Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Philippians 3:21. To Do Tuesday. Don't Stop!!!!!

Philippians 3:21


Remember verse 20?  And now, verse 21 tells us exactly what Jesus can do:
1) bring everything under His control,
2) transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like His!

Jesus has the power to bring everything under His control!

Our lowly bodies that are racked with the above and more will become like His - strong, pure and clean.

You will become strong, pure and clean!
Amen and amen!

Father, my mind and body have been filled with so many awful things, but I have seen and experienced so many beautiful things!  

Like many others, I have experienced terrible things as well - some of my own volition, some forced upon me.  I can hardly wait until the day that I - and everyone else - are transformed to be like You!  Thank you!  Amen!

Don't Stop!!!!!
Safety roadblock Clipart and Stock Illustrations. 882 Safety ...How many times do we let a small road block stop us in our tracks?  It happens to me more often than I care to admit.  

Just now, as I'm sitting in my bedroom writing this post, I needed something from the living room.  I kept messing around until I realized that I was wasting time:  I just needed to get up, get what I needed and keep writing!  Simple.

I may not water the plants in my prayer garden simply because the gate is locked and I'm so tired of unlocking the combination lock.  With my hands, it can be painful.  

I don't know why I let these 
small, inconsequential roadblocks 
stop me in my tracks.  

Remember my Pretzel Quilt?
There was some seam ripping.
But I was ok with it - 
until I saw this!
Now, I am a casual quilter.
I believe this:
roadblock: Perfection is a Roadblock to Progress words on a road construction barrier or barricade to illustrate that a drive toward perfect results can paralyze you from taking action or moving forward
But these misaligned seams 
were too much - even for me.  
stared at them,
and picked up my seam ripper
and let her rip!

I didn't spend time bemoaning the situation.
I broke through what could have been a road block!
I was so proud of myself!

There are definitely times 
when I should walk away
from a project.
But, I'm going to stop
putting them away.
There's a difference.

I want to break through my road blocks and finish 'er up!

What do you think?

To Do Tuesday
I've been working so hard on Patrick's Strength, that other projects have gone by the wayside.  It's ok.  I keep reminding myself that I'm simply setting goals.  The world won't stop spinning if I push things back - especially for this special project!  
So, onward and upward!  

Last Week's List:

1)  Keep up with Quilty 365  DONE!
2) Finish the last $7.50 Drunkard's Path block. 
3) Make Marly's summer blankets.
4) Crochet at least 60 rows of Patrick's Strength.

This Week's List:
1)  Keep up with Quilty 365  
2) Finish the last $7.50 Drunkard's Path block.  
3) Finish Marly's summer blankets.
4) Covered in Love Blocks (at least 6)
5) Continue working on Patrick's Strength.

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  1. Way to go with tackling those blocks! When I get really frustrated I walk away from that project for one day, then the next day I get to work on fixing the problem. Either ripping or remaking. I have to give myself until the next day though, otherwise I end up venting my irritation on the issue and that usually means holes put in blocks or ripped fabric.

    1. Right? I have ripped fabric before, too! Isn't it such a great feeling to triumph over a troublesome issue? I cried many tears over my first $7.50 quilt and now it's one of my favorites! Thank you for visiting!

  2. He is in control and His name is above it all. Thank you, Lord.

    1. Amen, Rebecca! Thank you so much for visiting!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog recently! I keep thinking about trying quilting, but I am afraid all my seams would look like that. I am kind of a frustrated seamstress in general, so quilting might be just beyond me. But sometimes I am tempted to give it a try! I know what you mean about little roadblocks. Sometimes it helps with a frustrating project to just lay it aside for a bit and then come back to it - sometimes it helps just to dig in and get it done.

    1. Hello Barbara!
      Thank you for visiting! You know, I was really afraid to try quilting. I had tried sewing clothes to no avail. Then my husband bought me a Bernina and I was off and running! I successfully made several bags. One lady said, "If you can sew a straight line for 4", you can make a quilt." I could and I did! "To be honest, I am a "casual quilter." :) Nice meeting you! :)