Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Bed For Marley and a Song

A Bed For Marley
I love this little guy!  
He's my "grand-dog"! 
He's laying on my legs
as I'm babysitting him. 
He lives with my son.  
He gave my son back to me.
Long story; 
not mine to tell.
But I love him.
Here he is a mere two days old.
His mama died.
My son became his parents - 
both mama and daddy.

My son does landscaping work
in all types of weather.
Marley goes with him.
So I made him a little bed
which is also a "go bag".

Here's the pattern I used.
Thank you, Simplicity!

The bag needed to be durable, 
so I used lightweight denim
for the outside.
Can you see the pockets?
I used velcro 
for ease of opening them.

By the way, 
I discovered that denim
is hard to sew through.
I used a denim needle.
I'm open to any tips
you have to offer!

I used red velour for the inside.
Marley also got a fleece blanket 
made out of this fabric.
Thank you, Jo Anns.

I love this little guy - 
my grand dog!

Thank you, God, 
for our Marley!

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A Song
I went to a funeral today.
Here is a song that I hope will bless you.
It certainly has blessed me over the years.

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