Monday, March 27, 2017

Philippians 2:26. Slow Stitching

Philippians 2:26
Paul is referring to Epaphroditus in this verse.  In this post, we learned that Epaphroditus was invaluable to Paul.  Here is more proof of Epaphorditus' kind servant's heart:  he was distressed because his people, the Philippians, had heard he was ill.  He obviously did not want to cause worry to anyone.

To be "distressed" because someone hears we are ill seems to be an overstatement. But, I get it now, for two reasons.

1) Epaphroditus had no way to quickly reassure the Philippians, perhaps even his family, that he was now fine.  He probably was anxious to let them know he was healthy again.  

2) I hated - hated - telling my husband I had a tumor in my breast.  I HATED that. And then I had to tell my 83 year-old dad. He looked like I had slapped him, even though I told him as gently as I could. My step-mother (I call her Mama - but I didn't want to cause confusion here!) was so calm and strong for the entire two years of treatment and recovery.  I just found out recently that she had insomnia and cried all the time. Oh goodness! Telling my children was so painful.

BUT (Remember this post on the word "but"?) the distress and undeserving guilt slowly dissipated as I realized 
I did not choose this journey, 
I did not chose to hurt them, 
I did not chose this pain.

I share this because this is a common experience.  And guess what?

LORD, again, my heart overflows with humbleness and appreciation for You!  You have led me, healed me in so many areas and given me a journey that has allowed me to grow closer to You!  You have surrounded me with people who love me and whom I love dearly!  Thank You!  I praise You!

Slow Stitching Sunday.
I'm so happy to report that my Quilty 365 is still up to date!  How awesome is that?
Here are all of March's squares!

And here's last week's blocks!

I have a loose system of color selection.  Yellow is for happy days!  There were a lot of happy days last week!  
Did you see the owl fabric?

On that day I had my two oldest grandbabies.  We went to a friend's house.  They played with the chickens, roosters, rabbits, dogs, cats, a pig and goats!  Her roosters and chickens are quite tame.  My "city" grandson overcame his trepidation and carried the roosters - at point he carried one in each arm!  The pig licked my granddaughter - who promptly ran to me so I could clean it off!
It was a wonderful day filled with 
friends, laughter, 
good food and grandbabies!
I don't have chicken/rooster fabric, 
so the owl won for the day!

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  1. Congrats on keeping caught up on your quilty 365 project! It will be so wonderful to look back on the year and see a snapshot of the year's memories.

    1. Thank you! I'm so eager to do just that! Already I'm having fun with looking back at March's circles! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Its nice to see so many yellow circles!!!

    1. Thank YOU for hosting a party! Yes, I'm so glad to have that yellow in my quilt! :) Thank you for stopping by!

  3. your circles look great!! I got caught up with all mine yesterday also....thanx for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to "be of service"! ;) All kidding aside, isn't it wonderful how we inspire each other? I love my online quilting community! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!