Friday, March 24, 2017

Philippians 2:25. Covered in Love Blocks Finished + A Few Tips

Philippians 2:25.

Paul called Epaphroditus his 
"fellow soldier" and
Epaphorditus took care of Paul's needs.  Wow.

What a contrast to his pain of verse 21!


What a comfort Epaphoritus must have been to Paul! From this passage I can only conclude that he showed Paul
the love and loyalty of a brother,
the dedication of an excellent co-worker
the courage, faithfulness, fearlessness, wisdom and dedication of a great soldier.

I can only pray that I can remember and develop these characteristics that Jesus may one day call me His "sister", "co-worker" and "fellow soldier".  


LORD, thank You for showing me this Scripture in a way I hadn't before!  Help me to remember it - to help me to become the woman of Christ You want me to be that I, too, may be a "sister", "co-worker" and "fellow soldier" for You.

Covered in Love Blocks Finished + 

A Few Tips!

TADA!  Here they are!  I did it!  
I was able to make 6 of them! 
If you decide to make these, perhaps these tips will help you!  

1) I made the hashtags on the inside of the squares because it helped me line them up better. 

2) I marked 1/2" all around the middle square. 

3) My sewing room was quiet so I could concentrate. 

4) I chained pieced each step. 

5) Trust the tutorial. Do it step by step without trying to figure out the "future"!
This block was challenging, 

but it was SO MUCH FUN! 
I'm so glad I made them! 
It feels great to have completed what, 
for me, was a challenge! 

Thank you, Kat, 

for a fun long distance Friday afternoon! 
It felt like you were right in my sewing room cheering me on! 
It feels fantastic 
to have achieved this goal! 
Thank you!

Thank goodness for 

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  1. Wow! You've completed a lot this week. I do hope your toe is better and I praise God you "bounced" and no bruises! Amazing quilt and crochet projects you have been working on this week!

    1. Yes, it's been a fun week! I'm learning more about managing my time and self-care. I"m praising Him as well! Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments!