Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Liebster Award!

Liebster Award!
Guess what?  Nancy at Grace and Peace Quilting nominated me for the Liebster Award! 

Liebster is a German word with many meanings some of which are sweetest, valued and kindest.  This is an award given to bloggers from other bloggers! You can discover more information here! Thank you so much, Nancy!  

As part of the process, I'm going to answer a few questions so that you can get to know me better!

If you could meet one quilting personality, who would it be?
I don't know a lot of the bigger names in quilting, but I would love to meet the lovely women I have blessed to meet since I've started this blog! 

Who inspired you to sew?
Two people - my aunt and my daughter.  When I was a young teen, my aunt made me a beautiful green dress.  I enjoyed every step of the process!

Later, when my daughter started sewing, I decided to jump in with both feet so that we would have even more to share!  

What do you like to do when quilting?
I binge watch Netflix series or listen to Postcasts.  When the going gets tough, I listen to music.  Every night, though, I call my dad.  I've learned so much about his life as I play in me sewing studio.  It's like he's sitting in my rocker keeping me company!  

Do you have a favorite snack while quilting?
Not really, but I do drink iced water or iced coffee.  

Do you look for quilts when watching movies?
Ha!  There's so much to do when watching TV!  I'm usually crocheting, hand sewing, responding to comments and emails, commenting on other blogs and posting on Instagram!  I try to limit my cruising the net time as I can lose track of time.  

Which comes first, fabric or pattern?
For me, it's usally the pattern.  My daughter finds great quilts for us to make.  I also enjoy picking my son's brain for quilts/projects he would like to have!

What is your favorite finish?
By far, my favorite finish is my 2015 $7.50 BOM quilt.  I made it while undergoing chemotherapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer and presented it as a gift to my husband.  I wanted to thank him for the wonderful care he gave me throughout our journey.  

Quilt by hand or machine?
I really prefer to send my larger quilts to Stephanie and the smaller ones to my daughter.  Lately, I have quilted four pieces, three by machine for my "grand-doggy, Marley,  
and I'm currently hand quilting a baby quilt.  
Favorite color?
Yellow!  When I make a quilt, I love bright, cheerful colors like the ones I used in my Scrappy Sampler!

Favorite notion?
I collect pretty and unusual seam rippers.  If I have to rip, it will be with a fun tool!  :)

Do you work on one quilt at a time or many?
I used to work on a different quilt each day of the week.  I'm learning that for me, it's better to work on one quilt at a time.  I do try to have a day for my BOM blocks and charity blocks.  I slow the pace down on the weekends with slow stitching - hand sewing, crocheting and embroidery.

My current crochet project is for a young man who is fighting for his life as we speak:  Patrick.  Here is the progress on 
Patrick's Strength:

Do you have a blog that you just can't miss a post?

Yes!  I read the blogs that I link up to every week as well as a few others I have found via link ups! Today's link ups are also ones I read regularly!  

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Betsy at Faith Spilling Over

Who would you like to nominate for the Liebster Award?
We can nominate several bloggers.  I have contacted one and there's a few more that I'm contacting today.  I'll keep you posted!  

Again, Nancy, thank you so much for this wonderful opprotunity!  

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  1. Love your 2015 BOM and the story that goes with it. And that Scrappy Sampler! Is that a pattern or your own invention? So happy! Prayers for Patrick. You're coming along nicely on his afghan. Thanks for sharing your quilt life through your post! Hugs!!!

  2. Congrats! Nice to know a bit more about you - thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for visiting and hosting the link up!

  3. It was a fun read and lovely photos!!


    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit!

  4. Congratulations! Even just being nominated is quite an honor!

    1. Yes! I am so grateful to Nancy from Grace and Peace Quilting! Thank you!