Monday, August 1, 2016

$7.50 Club, Slow Stitching,God Wink, Philippians 1:1a

$7.50 Club
Here  is where I described and 
showed you my sample block 
from the new $7.50 Club at my local Bernina Fabric Shop.  
Now, my friends....ta da!  
Here are my first two blocks!  

This is my first attempt at patchwork with curves and I loved it!

My daughter loaned me these Marti Mitchel templates and they are amazingly easy to work with!

Slow Stitching
I was disappointed 
not to be able to link up to 
But, alas, things happen.

I HIGHLY recommend you 
give her blog a visit and 
begin linking up to her 
Slow Stitching Sundays.

It's really given me the boost
I needed to make progress on this quilt!
I'm making new friends,
being encouraged by their kind and thoughtful remarks,
and enjoying their own blogs!
It's a win-win!

I did a tiny bit of Slow Stitching 
on my 
Grandmother's Flower Garden.
These two hexagons got attached 
to Hello Kitty!
Then, I realized, as I neared 
the end of the first row,
that I had no plan.  
The flowers had just been placed 
haphazardly on the design board.  
So, I decided to come up with a layout - 
that I'm sure will change over time!

My dear friend, Victoria Culberston, 
is giving me classes in color value.
She suggested I follow this process.

First, I removed all the colored flower's
that weren't already attached and 
here's what was left:

I then stacked them by values.

After playing with my handy, dandy
Picture Perfect "3 in 1 Plus" View Finder
(now that's a mouthful!)
this was the result!
It makes me smile just to look at it!  
I'll miss it once it's off my design board, but I'm also looking forward to 
snuggling underneath it.  
It's all 100% hand stitched.  

And it's a precious gift to me.  

You see, my daughter - 
a working mother of two at the time - 
generously decided to help 
with this lovely quilt.  

So, it's a blend of 
old fabric from a dear friend of mine, scraps from some of my projects, 
and scraps from some of her projects.
completely without trying, 
we each have made about 50% of the circles!  
How lovely!  
How perfectly lovely!
Now that's a God Wink!

Philippians 1:1a
As I begin,
to share my thoughts on Philippians,
I must let you know,
I'm certainly not a Bible scholar. 
I've never been to Bible college.
I'm just a woman of faith,
being led by the Holy Spirit to share.
That's it.
That's all.
That said, let's begin.

Ok.  I nervously, but courageously 
present my first attempt at 
Bible Journaling.  
First, I'm using a Scripture Journal.  
Then, after I finish the page/chapter/section,
I plan to create a design for 
the specific Bible page.

What first struck me about this verse 
were the first seven words.  
I was shocked.
How many times had I read them
and not seen
Paul considered himself 
a servant?

This great man of God
described himself as a servant.

I was amazed.

To be honest,
I have proclaimed my Christian belief 
with joy and confidence 
my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I have never proclaimed to be His servant.

But I am.

I am but Christ's servant, 
longing to do His will.
I hope to be 
His joyful servant,
His willing servant,
His trusting servant,

Dear Friend, 
this is my truth.


  1. I followed your link to see what a $7.50 club was. Must be a BOM at your local Bernina dealer. Do they also carry fabric? I own & like those Marti Michelle templates.

    Isn't it amazing that God would give us His word to study and know him?! We so seldom hear about humility these days. But Paul kept that message at the forefront of his messages to the churches of his day.

    1. Hi Sharon! Thank you for commenting and for such great questions! I'm sorry the $7.50 club was not clearly explained! :) We sign up for this annual club in which one can make enough squares for a quilt top for $7.50! The first month we pay $7.50 and receive instructions and more than enough fabric to make our square. We usually end up purchasing the background fabric. For the next year, we make our BOM's and receive that month's packet at no charge - if we completed the previous month's block. I've learned so much by participating in this BOM! Yes, Las Cruces Bernina Sewing and Design Center ( does carry fabric. The employees and owners are wonderfully warm and welcoming!

      You made a great point about humility and Paul keeping that message at the forefront of his messages! Thank you for sharing! I so appreciate the insight of fellow believers!