Thursday, September 21, 2017

Philippians 4:8. Sewing Studio Tour Part 7. A Scrappy Finish.

Philippians 4:8
A list of what we should think you sometimes have stinky thinking?  I know I do.  Here is our solution.  Right in verse 8.

Here's my application:
It's not very pretty - it's part of an unedited paint chip card. 
 Oh, I've written about making various types of Scripture Memorization cards here and here.  I even made a Portable Prayer Journal.  

But this one is different.  
It's real.  
It's simply what God wants me to learn.  
It's not about pretty this time. It's about God and how He wants to grow me.  
I'm not going to make it pretty, Instead, I'm going to make this Scripture a part of my heart. 

LORD, thank You for our Small Group meeting tonight.  You spoke to my heart and made me see the urgency of spending less time on my phone and more time with You.  I so appreciate that.  You and I have talked about this before, but now there is a sense of urgency that is clearly showing me where to walk, what to see, what to focus on.  So, here we go again, You leading me, me following You.  Thank You for speaking so clearly to me that sometimes we just need to focus on Your message, Your heart.  Amen!

Covered in Love July Blocks
I made these blocks for Kat's Covered in Love June/July block drive.  The theme was star blocks in red, white and blue - totally appropriate for summer!  

The pattern is so pretty!  It's called Hunter's Star and the tutorial is over at Delaware Quilts

A Scrappy Finish
I had a few HST blocks left over, so I made this table topper.  I joined the blocks, added in the setting triangles, did in some strip sewing added in the talents of a daughter who quilts and wala!  A patriotic table topper!  
The cool part is that it's reversible, so I can use it for Christmas as well!  And even cooler is that the white fabric GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Sewing Studio Tour Part 7
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
This is where the magic happens!
My actual sewing area has four pieces of furniture, to include the latest addition - a genuine Bernina chair!  

Both tables have rolling wheels on them.  The piece on the left opens up to store my containers of scraps for my Crazy Quilt that I will finish "one day".

 It also serves as a mini cutting/ironing table.  
So that's where my cream is!
Mia and Sammy 
share their carpet!

Here's my actual sewing table.  
It's long enough to piece a large quilt top.  Please notice the prescription bottle on the right side.  It has a hole drilled into the lid.  I place my dull/bend pins/needles in there as well as my dull rotary blades. 

This storage unit is also on wheels 
and opens up in a very cool way! 

The top can be partially opened to reveal sewing accessories

it opens completely so I can actually lift out my Brother Embroidery machine!

This furniture was a long time in the making.  Some friends generously offered to help us design my sewing furniture.
The four of us collaborated on it and then our husbands put in many long hours to make it a reality! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Philippians 4:7 Covered in Love and Kitchen Wares Fabric Pull.To Do Tuesday.

Philippians 4:7
What does the peace of God do?
1.  It defies understanding
2.  It guards out hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  
By the way, what does  "in Christ Jesus" mean?  Let's find out.  
During this study, I read the daily verse as if seeing it for the first time with a blank slate - tabula rasa.  Then I pray (talk to God), meditate (listen to God) and write.  Finally, I try to get a somewhat big picture.  

With that in mind, I asked myself, so how do I get the peace of God?  In fact, I'd wager to bet so many people in my circle and the world are seeking peace!  

Notice how verse 7 begins with "and".  When I see the word "and" in a writing, I naturally look to what came before.  Do you?  

When I read the previous verses, I read this:
 In short, to obtain the peace of God, 
1. Rejoice
2. Be Gentle.
3. Trust.
4. Pray With Thanksgiving
Four steps to the peace of God and they begin with rejoicing.  Interesting, huh?

Oh Abba, these last few days have been challenging, but Your people, music and faith got me through with victory.  You are so faithful to us!  Help me, I pray, to remember these for steps to Your peace!  Amen and amen.  

Last Post's To Do Tuesday  
Keep up with Quilty 365 - Oh oh!
Prayer Shawl #4 - make progress - Yes, in a way...I ran out of yarn so I made this hat!  I need to find the pattern!  The main reason I chose it is because when I lost my hair during chemo, I so missed feeling it on my shoulders! This hat gives one the feeling of hair!  :)

It matches this shawl!

- Drunkard’s Path:  finish flimsy- Oh oh! I didn't like the sashing colors, so it'll be ripping and changing sashing this week!
- cut fabric for FAB class - Oh oh!  
- Construction Panel Baby Quilt to LAQ - Oh oh!
Slow Stitching
Fabri Flair - make progress Yes!
Own It! by Michael DiMarcoHayley DiMarco - Yes!

This Week's To Do Tuesday
Keep up with Quilty 365
RSC – blue minis
  Scarf (red one)
Prayer Shawl #4 - choose yarn and pattern
- Drunkard’s Path:  I'll be ripping and redesigning this one
- Construction Panel Baby Quilt to LAQ - on hold pending Drunkard's Path
Charity/Gift Sewing
Fabric Pull – CIL, LoterĂ­a Pot Holders & Dish towels

The Covered In Love blocks for the next two months are so pretty!  We'll be using fall colors, so this is my fabric pull.
Here is my fabric pull for the LoterĂ­a (Bingo) Pot Holders & Dish towels!

Slow Stitching
Advent Calendar – make progress
Fabri Flair - make progress

Own It! by Michael DiMarcoHayley DiMarco

I'm enjoying this book.  I've started taking notes as I've read.  I'm seriously considering this text after we finish Philippians.  We'll see.....   :)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hello! Saturday's Song. Slow Stitching. Stash Report.

Hello There!  I took an unexpected break that started with Dad being hospitalized, me getting sick, prepping for a wedding and a wonderful trip that extended from San Clemente to Carmel by the Sea, CA!  The prep for the trip was crazy as we all lost at least a week when Dad was sick.  

But, the wedding - which took place at Dana Point - was beautiful!  My sister and her husband opted for a "family honeymoon" in Carmel by the Sea.  It was fabulous!  

My son and I had a blast 
taking shadow pictures
at the Carmel beach!

I should be back to regular posting,
though due to life's changes,
I'll probably be posting less often.

Onto our regularly scheduled programming!

Saturday's Song.
I know I usually post an inspirational song, but this was the song my baby sister chose for her Father-Daughter dance - one of Daddy's favorites!  We all cried with joy - especially emotional and grateful that he recovered from his hospital stay.  

As a little girl, 
I would stand on his feet 
as we "danced" to this song, 
among many others 
from this precious time in his life.  
Life is so good! 

Slow Stitching.
Some slow stitching was accomplished on this trip.  I managed to finish hand quilting my "Around the House" embroidered mini quilt by Mollie at Wild Olive!  

I also managed to put in some work on a new project a Nativity Themed Felt Advent Calendar!  I purchased the pattern from Nancy at Do Small Things With Love a long time ago and have finally begun making it!

Actually, I've purchased many of her patterns and am very pleased with her professionalism, creativity and kindness! 

Here's my progress thus far.  For now, the little pieces are glued on.  I used a felting tool (I'll be sharing more later on that) to more securely attach them while I use invisible thread to sew secure the tiny pieces.  I want them to be firmly attached so my grandbabies can play with them.  

Stash Report.
I bought some beautiful yarn near Cannery Row in California and then some more at Michael's when I came home!  I'm definitely in the red!
Fiber Stash Report:  September 17, 2017
(started 6/11/17)
Fabric used this week
11 yds
Fabric used to date
33 1/8 yds
Fabric Added this week
3 3/8  yds
Fabric Added this year
20 ¼  yds

Net Fabric
12 7/8  yds

Yarn used this week
10 oz  
Yarn used to date
87 oz
Yarn Added this week
59 oz
Yarn Added to date
94 oz
Net Yarn
 -7 oz
  I picked up these yarns at Monarch Knitting which was about a 20 minute walk from Cannery Row.  
This Italian yarn- 
is going to be a beautiful shawl 
for yours truly!

 These skeins of Tandem yarn by Tahki Yarns are going to be two light summer scarves for my daughter and I.  The blue is her perfect shade and matches her eyes perfectly!
Once I got home and visited Micheal's, how could I resist these babies?
 These Caron Cakes 
are precious!
What will they be? 
An afghan?
Or maybe a 
shawl/cardigan like this one?
I've never been so happy to be 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Philippians 4:7 Part 2. Prayer Shawl #3 Finished! To Do Tuesday

Philippians 4:7 Part 2
Part 1

Verses 4-6 teach us how to obtain this peace that passes all understanding, but how do we pray?  How do we present our requests to God?

Let me tell you, my prayers are sometimes with joy or tears.  But lately, they have been with great authority and indignation and even shouted!  I have let God know how much I believe in Him, His Son and His Holy Spirit!  I have reminded Him of His promises and broken through my fear to victory!  I have been a passionate lawyer advocating for myself and my loved ones!  

Meekness and quietness are necessary and certainly have their place - as does passion, authority and indignation!  

Look how the indignant child runs to their parent screaming after their big brother/sister has hit them!  

We can - and certainly should do the same with our Abba!  

For me - it's powerful and releasing.  I can then turn to my problems and the evil one and say, "There you go!  My Abba will get you now!"  And He does!

The result is a peace that
- passes all understanding,
- my heart is guarded by this peace,
- my mind guarded by this peace and is focused on Christ:
even if the answer was unexpected.

Does this happen all the time?
But I'm working on it - with my Abba and my Big Brother guarding and guiding me.

Prayer Shawl #3 Finished!
I finally finished my third prayer shawl.  This one is going to a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  
 I used Fireside in Lotus Blossom by Yarn Bee which is sold by Hobby Lobby.  

My pattern is my go to pattern from Fiber Flux.  Here you can see how a different yarn and hook size can make all the difference in the world!  My only changes to the pattern were using an "N" hook and adding pockets.

To Do Tuesday

Last Week's To Do Tuesday
- Keep up with Quilty 365 Done!
- Prayer Shawl #3 - make progress Done!
- Covered In Love Done!
- Drunkard’s Path:  Pick layout, do the math, begin cutting fabric Done!
- Fabri Flair - make progress Done!

This Week's To Do Tuesday
Keep up with Quilty 365 
Prayer Shawl #4 - make progress
- Drunkard’s Path:  finish flimsy
- cut fabric for FAB class
- Construction Panel Baby Quilt to LAQ
Slow Stitching
Fabri Flair - make progress 
Own It! by Michael DiMarcoHayley DiMarco

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