Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Philippians 1:28 Part 2. Sewing News: A Gift a Day. Pinwheel Coasters

Philippians 1:27b-28
without being frightened
in any way…”
As they endured attacks on their church, their faith, and their very way of life, Paul is saying that by them standing in unity and without fear they will have the victory!  Furthermore, this will be a sign to their opposition that they – instead of the Philippians will be destroyed.  God will save the Philippians.

In today’s current societal climate,
these verses are so encouraging.
The divisiveness in our country is sad.

So much hate.
So much ignorance.

Almost everyone is under attack by one group or another. 
Most of us fall into one of the
“undesirable” groups. 
But you know what?
I truly believe these verses:

My dear friends,
sometimes no response
is a response.
Sometimes our no response,
frees our God to respond
on our behalf.

The battle is not ours,
but God’s.

We need simply to march
in unity and faith,
pushing forward to the prize.

We need to prayerfully
take our positions, stand firm,
and see what God will do!

Meanwhile, we can be courageous and encouraged
as we face our tomorrow’s knowing
God is with us and for us.

LORD, how many times have I picked up the battle and futilely fought it on my own strength?  This led to defeat, frustration and, surprisingly enough, weakened faith.  Help me to recognize that
the battle is Yours and the victory is ours,
there is power in numbers and unity,
that you are my warrior, my strength, my shield!

I praise You for this! 
Thank You, LORD,
for this amazing gift of

Sewing News:  A Gift a Day

You know, in January I always say to myself that I will take time every month for Christmas sewing and I don't.  Then, I'm in such a last minute rush that I'm too tired to truly enjoy the season - much less the reason for this wonderful season!  
So this year, I lowered my expectations of myself and I did start early.  But, then there's that one perfect gift I can make for so and so!  

I still don't want to pressure myself, so I decided to make a Gift a Day.  I want these gifts to be meaningful, personal and something that can be finished in an hour or so.  Every day I will be posting a gift a day on my Instagram account @miaismine22 under #agiftaday!  

A couple of posts are already on Instagram, but I'll sharing about them more in detail here.  So, without further ado, here's the first one!

Day 1, Gift 1:  Pinwheel Coasters
These Pinwheel Coasters went up really quickly because
1) I used some scrappy HSTs left over from another project
2) I used a self-binding method.

I am over the moon because my daughter loved them and asked me to write a tutorial!

So, I will be making another set for the tutorial to be published very soon!

Blessings to all!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Philippians 1:27b – 28 Part 1. Sewing News: Setting Up A Quilty 365 Center

Philippians 1:27b – 28
As we discussed previously here and here Paul is asking for a united front in verse 1:27.  To be sure there are disputes over details in the Philippine church, but overall, they can agree on the Gospel of Christ.  As previously discussed, this point is so vital, that Paul mentions it three times in verse 27b!
After discussing “striving together as one for the Gospel”, he tells them they can achieve this without being frightened in any way by those who oppose them.

This reminds me of the saying, “There is power in numbers.”  Amen!
I also recall how my love for my sister-in-law grew tremendously as I nursed her through breast cancer – twice. 
Yup, she's my hero!

And then how she flew from the east coast to New Mexico during her own chemotherapy treatment to go with me to my own first chemotherapy treatment.

Now, like all sisters,
we love each other deeply
we can definitely drive each other nuts!  J
I remember telling my kiddos, “I can complain about her, but not you!”

So contradictory,
but it made so much sense to me! 
Oh, and my husband?
He would just smile.

Together, my sister-in-law and I  encouraged each other
via telephone
to beat cancer. 
And we did.

The Power of Unity Cannot be Denied! | image tagged in breast cancer awareness | made w/ Imgflip meme makerThat’s the power of unity.
That’s the ability
to be fearless
in the face
of our enemy.
That’s unity.

You know how I hate hypocrisy and “fronts”!  Therefore, this set of verses really had me struggling to make peace with and write about because that is exactly what I felt Paul was asking the Philippians to do!

Thank you God
Holy Father, thank you for helping me as I grappled with these verses over the last week!  Now I understand why You’ve been calling me all morning to study and read, and 
I now understand “united front” on a deeper level – and I appreciate it. 
Thank you, Abba Father! 

Sewing News
How I Set Up My Quilty 365 Center
First, I must mention that I use this tutorial to make this quilt.  In short, I cut out circles of fabric and light interfacing, sew them right sides together, cut the interfacing, turn them inside out and iron them to my background fabric.  But seriously, check out her link.  :)

1)    My granddaughter helped me run my light interfacing through the Accuquilt to make a mountain of 5” circles – which quickly turned into a little mountain!  J

2)    Then I spent an afternoon cutting out a 5” strip from each “bolt” of my fabric.  Using my I Accuquilt made short work of creating the 5” circles. 

3)    Next, I sew the circles onto the interfacing to the circles and pin them to the squares. 

4)    Finally, I will press them and blanket stitch them on.  I’m using a mix of hand sewing and machine sewing.  I had started out using embroidery floss, but then I read that was not the best idea.  That saddens me as it looks so very pretty!

5)    I store them all in this pretty handmade basket. 

6)    At times, I follow the mood blanket mode and pick a color that reflects my mood using this chart.  At times I pick a fabric that reminds me of that day.  It’s all very loosey goosey!  J

Oh my dear readers, 
thank you for visiting!  
See you again soon!

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! A Jump to Philippians 3:12 - 14. Slow Sunday Stitching

Hello there!  I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with love, warmth, gratitude and laughter!

Philippians 3:12 – 14
My husband and I spent some time remembering his mother – and all the silly things she did to make us laugh – her dichos (sayings), her actions – simply her!  We also talked about the week I was diagnosed.

Then we put it away and enjoyed life!  I certainly can’t forget – but I can strain forward to what is ahead – always remember from where the LORD has brought me. 

In light of that, I added a twist to our Thanksgiving Gratitude Sharing!  I asked everyone to share their happiest memory as well.  Our table was filled with, “Ah, Mom, you should have given us more notice!”  Hogwash!  J  And then came the laughter.  It was so beautiful! 

Life is like that,
filled with hardship to be sure,
but also filled with
Life is good.

Dear Friends, this is my truth!

Slow Sunday Stitching
I've been crocheting a lot this weekend. Here is a butterfly crocheted scarf I made for my granddaughter!  Here is where I found the pattern!

I've decided to start a scrapghan from the yarn left over from projects.  Here's the beginning of my 2016-2017 Scrapghan!  

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Update of Mind Map. To Do Tuesday. Giving Time, Time.

High Quality Autumn Blank Meme Template

Hello There!
Thank you for visiting!  I'm so glad you're here! Whether this is your first visit or you're a regular reader, "Welcome!"

Update of Mind Map.
With the completion of Baby M2's hat,my percentages went up to 33%!  I'm a third way through my list!  Yea!

To Do Tuesday.
Here's my list from last week.  A lot got accomplished!
DONE!  Hand Sewing
Wool jubilee leave mat
-   Continue stitching

I used beads instead of buttons,
there's a surprise twist to this one!

Oh Oh!  Quilting
Continue to hand quilt the Advent tree
DONE!  Christmas Sewing:
Add borders
Purchase batting and backing
Make backing
Hopefully, find a long arm quilter who can finish it by Christmas
Oh Oh!  Regular Sewing
Grey Hand warmers (make 5 more ) 
alter blouses
DONE! Crochet 
Baby M2’s afghan crochet 21 more green dots
DONE! BOM’s & QAL’s 
Dot Quilt – appliqué dots to foundation fabric

Quilty 365 – appliqué circles to foundation fabric

This week's list will be much shorter because I really want to meet my OMG goal of finishing the Advent tree for my son! 😍

To Do List for 11/22/16
Hand Sewing
Wool jubilee leave mat
-   Join back to front
Quilting - Advent Tree
Continue to hand quilt the Advent tree
Attach ribbons for the 25 decorations for Advent tree
Present to my son

Giving Time, Time
This week is a fabulous opportunity to be filled with gratitude and thanksgiving to our LORD and Savior!  

To be sure, since 2014, it's a difficult week as well.  Because of this, I am a bit more emotional - to be honest - a lot more emotional.  

On Monday 
of Thanksgiving week 2014, 
I had a mammogram.  

On Tuesday 
of Thanksgiving week 2014, 
my doctor called in the early afternoon
to let me know that I had an 
abnormal mammogram.

I told my husband, 
and my sister.

On Wednesday
of Thanksgiving week 2014, 
we noted that it was 7 years since my mother-in-law's passing.
She passed the day before Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday
of Thanksgiving week 2014, 
I had a diagnostic mammogram.
The radiologist told me
there was no doubt that I had a tumor
located right next to the chest wall,
deep inside my left breast.
Because of the location,
he highly recommended that we go to 
MD Anderson ASAP.
His kind technician 
prepared the CD's that I would need.

Late in the evening, 
on Wednesday 
of Thanksgiving week 2014,
my husband and I left his office broken. 
But, we had a Thanksgiving dinner 
to prepare as we welcomed 
our family into our home.
And then
for our journey ahead.

So, my dear reader, you may understand that this week I will taking a break from our Bible study of Philippians.  

I'll still blog about sewing and such, 
but our study will continue later.  

I need time 
to reflect,
to heal,
to praise God,
to give thanks.
And I know you understand.
And I love you for that.
Dear Friend, this is my truth.
Be Blessed!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Philippians 1:27a. Slow Stitching Sunday & A Hat or Two! :)

Philippians 1:27a continued
Before moving on, I must share a summary of the last post as well as this morning’s events. 

I started this verse here and it has continued here and here. I realized how Paul talked about unity three times in one sentence!

Interestingly enough, this daily email from 1 Minute Bible Love Notes devotional hit the nail on the head!  I highly recommend you read it and follow through with the Bite Size Bible Study! 

In my last post, I ended with the many reasons we lose unity and how I wished I had heard of this slogan earlier. 

We agree on many of the basic principles of our faith, but we get bogged down on details. 

I’m preaching to myself, too, my dear readers! 
I cringe when my own errors come to mind.  However, I’m grateful for the redeeming love and forgiveness of my Savior. 

Perhaps, in this current environment of judgement and rejection we can ask ourselves the all-important question:
Oh LORD, my heart breaks for the times I’ve contributed to an atmosphere of discord as a teacher, mother, wife and child of God.  But, I am so grateful for Your forgiveness and the opportunity to grow!  

Sometimes this blog is so hard to write,
yet somehow You always come through
and helped me to realize that

it’s all ok – it will all be ok….

Transparency is hard.
Writing these words can be hard.
But I know I –
my family,
my friends,
my readers
have a great opportunity to grow.

Please bring
unity, healing and Your love
to us,
our families,
our friends,
our churches,
our country!

Let Your will overcome all obstacles in these areas that You may have the victory!

Amen and Amen.

Slow Stitching Baby M2’s Hat


I picked up a "Caron Critters" Baby Knit or Crochet Blue Bear Hat Kit to crochet

this hat at Michael’s.  I found it on clearance and one of the best purchases I’ve made.

There is enough yarn to make the baby (3-6 months) hat as well as a hat for Baby C., who is two years old.    I’ll make the ears, eyes and nose myself.  Isn’t it precious? 

I also prepped all my Quilty 365 circles with light interfacing.  They are now ready to be blanket stitched on and joined!  I’m all up to date! 

 As you may have noticed by the huge stack, I am having trouble keeping up.  Part of the reason is simply that I forget to choose a fabric.   Another is lack of organization for my befuddled chemo brain!  J

But, after investing an afternoon of setting up a center and a routine, I’m so excited to continue this project! 

I’ll share about that tomorrow! 

Take care everybody!  Many blessings to all!