Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Challenge! Current Works. To Do Tuesday

God is on the Move! 
Have you heard this song?

It's called "God is on the Move" by 7eventh Time Down.  Yesterday it was in my head all day.  Later in the afternoon I turned on KLOVE and guess what song was playing?
God is on the Move.
Guess what I did?

Praised God.
My husband and son smiled.
I don't normally do that in front of people, but joy filled my heart and I just had to let it bubble out!

So, this morning God is on the Move was on my heart.  I listened to it several times.
Really loudly.

Guess what happened?

On my way home tonight my radio lost it's signal.  Guess what played when it came back.


Here's my challenge.
Listen to this song several times.
You won't be able to resist
dancing or singing.

If by some weird occurrence you do,

I bet you'll at least be smiling and maybe even tapping your foot!

Go on.

Take a minute.
Give it a shot.

What have you got to lose?

And you might even dance!
Current Works

During car trips, conversations and waiting times, I've been working on my butterfly shawl.  I love the mindless crocheting of a granny square.  I first blogged about it here.  You can find the pattern here.

To Do Tuesday

Here's my list from last week:
1) Covered in Love blocks - at least 3-4
Done! I made a total of six!  You can see them here!
2) Add two hexagons to my Hexagon Afghan Done! I added three hexies plus crocheted some more individual hexies because I'm starting to run low!
3) Turn my Simple Scrappy Sampler into a at least a 50% flimsy.  How to measure this one?  Well, I finished sewing half of the compensating strips on all my blocks and have cut out all of the tops and bottom strips.  I'll be continuing this goal! 

New To Do Tuesday Goals

1) Keep up with my Quilty 365
2) Continue crocheting the rest of the gold hexies.  
3) Continue on my Simple Scrappy Sampler .
        a) attach the rest of the compensating strips
    b) cut out the background squares 
4) Get assistance with my Fabri-Flair project!

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  1. Lately, I'm liking peace and quiet, especially when driving in the car. But I did listen to God is on the Move. Praise Him! He is.

    Hope you make good progress on all your projects this week!

    1. How interesting, Sharon. I noticed that I'm liking peace and quiet in my sewing room as opposed to Netflix or music. I can just focus better. I'm glad you listened to it! I really enjoyed my days of dancing to that song! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Praising, singing, and dancing is wonderful and I'm so happy you shared how it filled you with joy! I will be listening to that song today! Way to go on your to-do list! Wow, you did a lot! Love that!

    1. Yes! It is! Thank you! I hope you were blessed by the song! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  3. That is a wonderful son and it is now running through my head endlessly! Thank you!! =D
    Your shawl is beautiful! I have never made such a large granny square but this looks like it would be fun and work up fast, too!
    Thank you for the good vibes! xoxo

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you listened to the song! Amy, I didn't realize that you crochet as well! What a talented lady! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  4. Oh! Thank you for linking up at AmyScrapSpot! =D