Monday, March 20, 2017

Philippians 2:22. Quilty 365

Philippians 2:22.

What a wonderful verse Philippians 2:22 is!  Paul had just shared a bit of discouragement in Philippians 2:21.  But he followed this verse with a word I love, "BUT".  
There are so many times when I share the challenges of life with you.  Sometimes I think this blog can be a downer for my readers.  But, God really directs this blog and I type as He speaks.

My journey through life is blessed to overflowing - with joy and pain.  Yes, pain can be a blessing.  I've finally learned this lesson.  When I experience pain I call out to my Father, "God, this really hurts, but I love You and will praise You through this.  Period."  

This mentality did not come overnight.  I have certainly walked away from my faith in years past.  But I learned that victory, peace, joy and serenity come only through Him.  

I love how Paul used "but" in Philippians 2:22 because it reminds me that though we will experience difficulty, there is always a but!  For me, it's Romans 8:28.  

Thank You, LORD, for the little words in Your love letter to us that are truly big words!  Please help me to see them as You would want me to.  
You and I have been on quite a journey! You have seen me through so much!  
You have been faithful even when I have rejected You.
But I finally get it - I finally realize that ALL things thus far have worked together for my good.  Because of that, I know that this holds true for my future!  Thank You, Father, that I - and everyone who is willing - can trust You with that!

Quilty 365
One of my To Do Tuesday goals was to catch up on my Quilty 365 2016-2017 and I am!  Look how pretty!  

Yea!  This is the first time I've taken a picture of the quilt with the rows all together and I'm so excited!  

I fell behind 122 days, but I am catching up quite easily!  Amazing how much the To Do Tuesday at Stitch All Things helps!  As does my little work station!

And I'm staying caught up with March! 

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  1. What will the size be? I've also been working on this project but much further behind than you!!

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  3. I started in September of 2016, but fell behind due to health complications and Holiday sewing. But, I FINALLY caught up! As of last night it's all put together for now. It will be a queen sized bedspread/quilt. I'm doing 19 X 19 3.5" squares. How big will yours turn out?

  4. I appreciate your words of encouragement.