Reading Challenges 2023: Here's to a Much More Simplified Year!

Reading Challenges
I'm Joining & Hosting 2023

Tracking my books last year extremely complicated as I was posting each title here as well as on Goodreads, not to mention my personal reading journal!  Yikes!  What a mess!
This year I'm providing a list of my challenges complete with my goals, a link to my progress complete with titles and a link to the hosts' page.  There are links titled "My Progress" so that you - and I - can see which books I'm reading for each challenge.  
This should be so much easier and keep the focus on reading!

1.  Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge:  (26) My Progress

2.  Bookish Books Reading Challenge:  (10)  My Progress

2.  Clean Out Your E-Reader/COYER  (6) My Progress

3.  Goodreads (70) My Progress

4.  Library Books  (45) My Progress

5.  Lifetime of Reading (20) My Progress

6.  Mount TBR (25) My Progress

7.  Non-Fiction Reader (7) My Progress
     Book'd Out


  1. I like the way you did this! I get bogged down with all the linking and putting it in different places as well!

  2. Delighted to have you join the Nonfiction Reader Challenge, good luck with your goal!