Sunday, January 20, 2019

Saturday's Song. Slow Stitching Sunday. Sunday Stats

Saturday's Song
Here is a love letter from the Savior who loves you.  

Promise Me
It's hard to imagine that
I've been there too
I've felt the passion burning in you
Every temptation, oh, I understand
Your Savior knows what it is to be a man
Promise me... promise me...
Before the passion turns to flame
Promise me you'll call my name
Promise me... promise me...
You'll remember these scars of grace
And remember I took your place
Promise me
I know what it's like when the
Nightmare comes true
Someone left a cross for me
Like they left for you
Trust me when I say... I've been
Where you are
The strength to live again my child is
Hidden in the scars
Promise me... promise me...
Before the passion turns to flame
Promise me you'll call my name
Promise me... promise me...
You'll remember these scars of grace
And remember

"Before the Passion turns to flame, promise me you'll call my name."

At first I thought this song would be perfect for our children and grandchildren.  However, I know that God is using this blog to speak to me and to share what He is saying with you, His reader.  When we are tempted, all we need to is call on Him.  He is greater than any temptation.  

Lord, thank You for bringing this song to mind this morning.  I praise you for Your timing and gentle reminders - You know I need them!  Father, let me call on You before the passion of anger, sarcasm, hopelessness and any other hurtful behavior (to myself or others) comes out of me.  "Lord! Help Me!" takes only a second to say!  Help me to pause, breath and call on You before the passions of this world make me an instrument of pain instead of healing.  I bless Your precious name.  Amen.
Update:  I love how Peabea at Peabea's Scribbles post spoke to my heart and seemed to tie in with this post.  Also, she has a heartfelt prayer request.  Please pop in and share your love with her.   
Slow Stitching Sunday
My Grandmother's Flower Garden is always on my Pressing On  List.  (This is my new name for the To Do Tuesday list.)  Here is some progress.  I've sewn 6 rows of flowers together and will now focus on joining them into rows over the next few Sundays. 

Here's a couple of different views.  

I'll be making a couple more dishcloth/scrubbies for my daughter.  She loves when I combine tulle with the cotton yarn.  I prefer combining the I Love This Cotton sold at Hobby Lobby with the tulle on a tube vs. by the yard as it is  too hard on my hands.  
My goal is still to make at least one a week so that I can have small gifts ready for Christmas.  

Sunday Stats
fabric usage - 3.45/100 yards 96.55 yards to go!  
yarn usage - 3.5/100 ounces

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday's Word. Pressing On! BOMs Away!

Wednesday's Word
I also enjoy the NIV version of this Romans 15:13 - 

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace 
as you trust in Him
so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
- Romans 15:13

As we believe and trust in God, He will move.  

Pressing On!
I press on toward the goal...Philippians 3:14a  
Oh my!  The many BOMs I'm working on are definitely changing the way I organize my crafting time.  It looks like I didn't get much crossed off my list, but I accomplished so much! 

Last week's list:
1.  Stitch up some more squares for my Scrappy Four Patch!  X

2.  Prep kits for my BOMs and for a Valentines' table topper.  ✔  
I spent most of the week cutting the fabric for each of my five BOMs described in last week's post.  I ended up cutting enough fabric for 10 blocks!  
They are all in sheet protectors hanging on my design wall except for those Valentine's strips that will become a table topper using this tutorial by Connie at Freemotion by the River!  

 Did you know you can put a pin through the back of a Wonder Clip to hang up projects?

I actually made an entire kit for my Jingle All the Way quilt by Kimberbell - which took several days.  I really like using page protectors and three ring binders - a carry over from my teaching days.
 I made two binders - the one below holds the pattern book and the fabric for the 
twelve sections of the quilt.
 This second binder holds 
the leftover fabric used in the quilt.  
Here's the the fabric cut for my 

3.  Finish one crocheted dishcloth. ✔  I made 2!

4.  Make progress on an afghan for a special lady.  X

5.  With all my BOM goals, I seriously doubt I'll be able to keep up with American Patchwork's UFO Challenge 2019I'll try, but I will be very gentle with myself if it's not possible.  There's always next year!  X

6.  On Sundays I Slow Stitch - hand sew.  For now, I'm working on my GFG.  X 

Here's this week's Pressing On List.  
1.  Finish one crocheted dishcloth.
2.  Make progress on the Prayer Afghan.  
3.  Sew the $7.50 blocks in the 30's fabric.
4.   Relax on Sunday with Slow Stitching on my GFG.  

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Monday's Strength. Book Dating. Pressing On!

Monday's Strength

I picked up this lesson from Jana Alcorn's book, Don't Throw in the Towel, Hope Again.  She pointed out that perhaps by Hezikiah turning to the wall, he was turning away from distractions.  Let us prayerfully turn into our wall and away from whatever may be distracting us from our precious LORD's voice.  Then, after meeting with the Source of our strength, we can courageously fight the good fight (1 Timothy 6:12).

Book Dating

The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People, NIV
Though I fell behind in The Story, I'm still enjoying reading it!
Doing Busy Better: Enjoying God's Gifts of Work and Rest
Still reading this one!
Just started listening to:  Deeper Waters by Robert Whitlow.  
Six Day Hero, the Hb
Next up will be:  Six Day Hero, the Hb by Tamara Stein.  
She's In a Better Place (The Fairlawn Series Book 3) by [Hunt, Angela]
A definite 4 stars!  

Pressing On!

I press on toward the goal...Philippians 3:14a
Last week was pretty successful!  
1.  Finish these two Christmas Pillows! ✔

2.  Finish two matching machine embroidered mug rugs. I have so much to share!  I've gotten hooked on machine embroidery!  
3.  Finish one crocheted dishcloth.  I finished two!  

4.  Make progress on an afghan for a special lady.  

Here are my weekly goals for this week!

1.  Stitch up some more squares for my Scrappy Four Patch!  Here's some I made during my blogging break!

2.  Prep kits for my BOMs and for a Valentines' table topper.  
3.  Finish one crocheted dishcloth. 
4.  Make progress on an afghan for a special lady.  
5.  Have you heard about American Patchwork's UFO Challenge 2019?  I joined up with two lists:  one for crochet and one for quilting. This month I'll be working on my Quilty 365 quilt  which will probably take 2 months to finish and my rainbow tablecloth   
6.  On Sundays I Slow Stitch - hand sew.  For now, I'm working on my GFG.  Kathy at Kathy's Quilts has a Slow Sunday Stitching link up that is quite motivating!  

Monday's Link Ups

Tuesday's Link Ups
Linky Tuesday @ Freemotion by the River (Tuesday)

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Saturday's Song. Slow Stitching Sunday.

Saturday's Song.

Life Happens.  Believe me, I get it.  Been there.  Done that more times than I can count.  

Keep walking in your faith!

Slow Stitching Sunday
I spent all morning downloading my patterns and materials lists and instructions from Craftsy.  Now, I'll be onto sewing after I post this and visit a few party guests as well as my hostesses!  

My sewing plan for today is to connect these final flowers to finish the next row of my GFG.  
Here is the progress I've made on my "Prayer Afghan).  The recipient lost her husband to brain cancer three years ago.  She is now fighting breast cancer.  She has a lot to live for:  three daughters under the age of 12 and a loving supportive family.  

Sunday Stats
It's time for linking up to the Stash Report at Quilt, Paint, Create!  My goal is to clean out 100 yards of fabric and 300 ounces of yarn.  I believe this is achievable as I have several afghans which are almost finished.  
fabric usage - 3.45/100 yards 96.55 yards to go!  
yarn usage - 0/100 ounces

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Wednesday's Word. BOMs Away!

Wednesday's Word
To fear God it to revere and be in awe of Him, to want to please Him because we trust Him.  See, He fulfills the desires of those who fear Him!  He hears us and saves us!  Would you consider taking the step of fearing and loving Him?   Here is a great study that I hope will bless you!

BOMs Away!
As I've prepared my 2019 Goals, I realized I'm in five BOMs - one of which is a personal goal.  
1.  The popular $7.50 Club hosted by my LQS!  Isn't it curious how different the same blocks look with different fabrics?

2.  Caroline's Teacup QAL @ From My Carolina Home.  Here's my blocks thus far.
Teacup QAL Block 1 Finished.jpg

3.  I grabbed a cup of courage and joined my LQS's Stitchers' Garden!  It's a skill building class that looks intimidating, but I'll surrounded by loving quilters as well as a great teacher, so I'm eager for our first class on January 16.  

4.  The Fall Into a Quilt Along hosted by Partners in Design got me playing with my precious batiks.  Though the QAL is over, I'll keep sewing!  You may recall that I'm two blocks in.  

5.  I have decided to make Jingle All The Way by Kimberbell!  For me, a BOM format should work.  

Eeesh!  How to handle all these?  Well, I've decided I will work on them on Mondays.  I'll have to kit them.  In other words, one Monday (hopefully I'll just need one day) will be fabric selection, cutting and placing the fabric and all other supplies in separate ziplock bags as kits.    The next Mondays will be dedicated to sewing.  Yes, I know, when we make plans, God laughs!  Are you laughing as well?  I know I'm smiling....
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