Friday, March 17, 2017

Philippians 2:21. $7.50 Club - Drunkard's Path

Philippians 2:21

Verse 20 demonstrates how Paul absolutely trusts Timothy. 

We see a marked change of tone in verse 21. I wonder why?  The Layman's Bible Commentary by Archibald Hunter suggests 
1) that perhaps Paul didn't want to send Timothy, but everyone else refused to go, 

2) perhaps verse 21 is a note of bitterness of other's lack of commitment to Christ

3) which would be understandable in light of Paul's total commitment.

 I would not presume to judge Paul's frustration or lack thereof.  I can apply this to my life though.

There are certainly times when our commitment to Christ is judged or called into question.  To be honest, I recall my mother-in-law's words, 

"Cada persona es un mundo." 
(Each person is a world). 
It sounds better in Spanish.  :)  Basically, she was saying no one understands what someone is going through or why they do what they do.  Only that person and God know.  

I so agree.  We should not judge another person's spirituality, faith or relationship with God.  We need to refrain from shooting our wounded, per say.  

Assume the best of a person.  
Pray for them.
Give them the benefit of the doubt.

In the last few years, I am learning that most - and I stress most -  people are going through life doing the best they can. 

This verse has really helped me in this endeavor.  I posted it about it in three parts here, here and here.  

Again, LORD, I come to You grateful for what You are teaching me.  Sometimes I feel like I am learning lessons in a round about way, but I am stretching and growing!  Thank You!  LORD, I pray that those who read this are blessed as well!  I pray that this growth continues!  Amen!

7.50 Club - Drunkard's Path
Last week I was so happy just to get this block cut out.  Because I'm fussy cutting the skull fabric, it takes more time - as I'm sure most of you know!  This week the block is all sewn up and ready to join it's friends!  

This summer the BOM will wrap up and then I'll be making all these blocks into a quilt!  

This fabric will be my sashing 

and this one will be the accent border! 

I'm using this one for the backing!

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  1. My grandma used to say "cadaver cabeza es un mundo." Hope you're well!

    1. I am well, thank you! I had a fall yesterday at Wal-Mart, but today I am surprisingly well. Just a tad of soreness and a purple toenail! I'll do as a friend suggested and paint the other toenails to match! :) Thank you for visiting and commenting!