Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Philippians 2:3-4 . Complete! Baby M2's Afghan!

Philippians 2:3-4
Paul is referring to the dissension in the church in Philippi.  He gives solutions to dissension:
I recall a conversation with a non-believer who was confused about a teaching about the acronym J.O.Y. 

By placing Jesus first, we are in tune with His will for our lives.  Consequently we can live our lives confident of His guidance.

By placing others’ interest above our own we become better listeners.

What is this person truly saying?
What truly is their need?

These verses are saying,
“Let go of your own agenda.
Really listen to others.”

When we ensure that those around us know that their voice is being heard,
stress and tension are eased.
Then, the peace of God that passes all understanding enters.

LORD, as we go into 2017, help us to listen –really hear - the needs of those around us – even if they drive us nuts.  Give us discernment and understanding that we may meet needs that are deeper than the surface issues. 
Let us become humble servants to all Your children. 

By the way, LORD, if I am one of those who drive others nuts, help me to learn grace!  

Dear Friends, this is my truth!

Complete! Baby M2's Afghan!
I finally finished Baby M2's afghan!  
Here is a bit of the journey.
Step One:  a row of dots

Step Two:

Connect the dots!  LOL!

Step Three:  Connect more dots and add a a mini border

Step Four:  Search my go to border book for a cute border.

Step Five:  Make a bunch more dots!

Step Six:  Attache said dots to the afghan and wala!  

I used Teresa Chorzepa's Dotty Dots Afghan pattern that can be found on Ravelry with 
Lion Brand Modern Baby yarn and I loved it so much that the extra skeins will become another day!

UPDATE:  1/5/17
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  1. Love the dot border on your dot Afghan! One day I might learn to crochet, or knit but have too many quilting projects at the moment. Humility - my small sewing group had a little discussion about humility today. ... I'll just say it is nice to encourage one another.

    1. I love to crochet! Sometimes, I must confess, it gets pushed to the side as I also love quilting! :)

      That's wisdom my friend. These particular verses are really hard to write about. I'm learning, growing and stretching - and hoping I don't offend anyone........

      I agree with you - it is nice to encourage one another. We are all works in progress. Do you remember a saying (Was it Precious Moments?) that stated, "Please be patient, God isn't finished with me yet." Thank you for your kind comments and encouragement. I so appreciate you!

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  3. What a great afghan!!! I love the colors.

    1. Thank you Alycia! I believe I've found my "color language" - bright bold colors! Thank you for your kind comments!

  4. Such a cute afghan! Love the dots for the border, that is just too fun!!

    1. Thank you, Christine! I think Baby M2 loves his little blanket as well! Thank you for your kind comments!

  5. A great message for us to remember today, Thank you!!
    That blanket is adorable!! I have never seen such an interesting border, I love the idea!!

    1. Thank you so much! I love that border! Take care my friend!