Sunday, June 25, 2017

Slow Stitching. Stash Report,

Slow Stitching.
I've been linking up to Kathy's Sunday Slow Stitching for a long time.  I sure have enjoyed putting my machine sewing on hold for a day and simply slow stitching.  It's so soothing.  

A few weeks ago, I decided to "close up shop" (my sewing machine) on Friday night and slow stitch all weekend.  

This precious little kitty is not mine.  
Unfortunately, I am allergic to cats.
She was in a pic I found online...not sure where!  
I apologize for the confusion!

So, my slow stitching 
is now 
all weekend long 
(barring classes I may take :p )!

Patrick's Strength
I'm making progress on Patrick's Strength. He has osteosarcoma, but we don't know the stage or metastasis.  He's only 16.  They will be staying in Houston through January for chemo, surgery, more chemo and possibly more surgery.  Prayers up , please!

 June 19, 2017
June 21, 2017
June 23, 2017

I'm going to go ahead and work a bit on my Around the House Embroidery as well.  But just a bit because Patrick's Strength is still my first priority.  

Oh!  I'm also hoping to get the quilt label sewn onto this baby quilt!

Stash Report

Remember, I started this report on 6/11/17.  
I was so inspired by the simplicity of 
that I am using her format!
Thank you for sharing!

(started 6/11/17)
Fabric used this week
0 yds
Fabric used to date
6 7/8 yds
Fabric Added this year
5 2/3 yds
Fabric Added this week
0 yards
Net Fabric
+ 2 yards
(started 6/11/17)
Yarn used this week
0 oz  
Yarn used to date
15 oz
Yarn Added this week
0 oz
Yarn Added
0 oz
Net Yarn
- 27 oz

I'm not worried about the yarn as 
I know once I send off Patrick's Strength, 
I'll be in the black again!  ;).  

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  1. I would love it, too, if I had such an adorable companion to stitch with!

    1. I wish I did have this little kitty! I can't because of allergies! :( It's just a pic I found online that I thought would be perfect for a Slow Stitching post! It's funny because my friend's cat - who likes nobody - LOVES me! I accept her cuddles and shower when I get home! :)

  2. It sounds like a lovely way to spend a weekend! That cat of yours is gorgeous!

    1. Oh Sarah! Thank you! I wish it was my cat - no go - allergies! :( It's a pic I found online that I thought would be perfect for a Slow Stitching post! Every time I see your blog header I imagine quilting by the sea! :) Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Love your crochet progress, and the baby quilt is so adorable. Prayers are sent your way.

    1. Thank you, Deb! I know Patrick's family will appreciate those prayers! Thank you for visiting and commenting! :)

  4. Love the little flowers! Thank you for sharing on the Creative Side.

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! They're little yo-yo flowers - one day they hope to be a quilt! Take good care!

  5. I love the kitty pic. Patrick's Strength is looking good. Prayers being sent. Your quilt is very pretty also. I hope you managed to get the label on this weekend.

    1. Isn't it cute? I found it online and it seemed perfect for a Slow Stitching post! Thank you for your encouraging words and prayers! I did get the label on! Yea! Thank you for visiting and commenting!