on the phone with my Dad (we talk every night), I would pull a stack of fabric and cut a 2 - 2.5" square from each "bolt".  

Then I would arrange them in a pleasing order. 

After that, I placed a piece of double sided sticky tape along the top of my manila folder end to end.  Then I simply placed my 2" squares on the tape!  Wala!

I continued making rows of mini squares of fabric, 

using the next page as necessary!

When I came to a new section, I simply started a new folder. 

After all my fabric was cataloged, I used the book tape to tape two folders together.  Then I added the next folder and so on.  The book tape provided a strong "spine".

I suddenly had a visual library of all my fabric.  The "holes" in my stash were quite obvious, so it was easy to make a list and stay focused during my biggest shopping spree of the year!

The entire process took about 3 hours spread over a couple of evenings - a great investment of my time.  When I add fabric, I simply add it to that section.  

Now, if you wanted to, you could add the yardage of each fabric, but that wasn't my goal.  I know that most of my fabrics are 1-3 yard cuts.  I do have some exceptions, but very few.  

Now, when I'm prepared when I go on the hunt for fabric!

To Do Tuesday
Wow!  It's been so long since I've linked up to To Do Tuesday!  I've missed you so much!  

Here is my first To Do Tuesday of 2018!  It's great to be back!
1) Finish the Tumbling Blocks prototype.
2) Finish the first 10 squares of Maria's Blue Crayon Spring Granny Afghan Crochet Along!
3) Pray my prayer and memorize Proverbs 19:23.  
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Monday, January 15, 2018

Philippians 4:12 - 13. Covered In Love Blocks. Book Date.

Philippians 4:12

Verse 11 stated that Paul learned to be content whatever his circumstances.  He goes onto to say in this verse that he 
- knows what it is to be in need and to have plenty; 
- he learned the secret of being content in any and every situation
- whether he is fed/hungry or living in plenty/in want.  

Regardless of his circumstances, he has learned the secret of being content.  

Who of us can say that regardless of our circumstances, we have learned the secret of being content.  What is that secret? 
My heart cries out to know it.
What is that secret?!!
Here it is:

I. Can. Do. All. Things. Through.  Him. Who. Gives. Me. Strength.


Even find contentment in the midst of great trials.  
We can do this - moment by moment - one day at a time.
Be gentle with ourselves.  

As I go through my trial, I have a prayer I'll be praying.  A friend taught it to me.

Perhaps there is some a problem that is 
- completely out of your control, 
- or perhaps you need to walk away so that God's will will be done.  
Your heart is broken.
You have no power in the situation.
It's time to let go and let God.
And it's so excruciatingly difficult and painful.

My dear reader, God can be trusted, with our
loved ones - 

Abba, I praise You for Your leading, for Your strength, for You.  As I walk through the valley, I know others are walking that way as well.  Bless us with courage, strength and peace my LORD.  Let us lean on Your everlasting arms and recieve Your comfort and joy - for it is Your joy that is our strength.  Let us learn to be content in all circumstances.  Let us learn and see that we can do all things through You who strengthens us!

Covered In Love Blocks
Tonight I finished these 12 blocks for Covered in Love

I still have some strings left, so next Monday, I'll be making some more!  I wrote about this wonderful charity and my reasons for participating here.  

Perhaps you have time to make a few string blocks?

Book Date
Image result for nights of rain and stars
I'm still enjoying Nights of Rain and Stars by Mauve Binchy!  I just love the characters and can hardly wait to see where their lives will end up!

Image result for the story the bible as one continuing story of god
Our church is reading The Story The Bible As One Continuing Story of God.  Also, very enjoyable.  I really like the comments interspersed throughout the pages.  

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Saturday Song. Slow Stitching. Christmas Tree Skirt. Stash Report.

Saturday's Song

Here's the lyrics.  
Tonight, my heart continues to be heavy for my own family and other families that are hurting. I pray that hurting families drop their shame, their pain, their hurt and come together to support each other in all manner of trials. 

I pray You bring Isaiah 61:1- 3 to pass for myself, my  loved ones and especially for @veecrow and her family.  
1The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
because the Lord has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
and release from darkness for the prisoners,a
2to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor
and the day of vengeance of our God,
to comfort all who mourn,
3and provide for those who grieve in Zion—
to bestow on them a crown of beauty
instead of ashes,
the oil of joy
instead of mourning,
and a garment of praise
instead of a spirit of despair.
They will be called oaks of righteousness,
a planting of the Lord
for the display of his splendor.
Amen, my sweet Savior, Amen.
Christmas Tree Skirt
I started this sweet Christmas Tree Skirt and it was done before I knew it!
The pattern was from Debbie at Msdebbie2u.  It was so easy to follow and memorize!  Thank you, Ms. Debbie, for making my tree look so pretty!  
I used one my most precious, hoarded yarns from many years ago!  It was Red Heart's Holiday in Aran/Gold and Wine/Gold.  I finally found the perfect project for this sparkly yarn.  

Of course, I must also highlight the Christmas Star my granddaughter made me during her art class with Vicky!

This precious ornament is traditionally the first one on our tree.  As a retired military family, we spent more years than I care to count away from each other/our families.  As we place this ornament on our tree, we remember and pray for our military families.  
Stash Report
New Year.  New slate - wiped clean!  
I'll probably be in "the red" for a bit as my LQS, Bernina Sewing and Design, is continuing their 40-50% off selected fabrics!  I really need blenders, soooooooo......yup in "the red" for sure!
Here's this week's acquisitions:
Six yards for $24!  

Fiber Stash Report:  
A New Beginning 2018
Fabric used this week
.625 yds
Fabric used to date
.625 yds
Fabric Added this week
6  yds
Fabric Added this year
6 yds
Net Fabric
5.875 yds

Yarn used this week
0 oz  
Yarn used to date
0 oz
Yarn Added this week
0  oz
Yarn Added to date
0 oz
Net Yarn
 0 oz

Monday, January 8, 2018

Philippians 4:11. Covered In Love. 2018 Library Love Challenge.

Philippians 4:11
I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.  

To be content whatever the circumstances?  Think of Paul's life:  
lost at sea
under constant threat
(2 Cor. 11:16-30)
Yet, he learned to be content in 
As we journey into 2018, can we 
seek at least 30 seconds of contentment every day?
Sometimes, even this can be so difficult to do as we are buffeted by life.
Maybe, just maybe, if we can achieve this goal every day for 30 seconds,
the next week will find us doing it for 45 seconds,
60 seconds,
15 minutes
and so on.
Baby steps 
to contentment.

Dear LORD, You know how hard we fight to be happy, but to me, joy is more important.  For when we have Your joy, we have strength Nehimiah 8:10.  Please give us strength to spend 30 in a state of contentment every day - regardless of our circumstances.  Lead us out of darkness into Your light.
Amen, my Abba, Amen.

Covered In Love Blocks Finished
As I perusing my "drafts" in blogger I found this post!  Unbelievably, (or not so much in my case!  :D), I forgot to share this finish with you last year! 

I was able to make the 20 blocks for the August/September Covered In Love Block drive!  Yea!

For those of you new to this project, Kat is a nurse whose mission it is to help families as they say goodbye to their loved ones.  Nurses or hospital chaplains deliver a quilt to the dying patient and cover them with this gift of love.  Then family members have a transitional item to take home with them.  This quilt will provide incredible comfort in the days and years to come.  I know.  You see, when my mother-in-law was dying, my daughter bought a simple quilt from Target that, 10 years later, still brings my husband great comfort when he is feeling down.

So, to honor her memory, I make blocks for Covered in Love.  

For January and February Kat from Kat and Cat Quilts has brought back my favorite blocks for Covered In Love - string blocks!  Here is a sampling of blocks my daughter and I made last time:
 We left them at the 10.5" requested,
 played with layouts,
and I learned how pretty a constant color in each block just pops.  

I wonder if you might have some strings needing a home?

2018 Library Love Challenge

The Red Tent: A Novel by Anita Diamant (1997-09-15)
After much patience, I have finally finished a novel!  This is a huge achievement because during and after chemotherapy, reading books was such a challenge!   After much patience, perseverance and re-reading, I finished my first book, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant!

2018 Library Love ChallengeTo the best of my recollection, I started it in Sept/Oct 2017 and finished it in early Dec.  It took a while, but I did it, praise God!  
To mark this special occasion, I decided to join the 2018 Library Love Challenge.  

I heard about it at Irresponsible Reader.  This challenge had me at "support your local" library.  I'm all for supporting local businesses and organizations.  

Nights of Rain and StarsMy next read is Maeve Binchy's Nights of Rain and Stars.  I'm also thoroughly enjoying this one as well!

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Saturday's Song. Slow Stitching. Oh My! What A Stash Build Up! Fiber Stash Report

Saturday's Song
I love "Peace Be Still" sung by Lauren Daigle!  I hope it blesses you as well!  You can find the lyrics here.  

Slow Stitching
A mix of of my hands giving out and life happening resulted in the felt Advent Calendar being relegated to a "holding pattern".  

At last count, I had finished 11/25!  I'm now up to 18/25!  

My granddaughter so enjoyed playing with these on my design board! 

She understood that my hands needed a break.

They will be my Slow Stitching and Portable Sewing project for a season!

Oh My!  
What A Stash Build Up!
Yup, I did local Bernina quilt shop had their annual end of year sale and I dived in...with a plan.  Yes, those of you who know me, know I am a list lover.

After making my Fabric Stash Book, my daughter gave me the suggestion of looking at which WIPs needed backings.  So, backing fabric was on my list.
These two babies are 
100% quilters' cotton!

Gotta love me some minky!
 I love this white minky - 
went back and bought more!
This yellow minky was too precious to pass up - 
sigh....I love yellow!
You can see a better peek 
of the white minky!

I just fell in love with Hoffman's Natsu line after making my Cowboys quilt!
 So, I bought some....
 and then some more...

This fabric will be a wonderful backing for a little boy's quilt!

And then...
I went back on Day 2 of the sale...
and Day 5 of the sale...
I forgot to take pictures of all my lovely new stash!

It's ok....the new fabrics will be popping up here and there....

Stash Report
After my shopping spree, I ended up in the red for 2017 on all accounts.  But, I had so much fun!

I started this report in June 2017 and used 70 yards of fabric!  Mind blowing!

I wonder if I could use 100 yards of fabric in 2018?
Fiber Stash Report:  Ending 2017
Fabric used this week
0 yds
Fabric used to date
70 yds
Fabric Added this week
Fabric Added this year
118.75 yds
Net Fabric
48.75 yds

Yarn used this week
0 oz  
Yarn used to date
171 oz
Yarn Added this week
0  oz
Yarn Added to date
169.5 oz
Net Yarn
 5.5 oz
I can't believe I used 171 ounces of yarn!  Wow!  Can I hear 200 in 2018?  Maybe....