Monday, March 13, 2017

Philippians 2:17-18. Ooops!

Philippians 2:18


To be poured out like a drink offering means to be martyred.  Paul is saying that if he is martyred for the sacrifices and services of the Philippians, he will be glad and rejoice.  Did you catch that?  He would be glad
and rejoice of he were martyred.  

Furthermore, he states that they should be glad as well!

I love the LORD with all my heart - I do. At first I thought that I wouldn't be sure that I would be glad and rejoice if I were martyred - much less expect my family and friends to feel the same.  

But, I do remember that in the low points of my life, I was happy to use those times to minister to others.  So, perhaps this idea isn't so far fetched....after all doesn't  God use all things for the good?

LORD, thank you for this study!  My husband says that he has seen so much growth in me since I started it!  You know, there are times when I think Paul was so radical and I could never have the courage he did.  Then, You mercifully bring situations to mind when You provided me with courage and grace under fire.  Perhaps that's a reason You don't want us to compare ourselves to others.  When we do, we can feel so inadequate.  However, we forget that to add You into the equation.  You are our courage and grace under fire.  I deeply thank you for that!

Don't you love when an mistake turns into a blessing?  I was working on my RSC 2017 blocks.  A good friend saw them and really liked them.  What do you think?

Later that evening, I cut two of them too small!  Instead of going into the trash they are now a pillow for her!  

And you have a preview of March's RSC 2017 blocks!

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