Thursday, July 13, 2017

Philippians 4:2 Part 2. To Do Tuesday. I Like.

Philippians 4:2 Part 2
Part 1
As previously discussed, we know how important it it is to have unity in the church and among believers.  

At the same time, we are human, with human traits.  Like I said before, when I feel so ill equipped to apply, much lest write to others about a verse, I can only go back to the basic question:  What would Jesus do?

As I thought about researching this topic, I found this article by James Jackson.  It's a tough teaching, but well worded.  Basically he's referring us to Matthew 5:23-35 and Matthew 18:15-17.  I thoroughly enjoyed his summary:

Four Steps to Resolving Conflict
1.  Quickly
2.  Face to face
3.  One-on-one
4.  Get help

Pretty clear, but can be difficult to apply and live out.  I plan to go back and read his series on this topic.  

As we resolve conflict, let us remember that forgiveness is NOT saying, "It's OK what you did."  Forgiveness is simply giving up our right to feel indignation and resentment towards that person.  

Finally, I have to post the daily verse my husband sent me this morning:

As always, 
it all ends with our LORD and Savior.  

Thank you for guiding me along the way and for James Jackson's sermon notes!  I'm so glad that he posted them!  I know there are those of us who have deep wounds and scars from the past.  Help us to work through them and move onto forgiveness and resolution IN YOUR TIMING.  Thank you again, my LORD, for Your grace and mercy, which is new every day!

To Do Tuesday
Last week's list:
1)  Keep up with Quilty 365  
2) Finish the last $7.50 Drunkard's Path block.  Done!

3) Finish Panel Baby Quilt - As I am hand quilting this project, this was a totally unrealistic goal.
4) Continue working on Patrick's Strength. Done!
5) Crochet a scrubby dischcloths for my daughter's father-in-law.  Done!

This week's To Do Tuesday is going up late, so my list will be short!  My son's dishcloths will have to wait a bit.  
1)  Keep up with Quilty 365  
2) Finish hand quilting two blocks of the Panel Baby Quilt 
4) Continue working on Patrick's Strength. 

I Like Thursdays
I'm a bit late for this link up as my grandson and I were playing.  We decided he would chose his "I Likes"! So here they are!
He loves their playroom!

He loves the bay window 
filled with toys for his little brothers.

 He loves the kids' bookshelf!

 This mural was painted by 
Victoria Culbertson in 1984 
for my daughter's nursery!
Of course,we love Legos!  
We're making this kit today!

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  1. Awesome devotional(esp the definition of forgiveness, so helpful for healing) and awesome report on Michael's "likes"! You are so sweet to share the wall hanging! Your projects are coming along great!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your encouragement! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Fun likes from your grandson! We have always loved Legos in our house, and I miss having a little boy to create things out of Legos with!

    1. Right? He is an amazing little boy! More Legos are in our future! :) Thank you for visiting!

  3. "I like " your post fun that it was from your grandson

    1. Thank you! I explained the idea behind Lee Ann's "I Like" posts. Then I asked him if he would like to share his own "likes". He agreed to take a SHORT break from Lego building to share his "likes"! He's a pretty good sport! :) Thank you fro visiting!

  4. I appreciate keeping in mind your final verse and comment--Proverbs 21:2. Love the mural and fun things your grandson likes!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! You know, I really love the title of your blog: Grace and Peace Quilting - quilting does give me such peace! Thank you for your kind comments! Take good care!

  5. I find it interesting to read about forgiveness and the many shades it can take.
    Great list of likes from the grandson; my grandsons would agree.
    You have a great to-do list. Happy Stitching!

    1. Right? I learn so much every time I study forgiveness! My grandson brought over several Lego sets today. He had so much fun putting them together. He can't play with them at home because of the choking hazard they present for his little brother.....How old are you grandsons? Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  6. That proverbs verse for today was so timely for me! I clicked through from LeeAnna's and it was such a blessing to see it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm so glad! Isn't God's timing wonderful? LeeAnna's I Like sure keeps me focused on the positive! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting! :)