Sunday, September 19, 2021

See You Again Soon!


Hello There!
As I've been sharing in previous posts, for the last several months our family has been preparing for a major change.  This week we are implementing the changes.  Afterwards, I'm sure we will all need a period of adjustment and recuperation in the coming weeks.  I wish I could be more transparent, but I am trying to respect the privacy of our family.  I'm sure you understand.  
As we move forward, I've made the difficult decision to take at least through the month of October off from blogging.  I actually have a lump in my throat as I pen these words...

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Jeremiah, Reading, Stitching and Gratitude

Hello There!
A Bit Overwhelmed
I hope you're doing well!  Life has been quite hectic as we move into the final phases of familial transitions (more on Instagram).  We are quite busy and exhausted -both physically and emotionally.  This fibromyalgia warrior is hurting in more ways than one.    
I am somewhat successful keeping up up with commenting on link ups and responding to comments.  My apologies if I am delayed in these areas.  To the many hostesses of link ups, "Thank you!"  To the party attendees, I will respond and comment as soon as I can.  I know my loving blogging community understands!  💓
Housekeeping Stuff
Writing a lengthy post once a week vs. three concise posts a week is certainly helpful, but I wonder if it is cumbersome for readers.  
To address this and respect your precious time, I have added links within my posts, akin to a table of contents.  (This website was very helpful.)  I'll include it in my weekly posts.  If you're short on time, simply click on the section you wish to read.  Conversely, you can also read the whole post if you like.  
I hope you enjoy this new format!  

Saturday, September 4, 2021

How Do YOU Make Decisions?, Reading, Stitching and Gratitude


Hello There!
I'm so glad you're here!  In The Weekly Word we will look at the three ways I make decisions and, hopefully, you will share how you make decisions in your life!  In My Reading Life, I've actually finished several books and starting some great new ones!  I'm changing a bit about My Stash Report as I've started a new project that merits changes!  I'm glad to check off items from To Do Tuesday!  You know, Kathy's Sunday Slow Stitching link up fuels my love for hand sewing!  
What would we do without finding a bit of joy and gratitude?  I hope you enjoy this week's Gratitude Journal !  After I respond to your comments, I look forward to visiting your blogs as well!