Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday's Song. Drunkard's Path

Saturday's Song.
I've decided that my Saturday posts will be featuring a song that has blessed me during the past week!  I'll be calling it Saturday's Song!

This last week has been filled with growing pains for myself and a loved one. Let's remember Romans 8:28: 

And we know that in ALL things 
God works 
for the good 
of those who love him, 
who have been called 
according to his purpose.
Sometimes we have to remember to fight our way out of the darkness into the light!
Here is one song that got me dancing!

Drunkard's Path
Here it is!  
Block 11 of 
my Drunkard's Path $7.50 Club! 
Basically, I got to make a quilt top
for $7.50 
as long as I kept up 
with each month's blocks! 
We received our last block
which I'll be working on soon.
Then I'll put it all together!


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful song with such an important message. Jeremia. 29,11. :-)

  2. Oh Birthe! I love that verse! Thank you for visiting and leaving such an encouraging verse! :) I found your blog - am on my way to visit you! :)