Thursday, June 22, 2017

Philippians 3:17 Part 1. For Marley!

Philippians 3:17 Part 1
Paul confidently tells the Philippians - and us - to 
1) join together and follow his example, 2)use him as a model and 3) keep our eyes on those who live as we do. 
Again, unity in following Christ.  Awesome.
Do you have a model for your walk? Perhaps a sister/brother in the LORD that you admire?  

I'm blessed that I do.  In fact I have several. 

One particular comes to mind.  
I knew her when we lived in Clovis, NM. A close relative of hers had been found deceased.  The family was heartbroken, as you can imagine.  

A friend of ours was at their home shortly after it happened.  She told me that this sister in the LORD led her family in prayer. Our friend was blessed by how our sister prayed:  
so strong and faith-filled - 
in spite of a broken heart.

I've always remembered that.
I've always wanted that kind of faith.
Then Monday, it happened - and I'll never be the same again!

To be continued in the  next post.

To Do Tuesday Goal:  For Marley
It's only Thursday and I've almost met one of my To Do Tuesday Goals hosted by Christine at Stitch ALL The Things!  I love this feature on her blog becaus e it gives me weekly goals.  Big projects suddenly become more manageable and less overwhelming because they are now broken down into baby steps.  The result:  more crafty productivity!  I encourage you to try her link up!

Alas, I digress!  I have this adorable "grand-dog", Marley, for whom I sew blankets!  

I've been making his summer blankets.  

He supervises 
his Daddy at work every day!

So, here are his two summer work blankets in progress:

Your eyes are not decieving you - 
I did not iron before sewing!  :)

Here is his new whole cloth quilt in progress.

As much as I thought I didn't 
like quilting on my domestic machine,
I'm actually having fun quilting 
this project!

I hope you all 
have a great rest of your week!

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  1. Our dog chews blankets - does Marley chew hers?

    1. How funny! No, Marley doesn't chew on his blankets! :) He loves to cuddle deep into them for a good snuggle! Thank you for stopping by and making me smile! :)

  2. Love the umbrella and dog quilts. Cute fabric. Wanting to know how the story ends.

    1. Thank you! My son really loves his Marley! I'm posting the rest of the story today (6/23). I break up the longer Bible Studies so my posts remain posts instead of novels! :) Thank you for visiting and for commenting! Don't you just love comments?! :)

  3. Thanks for the To-Do Tuesday shout out! Marley just stole my heart! He is so adorable! His new blankets are cute too, and I love that doggie fabric! Too cute!

    1. Of course! It has really helped me to stay focused! An the rest of your blog posts are fabulous! Yes, Marley has stolen all of our hearts - he's so loving and perceptive! I picked up the fabric at my LQS! Just couldn't resist! I believe the colorful on is 25% off....