Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Blessing of a Quilt.

My husband is sick right now, so my time has been devoted to him.  I'll continue this study as he improves.  It's not serious, praise God!  He just needs some TLC.  😊

Perhaps you are so tired of seeing this quilt, but I have one more story to share and it will be illustrated with the various blocks of my Victory Quilt.  

Grab of cup of coffee, relax, and enjoy!

By the way, if you just found me, you can read the entire story about this special quilt here and here.  

The Blessing of a Quilt
I have always felt in my heart that when I give an afghan/quilt to someone, I'm blessing them because I've prayed for them as I create. Not the entire time I'm creating, but I do pray for them.  

While my husband and I were in the Emergency Room yesterday, God was raising up prayer warriors.  One of them was Rebekkah Guider (heaven_on_art). Other than liking and commenting on posts, we really don't even know each other!   Do me a favor and check her out - she's amazing!

She gave me permission to share our conversation, so I go forward with joy and confidence.  

She gave me a new

perspective on quilt the quilt I made my husband:

"He (my husband) was and is your covering...but, 
the intricate quilt you made him
is from Jesus.  
It represents that you cover him as well.
That you hold his heart
and care for him...
that you cover him with prayers."
-Rebekkah Guider 3/2017

I needed those words for a few reasons.

I tend to see how others give to me, but I don't always see how I give to others.

My dear reader, 
be encouraged!
Know that whatever 
quilt, afghan, even a charity quilt block 
you give 
is a covering of your love and 
blessing on the recipient.  
It doesn't matter if 
they truly appreciate your gift 
because they are already covered by love.

creators of coverings,
our gifts are 
covering the world
with love.

By the way,
all you bloggers out there
who so generously share your tutorials,
are contributing to this!
Thank you!

Thank you, LORD, 
for this revelation
and encouragement.
I pray I never doubt and 
always remain humble
by the opportunities You give me
to cover Your children with love - 
Your love and mine.

Dear Friend, this is my truth!

I hope you have enjoyed
reading this installment 
about my 
Victory Quilt!

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  1. Pretty blocks with great quilting - well done!

  2. I hope your husband feels better very quickly! With God and You by his side, I don't see how he has a choice! =D
    Thank you so much for thinking to share that wonderful snippet of goodness with us all!
    I am going to remember it! It also has me wanting to not only finish the couple that I have but get right to work on my sons' quilts, after March I hope to do just that!
    God bless my friend!!

    1. Thank you, Amy! He is already doing better! I look forward to seeing your progress on your blog! Love how it's growing and spreading!