Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Philippians 2:14 Part 3. To Do Tuesday. Kudos to My Longarm Quilter!

Philippians 2:14 Part 3
I began this study here and continued it here!  :)
Do everything without grumbling
or arguing?  

Paul clearly states:  
grumbling or arguing.
To be clear about what we're talking about, let's see how Webster defines grumbling and arguing.  

grumbling:  to complain quietly about something : to talk in an unhappy way
arguing:  1.  to give reasons for or against something  2. to contend or disagree in words 

Well, Philippians 2 speaks at length about unity, especially in the church. If there is much grumbling and arguing going on, who would want to be a part of that?  

At a Bible Study last week, a man shared this story.  
"I was involved in prison ministry.  There was a prisoner who was completely closed off from everybody. He would watch us carefully, but would not participate.  Somehow, he began to change.  He slowly opened up and came to the LORD.  He also began participating.

I asked him what caused the change.  He told me, "Many groups have come and gone while I've been here.  Your group was different.  I watched you carefully and I liked how you treated each other."

What had he seen with the other groups?  How was this group different? Does how I treat my family, friends and loved ones really affect someone else's decision to accept Christ.

Apparently so.

LORD, help me - 
here's yet another reason 
for me to do 
without grumbling or arguing.  

LORD, this seems like an impossible task, 
but all things are possible with You!
Help me to live 
as You would have me live, in a manner that would encourage people to come to You.

I'm such a stubborn one, LORD!
But, You brought this verse to mind, 
so I know You are encouraging me today!  Thank you, my LORD!
Bible  | For in Him we live and move and have our being.' As some of your own poets have said, 'We are His offspring.' Acts 17:28 | image tagged in bible | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Dear Friend, this is my truth!

To Do Tuesday.
For some reason, I am not making my sewing goals!  So, this week I'm kissing them - Keeping it simple, Sweetie!
1) Begin and finish my RSC 2017 blocks.
2) Add those 30 hexagons to my Hexagon Afghan.
3) Cut out fabric for my $7.50 Drunkard's Path Block!

Fingers crossed on achieving these goals!

Focus on the Quilting.
How many of you are checkbook quilters? I am and I love, absolutely love, my longarm quilter.  

Not only is Stephanie extraordinarily  talented, she has a heart the size of Texas, a strength I can only dream about and hugs that are worth a million bucks!

In my last post, I showed you my Victory Quilt and told you the story behind it.  Today, I would like to highlight Stephanie's beautiful quilting!
(Please remember that I'm just an average sewist, 
so the piecing is not perfect.  Chemo didn't help.)

Each block had this beautiful
flower centered
right smack dab in the middle.
Then, she shrunk it and 
stitched it in EACH cornerstone!
Please note the quilting 
on the brown fabric.

She quilted each block's border.
I really  played with the colors so maybe the stitching would show up more....
Here's the corner of my quilt.
Can you see the mini flowers 
in the cornerstones?
Gorgeous quilting from the back.
And the completed quilt again!
My husband and son are braving the cold winds to hold it up....
Sammy Whammy...gotta love him!
Stephanie's quilting makes the back just beautiful.

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  1. Your quilt turned out great! I need to make this a memory verse for my student. She is always trying to argue her way out of work. It never works though.

    1. She sounds like a challenge - and you sound like a great teacher! :) Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Building this quilt in spite of chemo and all the distractions of cancer is quite an accomplishment! Well done you! (The quilting ain't bad either - wink, wink.) I've been making a conscious effort to add a request for patience and meekness in my personal prayers lately. I've noticed a distinct improvement. We truly can do all things through Christ. :-)

    1. Thank you! Yes, the quilting is wonderful! I love Stephanie! Longarm quilters leave me in awe after they are finished with my quilt! Your prayer requests are so touching! Yes, we can do all things through Christ! Thank you for the reminder!

  3. Beautiful quilt, and good scripture reminder! Thanks for sharing both.

    1. Thank YOU for your kind comments and for visiting!

  4. Boy, do I need that scripture this week! I think I've been whining all week long! Yikes! Love the quilt top, and your quilter did an amazing job! Putting that flower motif in the cornerstones was amazing!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments! Yes, Stephanie is amazing! It was so funny when I picked up the quilt at our LQS. We were admiring it on the cutting table. I finally said, "Isn't that quilting so beautiful?" Everyone laughed because there were admiring my piecing - which is mediocre at best. I was amazed at Stephanie's talent and dedication! Thank you for stopping by and for your uplifting comments!