Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Philippians 3:20. Yea! Pretzel Quilt! Sewing Studio Tour Part 5. Patrick's Strength

Philippians 3:20

Yes, what hope we have in Jesus!  
What a great contrast from v. 19!  I am so grateful for God's mercy and grace!  He saved me - He had mercy on me all those years ago through today!  And my hope is in Him!
Thank You, Abba, for this tremendous hope that You have given me!  I cry out with joy and praise to You!  Today I will rejoice in this hope, even as I pray for those who have yet to receive it!  Thank You, my LORD! Amen.

Yea!  Pretzel Quilt!
Guess what!!!
Susan from Quilt Fabrication
featured the finished flimsy
Pretzel Quilt
on her weekly link up
So excited!
Thank you, Susan!

Sewing Studio Tour Part 5: 
Daddy's Chest of Drawers
This is what I have from my childhood home - 
my dad's chest of drawers.
He and I were - 
and remain very close.
I'm grateful to 
have this piece of Dad.

I store storage items, scrap batting, sewing accessories, adhesives, finished projects and miscellaneous supplies here.  

 I decided to store my fat quarters in a very visible location.  You see, I don't really use them, but if they're visible I will - and I want to use them all up.  In the future, I plan to purchase 1/4 yard cuts vs. fat quarters because they are more economical.  

I also want to use them up so that I can store my binding maker and other sewing machines on top of these drawers.  They will be much more accessible and therefore used more often!  :)

This is how I store my hand quilting frame and hoop and my traveling project case.  I try to make use of every inch of space!

Here's some flannels I picked up at 60% off.  I liked Susan's idea (from Quilt Fabrication) of using these for a backing!  

 My artist friend, Victoria J. Culbertson painted and generously gifted these mini paintings to my husband and I.

And there you have it - one of my favorite parts of my sewing studio!

Patrick's Strength
Not a lot of sewing is getting done, but I am continuing to make progress on Patrick's Strength.  If you recall, he is the young teen diagnosed with cancer.  It will be a long road for this young man and his family.  

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  1. Wow! Like how you are setting up your sewing studio! And the Afghan is coming along beautifully! Thank you for sharing my paintings with your blog world! Also what ever scraps you have left over from your sewing projects, even if they look like bits and tiny bits I would love to have them, please? I'm going in a whole new direction with my fabric collage art work and will take any bits and pieces you would normally just throw away. So please can I have them?

  2. Love how you are getting your space organized! And to see all those pretty fat quarters too! Thanks for sharing again on Midweek Makers!

    1. Thank you for hosting and for featuring me! It's still so exciting! :)

  3. Thank you! Yes! Of course you can have my scraps! In fact, I have a big brown bag of scraps I would love to "bless" you with! Interested? See you Thursday! Thank you for visiting! So interested to see you new direction - is it painted ponies?

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'll take your bag of scraps! Yes, see you Thursday! No ponies on this new direction yet, this new direction will be a bunch of smaller practice pieces first. Still will be working on the other ones I already am working on too. This new direction will need to organize colors of scrapes and pre-paint some under paintings 1st. will share the process at the quilt group as I progress. Thank you again for the scraps, may be I can get more from Nicolle and the other ladies, I'll ask them when I see them.

    2. Looking forward to tonight - and giving you my scraps!