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Philippians 3:18 - 19 Part 2

Philippians 3:18 - 19 Part 2
Part 1 
In this verse, Paul describes those he weeps for - those who he considers "enemies of the cross" (v. 18).  

He weeps because their destiny is destruction.  He describes their god as their stomach, their glory is actually their shame, and their minds are focused not on Christ, but on earthly things.

Many studies state that the "god of the stomach" can refer to appetites - and not just for food.  They can be sensual, drug/alcohol addictions, indeed food - an unhealthy appetite for sin.

These that Paul weeps for brag about their conquests, experiences and so called victories - their glory is actually their shame.

Their minds are filled with earthly things instead of God's will for their lives.

They are totally lost in their sin.
They are on a road to destruction.

If you are that person - 
if you are on a road to destruction - 
take heart.
As a dear friend of mine stated,
"Where there is life, 
there is hope."

Another believer once stated,
"God got His hands dirty 
when He pulled me out of my sin."

You are God's child.
You are loved by God.
He weeps for you as well.
He sees your pain and loneliness.
Just as He saw mine.

Maybe you will consider reaching out to Him.  
God is bigger than your sin.
He was bigger than mine.

He's waiting for you.  Remember,
you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14) and 
NOTHING can separate you from the love of God!  (Romans 8:38-39)

You are loved.

LORD, I praise You for Your grace and mercy.  You heard my pleas and You answered with mercy, grace, forgiveness and love.  You accepted me as I was and then gently and slowly began Your good work in me.  Please do the same for those reading this right now who may be far from You!  Thank You that this is my song!
1In you, Lord my God,
I put my trust.
2I trust in you;
do not let me be put to shame,
nor let my enemies triumph over me.
3No one who hopes in you
will ever be put to shame,
but shame will come on those
who are treacherous without cause.

Let it be the song
for many others as well, I pray!
Amen and amen!

Another Finish:  Blue Crocheted Purse
Remember this purse?
I crocheted it using this fast and easy pattern from Whistle and Ivy.  I used two strands of yarn in this bag.

I liked it so much I  made another one!  Tada!

I used one 150 gram ball of Online Linie Fano yarn. 

Here is it pinned to my design board!  Isn't it lovely?

I had a bit of yarn left over, so I made this crochet hook holder!

I still had a bit left over, so I made this scissor holder and attached it to the bag!

 All done and the best part?

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