Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Health Update. Philippians 2:12 Part 4/4. To Do Tuesday.

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Hello and a Health Update
Hi there!
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Life has been very active lately!  
I'm feeling my strength finally returning 
15 months after my last radiation treatment 16 months (I think) 
after my last chemotherapy treatment!  

My last blood work (the C125) was great
my xrays were clear.  
So, I'm happily taking back my life!
Now I just have to learn 
that I am not superwoman - 
as one dear friend reminded me!

I did develop cataracts in both eyes, however.
My ophthalmologist said it was due to one of the steroids I had during chemo. Surgery is on the 20th.  
At first I was bummed out - 
when would cancer stop taking from me?

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I called my daughter and was in tears,
and then my wonderfully wise daughter said this:
"No, Mama.
This is a gift of cancer!
You're getting new eyesight!"

What a wise girl woman!

Philippians 2:12 Part 4/4
with fear and trembling.....As a new believer, that phrase always bothered me.

My spiritual mom told me that it didn't mean fear as we know it.  It means respect and awe.  I read in The Layman's Bible Commentary that it means "seriously and reverently".

The Amplified Version truly describes how my head and heart understand this part of the verse.

I see God as 
my Daddy,
my Abba Father.
I respect Him and want to have a deep relationship with Him!
I love loving Him!
I trust Him!
Oh, the list goes on and on!

All I can say 
is that
since He is in my life,
I can do all things
because He strengthens me!
He Himself will strengthen me,
He will use others to minister - 
like my children,
and dear friends and family.  
So, I will continue to 
joyfully work out my salvation
with fear and trembling,
especially on this Valentine's Day!

LORD, I love You!  I know You created me to love me, to have a relationship with me.  Wow!  How amazing is that!?  Help me to honor You, to love You and to serve You.  Strengthen me to do Your will!

I'm not sure that I 
properly expressed 
the meaning of this verse, 
so I ask You to work 
through my inadequacies and 
bring understanding to others 
in their own hearts. 

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You, Abba, 

are my most treasured relationship. 
Happy Valentine's Day, Abba!

It's been a while since my last "To Do Tuesday" list!  Here was my last one:
Support my friend as she supports her childhood friend and her family.  This is ongoing.
- Finish cutting and piecing the blocks for the 
Simple Scrappy Sampler.  Done!
- Add at least 40 hexies to my Hexagon Afghan. Done!
- Make my RSC Blocks.  
UPDATE 2/15/17:  I was insprited by LeeAnn at Not Afraid of Color's tutorial!

-       Make the Covered in Love  Blocks.  Carried over to this week.

Here's this week's plan:
To Do List for 2/14/17 – 2/24/17

Hand Sewing
Around the House Embroidery
Christmas Sewing
My Tree Skirt - cut out the fabric
Clover and Violet QAL – cut out the compensating sashing and attach them to the squares 

BOM’s & CAL’s
$7.50 for next Saturday
RSC  - aqua
Covered in Love blocks
Regular Sewing
Alter blouses.  I know they look like summer tops!  The weather in Southern New Mexico ranges from highs in the upper 40's - the upper 70's!  

Finish Scarf
Add 30 more hexies to the afghan (I’ve pulled them out so that I can make sure I do this!)  

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Just a bit of altering and they'll be ready to wear!

  2. I love string blocks. I like how you have sewn strings. I look forward to seeing them in a quilt. It sounds like you have been very busy, I am learning to crochet. I am making prayer shawls and prayer squares. I pray you continue to feel better.

    1. Oh! I love string blocks as well! I am using my daughter's idea of having a white strip or two in each block. It will be my "unifying" color! I learned how to make my blocks from LeaAnn at Not Afraid of Color! http://lapaylor.blogspot.com/2014/11/i-got-blues.html

    2. Welcome to the world of crochet! I love it! Prayer shawls are awesome! I'd love to learn more about your prayer squares! Please, if you've blogged about them, send me a link so that I can share them here as well! Please let me know! :)

  3. You are super busy! I can see why you friend had to remind you that you are not superwoman. I'm glad you are getting better and leaning on God to help you through everything. I'll be praying for your surgery.

    1. You are awesome! Thank you for your prayers! By the way, did you try the Mason Jar Salads?

      I've lost about 5 pounds already.....I wasn't trying to do so. I was only trying to eat healthier and wala!

      I made some soups as well. Still trying to perfect the recipe before I post about them. :)