Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Philippians 2:6. Finish The Old, Then Welcome The New! Yes!

Philippians 2:6

Jesus lived this verse! 
Though He is our LORD, He doesn’t lord it over us.
He gently invites us to serve Him.
He doesn’t use His divine status to woe us.
He uses loving tenderness to bring us to Him.


Verse 6 brings me to tears, especially when I read it in context.  I’m caught off guard because I have read this verse so many times before, yet today I seem to be one with Christ in understanding His sacrifice and my heart breaks. 

How much gentler would today’s political climate be if we ALL did this?
How much gentler would our families be 
if we ALL did this?
How much gentler would our workplaces be 
if we ALL did this?

How much gentler would our lives, our homes, our neighborhoods, our cities, our states, our countries, our world be

Oh, LORD my LORD, how majestic is Your name above the Earth!  You, as a man, showed us how to live, yet we forget!  LORD, help us all, especially myself, to have Your mindset of putting others first,
Of not using my status, (insignificant as it may be), to my own advantage.  Be with us, LORD, as we strive to live with J.O.Y.  In Your Precious Name I Pray. Amen.

January 2017 Goals
UPDATE:  1/17/17
Oh my goodness!  
Thank you Bonnie 
for pointing out that I said 
these were my January goals!  

As many other bloggers are doing, I have made a 2017 list of goals.  Many of them are UFO's with a few new projects sprinkled in.  

My "To Do" list is divided into six categories.  

Around the House Stitching Club mini quilt by Wild Olive.

Turn my Grandmother's Flower Garden into an actual Flimsy.

Continue working on my Yo-Yo Quilt.

Quilting UFOs

Convert my Clover and Violet Simple Scrappy Sampler into a flimsy and get it to my beloved longarm quilter!

Keep up with the Covered in Love charity blocks.

And then there's 
a Mystery Quilt from my Guild,
a Postage Stamp quilt,
a Crazy Quilt,
my granddaughter's heart quilt - 
all of which I hope to finish in 2017!  

Never hurts to dream, right?  I am however giving myself permission to "chuck" one or two of these UFOs.  

New Projects
New projects will be my son's Rasta Quilt - he chose Attic Windows for the design. The learning curve will be vertical, so I am open to suggestions!

Regular Sewing: UFOs
- a beautiful grey blanket that only needs hemming

- make at least five story books from some panels a friend gave me as well as a dinosaur book panel.  Hmmm....these might work as charity projects for The Children's Hospital in El Paso, TX!  

- repair a very special pillow covering 

Regular Sewing: New Projects
- a fall and a Valentine topper for which I've already chosen the fabric.  

make myself this Schlep Bag.  I picked up a cool kit from Hip Stitch in Albuquerque, NM.  

- a laptop cover - unless I find a pre-made one that's really inexpensive!  :)

- a very simple dog bed for my pooches

Crochet UFOs
- my hexagon afghan


- my Hope afghan

- my husband's afghan

BOMs/CALs Ongoing/UFOs
- Be My Neighbor CAL

I'm Joining in The Rainbow Scrap Challenge!
- The Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017!  I've resisted long enough!  If you're interested this month's color is PURPLE!  I'm combining this goal with another one:  to make a string quilt!

Christmas Goals
- make myself a tree skirt - which combines with my goal of making a sprocket project

- Make my funny Gingerbread Man ornaments

Peppermint Fabric yo yo Applique Embellishment Christmas Decoration

- make some yo-yo peppermint ornaments

1 Homespun Fabric Yo Yo Felt Penny Rug Christmas Tree Ornament US 1 Cent S:

- make some of these yo-yo ornaments

- crochet my annual three Christmas scarves and two sets of boot cuffs for my daughter, my granddaughter and my oldest grandson
- crochet two hats for my youngest grandsons  

I realize this sounds like a lot, but I am extremely motivated.  I'll be linking up to To Tuesdays at Stitch All Things to help keep me accountable!  :)

You see, I feel heavy....
with all my "stuff".  
So I've begun decluttering 
starting with my sewing room
and continuing this process 
with my mind and home.  

I want to enjoy the space I live in.
I want to feel lighter.
I want to enjoy new projects.
So, this year it's 

Would you like to join me?  
Feel free to share your goals in the comments below!

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  1. You have a very busy year planned! Good luck with all your projects! I especially like the blanket you are working on.

    1. Yes, I do! I am certainly enjoying crocheting the you crochet as well?

  2. I joined this 17 in 17 as well. It's amazing how our projects can accumulate. I have to say that I just cracked up at the gingerbread man. Love that you can crochet as well. Beautiful UFOs :)

    1. How cool! I love seeing the way other quilters are playing with their RSC 2017! Yes, the little gingerbread man is too cute! Crochet is my first love. I used to knit and tried picking it up again, but it will have to be obviously have to be on the back burner for a bit. 2017 will be a busy year! Thank you for your kind words!

  3. I like that - permission to chuck one UFO. I did that yesterday with some scraps, though I didn't chuck much! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

    1. Thank you! It IS hard to chuck UFOs or fabric! But, a mere few weeks later I hardly remember letting go! I'm so grateful for you and all the others who host linky parties! I've met some wonderful ladies and learned so much! Take good care!

  4. WOW! Praying for your strength in body and mind to do all this in a year! You amaze me!

    1. Thank you! I hope I can get it all done...we'll see! ;)

  5. Yowser! Did I read this right -- these are your January goals? I hope you can move all of these projects forward. I am with you for clearing out some UFOs. I have been working on them over the last few years but I keep starting new projects that don't get finished. Or I've entered blocks in a block drawing and then win it. Or... well you get the idea. I have quite a few finished flimsies that only need quilting so I'm thinking I will actually throw them on the long arm and finish them up. Time will tell. Good luck with your list.

    1. Oh no, my dear Bonnie! These are my 2017 Goals! Thank you for pointing it out! I updated my post! :) Yes, it feels good to be working on UFOs! I'm looking forward to 2018 and some new projects as a reward!

  6. There are some very pretty and fun projects on your list for 2017. We're in decluttering mode too, it feels so much nicer to be lighter.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! Oh yes! It does feel good to be lighter! :)