Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Update of Mind Map. To Do Tuesday. Giving Time, Time.

High Quality Autumn Blank Meme Template

Hello There!
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Update of Mind Map.
With the completion of Baby M2's hat,my percentages went up to 33%!  I'm a third way through my list!  Yea!

To Do Tuesday.
Here's my list from last week.  A lot got accomplished!
DONE!  Hand Sewing
Wool jubilee leave mat
-   Continue stitching

I used beads instead of buttons,
there's a surprise twist to this one!

Oh Oh!  Quilting
Continue to hand quilt the Advent tree
DONE!  Christmas Sewing:
Add borders
Purchase batting and backing
Make backing
Hopefully, find a long arm quilter who can finish it by Christmas
Oh Oh!  Regular Sewing
Grey Hand warmers (make 5 more ) 
alter blouses
DONE! Crochet 
Baby M2’s afghan crochet 21 more green dots
DONE! BOM’s & QAL’s 
Dot Quilt – appliqué dots to foundation fabric

Quilty 365 – appliqué circles to foundation fabric

This week's list will be much shorter because I really want to meet my OMG goal of finishing the Advent tree for my son! 😍

To Do List for 11/22/16
Hand Sewing
Wool jubilee leave mat
-   Join back to front
Quilting - Advent Tree
Continue to hand quilt the Advent tree
Attach ribbons for the 25 decorations for Advent tree
Present to my son

Giving Time, Time
This week is a fabulous opportunity to be filled with gratitude and thanksgiving to our LORD and Savior!  

To be sure, since 2014, it's a difficult week as well.  Because of this, I am a bit more emotional - to be honest - a lot more emotional.  

On Monday 
of Thanksgiving week 2014, 
I had a mammogram.  

On Tuesday 
of Thanksgiving week 2014, 
my doctor called in the early afternoon
to let me know that I had an 
abnormal mammogram.

I told my husband, 
and my sister.

On Wednesday
of Thanksgiving week 2014, 
we noted that it was 7 years since my mother-in-law's passing.
She passed the day before Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday
of Thanksgiving week 2014, 
I had a diagnostic mammogram.
The radiologist told me
there was no doubt that I had a tumor
located right next to the chest wall,
deep inside my left breast.
Because of the location,
he highly recommended that we go to 
MD Anderson ASAP.
His kind technician 
prepared the CD's that I would need.

Late in the evening, 
on Wednesday 
of Thanksgiving week 2014,
my husband and I left his office broken. 
But, we had a Thanksgiving dinner 
to prepare as we welcomed 
our family into our home.
And then
for our journey ahead.

So, my dear reader, you may understand that this week I will taking a break from our Bible study of Philippians.  

I'll still blog about sewing and such, 
but our study will continue later.  

I need time 
to reflect,
to heal,
to praise God,
to give thanks.
And I know you understand.
And I love you for that.
Dear Friend, this is my truth.
Be Blessed!
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. What a challenge you have been through. Praising God with you that you are in remission. I hope you have a sweet time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving week.

    1. It was a fun time! It's hard to believe I've been out of treatment for a year! Isn't God good? :) We had a great Thanksgiving! I hope yours was wonderful as well!

  2. I'm so sorry this is a rough time for you! It's a bit difficult for me as well, so I really "get" it. I'm so glad that it's been 2 years now, since those horrific events occured! It is completely understandable that you should need a bit of reflection time while these memories are floating through your head.
    Just remember (and I know you do) how blessed you are to be slowly meandering down memory lane and all of the good things that, I'm sure, were also happening. (like your family {and God} wrapping you in their love and helping you through it all).
    I hope you are able to enjoy the time with family and make better memories that overshadow those bad ones, my friend. xoxox

    1. Yes! Like I've said before, you are a young lady with great wisdom! We had a fun Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Christmas! :)

  3. Awesome accomplishments! So happy for you! Rejoicing with you in all that Abba Father through Jesus has given you strength to go through all that you have been through these past 2 years! Love you dearly

  4. Yay!! What a great week of progress! Love the beads on the leaves, that's a great touch!

    1. Right? I'm so glad I started - and finished this project!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Good luck with finishing up your November One Monthly Goal. Happy stitching this holiday season.

    1. Hi there, Kate! Thank you for commenting and please forgive my late response! I didn't finish my November OMG in time to link up to the finished page, but I did finish it and deliver it to my son! He loved it! Thank you so much for visiting!