Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Philippians 3:9 Pretzel Twist. Organization For Many Pieces.

High Quality Pink flower in rock Blank Meme TemplateHello Everyone!
I realized I forgot to add the "prayer" part to yesterday's Bible Study.  I could go back and add it, but I've decided to move on.  God understands our faithful, sincere efforts to honor Him.  Don't you agree?  :)

Philippians 3:9

Paul's desire is so simple:  he wants his righteousness to be based on faith in Christ alone.  He understands this righteousness is from God and based on faith in His Son.  
Study of verse 9 could be a rather complicated and long process.  But, let's simply take it at face value today.
Righteousness Defined: 

To be free from guilt or sin.  
That's what happens when we accept Christ as our LORD and Savior - 
though we are sinners, He is our righteousness via His death on the cross.

Paul recognizes this - 
and states that he was a the worst of sinners, but somehow, he is able to accept the grace, mercy and righteousness offered to him via salvation.
As should we.  
I, too, have sinned.
Sinned big.
There are many 
who could point their fingers 
to the woman of the past that I was.

But, I'm realizing that, though I have accepted Christ, 
I have to accept His
righteousness - 
every day.

Otherwise, any ministerial work He has for me will be hampered.
Opprotunities to 
encourage and pray with others
could be lost.
More importantly, souls could be lost.

So, I humbly accept His gifts - on a daily basis.  I refuse to give the victory to ANYONE except my LORD and Savior!

Can you find the strength to do the same?  Can I pray for you?  
Let me know, my dear Sister!  
You. Are. Not. Alone.
You. Are. Forgiven.
God, thank You for Your unbelievable, but true sacrifice of Your only Son, that we may enjoy mercy, grace, forgiveness and Your righteousness.  Help me and all who read this fully accept these gifts.  Help us to live freely under Your wings that we may fully achieve Your plan for our lives! Amen.

                           verse in context
Pretzel Twist
Remember my precious longarm quilter, Stephanie?  Well, I went into the store to buy fabric for a quilt - and she showed me this pattern by Fons and Porter - The Pretzel Twist!  
Pretzel Twist - Throw Quilt Patterns

It is labeled as an "easy" quilt, so I jumped right in with the colors requested by the recipients:  blues, yellows and a white on white background!

Later she asked me how it was going, but alas I had just started sewing the Unit 1 pieces together.  She told me to put it away until after my vacation.  Oh oh.

She said that to make this quilt one needs
1) to work on it continuously because the laying out of the blocks can be complicated, and 
2) to be very organized.  

I have heeded her words and am taking this one step by step.  I'm glad she's ahead of me on this one so that I can learn from her!  

I'm also grateful my daughter and I bought Creative Grids Stripology Ruler.  It is expensive (roughly $50), but we had all 200+ pieces
This includes pressing time!

So, here are my pieces for Unit 1
organized and ready to go.  
This quilt is on a time constraint so this will be my main To Do Tuesday goal until I get it to my long arm quilter.  

To Do Tuesday
Last week's list:
1) Catch up with my Quilty 365.  Nope - didn't even touch it.

2) Cut the fabric for Covered in LoveNope - didn't even touch it.

3)  Embroider the eyes and mouth of the Dolls of Hope dolls.  Nope - but at least I've drawn them on.

4) Continue work on my Embroidery Around the House  project!  Done!  See how pretty!  Now, what color binding should I use?  Naturally, I'm leaning toward the yellow fabric for binding!  But, I don't know, the orange might be a great frame.......Help!  

Also, what color hand quilting thread? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

 5) Work on my my daughter's Christmas scarf and boot cuffs.  Done! 

This week's To Do Tuesday is simple:
1) Finish sewing up the Pretzel Twist Unit 1 strips and maybe even get to the Unit 2 strips!  I don't need it until September, but time can catch up to me!

2) Hopefully work on my tablecloth!
Everything else will be "on hold" until the Pretzel Twist flimsy is finished and turned into Steph!  

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  1. Oh, I do love that Pretzel Twist quilt! I'm bookmarking that pattern! I had not heard of the Stripology ruler before. I'm on a bit of a diet for purchases at the moment, but I'll definitely be putting that on my wish list. I can't stand all the time it takes to cut out fabrics accurately, so this is right up my alley!

    I love your embroidered quilt top! SO cute! I think that yellow fabric is really great, and would give it a bright pop, but might be on the lighter side. I do like the idea of the orange framing up the quilt. As far as quilting... I'm super boring! I always go with a thread that blends with the background, and I think that's probably the opposite of what should happen here. Sorry to be of no help in that regard!

    1. I'm liking it thus far :) . Yes, the Stripology ruler is totally worth it! I understand about the "diet".....I'm really limiting my purchases as well. Between my fabricm yarn and wool stash, patterns, and "stuff", I am starting to feel a "heavy". I wonder how many of us can open our own mini craft shop? As always, a joy to hear from you!

      Thank you for your suggestions! I was thinking the same of the yellow - I have very little objectivity when it comes to yellow! ;)

  2. That Pretzel Twist pattern looks like fun. I will be happy to watch your progress on that quilt. I haven't heard about the Stripology ruler before - I will have to check it out. Look at all the strips you got cut out so quickly! Very nice. ~smile~

    1. It is pretty easy sewing thus far! I am sold on the Stripology ruler. My daughter and I share it - but I'll probably be making the investment to have my own. It's wonderful how accurately it cuts with minimal waste! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I'm making a Pretzel Twist too! Although right now it is definitely in the UFO pile. I started it about a year ago and only got about half way done. I'm looking forward to seeing how ours turns out. On your binding question, if this was my quilt, I think I would either do a scrappy binding or find a multi-colored fabric that had all my colors in it. But that's just me. It will look great no matter what you decide to do. It's really cute!

    1. Wow! It's a small world! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the binding and especially for your encouragement! After I finish the Pretzel Twist, that's next!

  4. Nice to get you input on that Stripology ruler. The price has kept me from purchasing. Love the look of the Pretzel Twist quilt, and will look nice in blues and yellows! Around the House quilt - have you ever made a flange binding? I vote for doing that using both the yellow and orange. :-)

  5. Thank you! You know what? I haven't made a flange binding....that sounds great! I'm actually considering buying my own ruler so that I can have access to it whenever I'm sewng in the wee dark hours! Totally worth it!

  6. Thanks for sharing the Bible lesson and for the lovely quilt pattern! Enjoyed your site👌

    1. You're so welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit! Thank you for commenting!