Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Philippians 2:16 Part 2. Hexagon Afghan Trick & To Do Tuesday.

Philippians 2:17


Paul's eyes are on the bigger goal - the bigger purpose of his life - bringing people to Christ.  He realizes that his life on Earth is temporary, but his eternal life is exactly that --- eternal.  He doesn't want to arrive to the party without a "hostess gift":  The ones who came to Christ via God working in him.  

Plus, I see he needs a bit of a need for encouragement (or perhaps reassurance?).  He wants to be sure that all his labors, his work for Christ, his suffering has not been in vain - for naught.

Honestly, I was prepared to move onto verse 17 today, but my good LORD stopped me in my tracks.  He gave me a peek into Paul's heart.  

I've always seen Paul as strong and confident.  However, as strong or confident we may seem, we all have our vulnerabilities.  

Maybe, just maybe, this sentence tucked away in verse 16 is showing a bit of his own vulnerability......

Today, my "take away" from verse 17 today is simple:  
1) Paul is most definitely an exhorter.  
2) Paul has needs and desires - one of which is to be sure his life, suffering, work has not been in vain.

Here's the big take away:
Our pastors are the same.  They need to be encouraged as well - and not just on Pastor Appreciation Sundays!

Was there a sermon that touched you?
Or even just a sentence they spoke?
Send him/her a note and let them know.

Is there a characteristic you love about your pastor?
Send him/her a note and let them know.


Be it our pastors, deacons, or even our husbands/fathers.  

In my opinion, there's nothing like a note that they can read over and over again when they are discouraged.  

Gotta go.
I have a note to write.

LORD, You have never failed to surprise me during this study.....and I thank You for that!  You are amazing!
Please encourage our pastors - and our spiritual leaders whenever they need it. Work through us to be Your instruments of encouragement by giving us discernment, wisdom and commitment to encourage them.  Amen!

Hexagon Afghan Trick
To Do Tuesday.

My work continues on my Hexagon Afghan!  Here's the progress I made this week!
 I almost met my To Do Tuesday goal 
of adding 30 more individual hexagons!  
I got to 27!  
I finding that if I crochet these hexagons
and then add them to the afghan,
it goes so much faster - 
at least mentally!
I'm loving this method!

Another To Do Tuesday Goal
was to cut out my $7.50 blocks.
I'm halfway there!

I did meet my goal of 
completing my Teal Blocks for RSC!

This week's To Do Tuesday Goals are simple:
1) Finish my BOMs - 
the $7.50 and Drunkard's Path
2) 30 more individual hexies added to the Hexagon Afghan.

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  1. What a nice Hexagon Afghan! I pulled out an old UFO today - pieced hexies. I have 30 blocks finished, now need to find a fabric for set triangles. I Hope you enjoy continued work on your projects.

    1. Thank you! It sounds like you'r setting your blocks on point? I love quilts on point! Looking forward to seeing your quilt!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Love the crocheted hexies! And that block is fantastic! Love the colors!

  4. I'm making more progress now that I'm sewing them together! At least it seems like it! :) Thank you! I did cheat a bit with this block, however. I didn't have aqua or teal fabric, so I ran out and bought a few clearanced (Is that a word?) out fat quarters at my LQS.:O Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!