Saturday, June 17, 2023

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Hello There, 
Hello thank you all for stopping in today!  Happy Father's Day to all who celebrate this day!
Your time is precious, so I appreciate your visit so much!  A lot is going on this week, so please accept my apologies in advance if this post seems a bit "rambly".  :)  
Next week I will be having cataract surgery, my next post will be July 2.   I'm hoping to be able to at least link up and comment on your various interesting blogs!  I wonder if cataract surgery rates extra ice cream?  :) 
In the To Do Tuesday section I am sharing a very cool slow stitching idea from Emma at the Vintage Sewing Box - a very beautiful and useful wall organizer!   I love it!   
Elisa, my friend needed one more brain surgery, Thursday morning.  She is such a strong lady of 70 years old and such faith.  I'm humbled by her faith and strength.  Just to be in her presence is a blessing.  

6/18 3:50 pm

Hi! I wanted to give you update. So mom was in pain this morning and they gave her morphine. She’s been sleeping and a lot less  alert. They ended up doing another CT scan to see what’s going on. I talk to the ICU doctor, and he said there is still some bleeding in the brain. They have called Dr. Henderson, so hopefully he’ll be in later. They did move her back down to ICU. I’ll keep you posted with anything

Here's is an index should you have a special interest you like to read first!  
The Weekly Word - is a short devotional that sometimes becomes a Bible Study series.  
My Reading Life - is filled with current, completed and upcoming reads as well as an occasional short review.      
Stash Report and To Do Tuesday is where I'll share share stats regarding my fiber usage and acquisitions, Slow Sunday Stitching projects, goals met/lack thereof and photos of my projects. 
Gratitude Journal - Sometimes I get lost in my own stinky thinking.  This digital journal reminds me to count my blessings!    

Weekly Word

I read this in Streams in the Desert:
"...Song of triumph, a hymn of victory to the Christ who made us free. Yet the sense of triumph will be born from the memory of our past bondage."

"...He sends sorrow to educate thee, to train thee..."

I'm thinking of another friend who is facing breast cancer.  In her case for a variety of reasons, this trial is crushing her. Let us remember dear readers, that our trials are not punishments from God, but learning opportunities.  We can chose to become bitter, broken or better.  

When we see loved ones becoming bitter or broken, let us not sit back in judgement of them.  Instead let us look at why this is happening.  

Perhaps they lack sufficient support?  Perhaps they are battling their own personal demons and this was the last straw?  Only God knows.

In my own journey with cancer, I met a lady diagnosed with breast cancer whose husband left her because of her diagnosis.  He couldn't handle the situation.   

Perhaps they have a situation from their past they cannot forgive themselves for?  How hurtful....we often say, "I just can't forgive myself for..."  But once we repent and receive God's forgiveness, let us show ourselves grace and go forth in peace.  That can be so difficult to do, believe me I personal experience I understand.  

Breast cancer.  Or any cancer for that matter.  Illness. Trauma.

None of these are punishments from God as some believe.

Sheaves are a bundles of grain that have been cut and bound together.  

They are produced after a time of growth, of watering, of being cut and bound.  

They are produced after the growing process.  

Let us be like sheaves, like seeds sown in tears who eventually bring joy to the Gardener and to others.  

Let us, for those who struggle, be available to love them, support them, hug them, reassure them of God's love; all they while being cognizant of our own self-care and maintaining our own joy.  

How I love to hear the stories of those who have sown in tears and returned with songs of joy! These life stories are encouraging and reminders of the love our Abba Father has for us.

How I love to encourage those in pain. I'm actually being selfish in doing see, I love to witness their triumph and the eventual joy they find in loving and trusting God.

And what of my friend? She'll continue to receive songs, verses, inspiration quotes and love via text messages. (She lives out of town.)

I don't know her future, but I know who holds her future. I'm looking forward to witnesses her triumph and the eventual joy she fill find in loving in trusting her Abba Father.

My Reading Life

Due to this little thing called "life", not too much reading has been happening this week.  

Currently Reading

Finished Reading
***** Paper Cuts by Ellery Adams is book number 6 of the Secret, Book and Scone Society. This year I have been burned out on cozy mysteries, but now with this series! I thoroughly enjoyed this book in the series and am eager for the next book in the series! Highly recommend!

Stash Report

Yarny Numbers I've given in to purchasing yarn this week!  I purchased this yellow 6 oz. skein as it was yellow and with a slightly sparkly thread woven into it and on clearance.  The beige dishcloth yarn and scrubby yarn look very pretty worked together and are a dream to crochet with as evidenced by how quickly these worked up!
I also purchased these I Love This Cotton dishcloth yarn and rolls of tulle.  My husband cuts the rolls of tulle into 1" strips convert the dishcloths into scrubbies.  
While in the hospital waiting room, I finished some grey dishcloth scrubbies for my daughter.

Fabric numbers
Many of my recent finished quilts are UFOs from 2022 that were waiting to be bound such as the one below.  
I've been waiting for Vanessa Goertzen's (Lella Boutique) Christmas Eve line to hit my LQS and it has!  Needless to say, I picked up a ton of her fabrics!

I plan to make more Crazy Christmas 
Tree Table Runners with this fabric.
I plan to make this queen-sized  
quilt with this fabric using this Hunter Star block pattern.
I also picked up one charm pack and two mini charm packs to make 
Vanessa's chandelier quilt using her free pattern
This batick was a "just cuz" pick.  :)

To Do Tuesday 
I just discovered Emma at the Vintage Sewing Box and here she shares a great idea for a handstitched hexagon wall hanger.  I thought it was perfect for those of us who enjoy hand stitching, on the go projects and getting organized!
As many of you know, I'm working through my UFO's.  Here are a few of them in Project Bags.  Now, some of them are true UFOs, while others are fabrics and patterns I purchased with every intention of making them "right away".  Sound familiar?  Once these are stitched up, I'll be filling them up again with, yes, more UFOs.  I've decided my slogan will be "Say NO to UFOs" so that I can make room in my sewing studio for a chair and to make room in my mind for new projects!  
When it's time, I'll simply close my eyes and pull out a project bag.  That project will become the next WIP or be donated.  But, it will no longer take space in my room or my head.  😊Prayers up for success!  
Now, onto a roll call of successes for To Do Tuesday!  Being that I was at the hospital with a friend this week, I was able to get tons of slow stitching accomplished!  
Here is Block 2 of my Promise Quilt.  

Last Week's List
1.  Slow Stitching 
- prep and begin stitching Joy's Block 4 of the Teacup Critters BOM Done at the hospital.
- Again, while in the hospital waiting room, I finished Block 2 of my Promise Quilt.  
Binding - Finish binding my Step It Up (I think that's the name of the pattern) quilt.   Done!  I finished binding this quilt and love it!  The pattern is from the Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Bar books.  Instead of buying jolly bars (5" X 10" bundles) I simply used a layer cake cut in half.  
- Bee Humble - Make progress on the hand embroidery of Section Five   
Here I am working on Bee Humble.  The half circle quilting hoop is instrumental while stitching this border section.  
All the leaves are stitched on this section.  A sunflower will be stitched on where my finger is pointing.  I am adding the detail to the buttons on the bee hive...but I may pull those stitches out as they look a bit wobbly.  We'll see.....
2.  Crochet
Fall Granny Square Afghan: Done!  I've made all of the gold squares and am ready to start the 16 patch squares!  
3.  Machine Sewing
One Gift a Month Challenge (Day's Filled with Joy):  Stitch up the bowl cozies
- Start turning my Fall into a Quilt UFO in to a flimsy.   
4.  Machine Embroidery 
- Stitch up the mug rugs
- Prep the next machine embroidery UFO project   
This Week's List 
This week my only goal will be to recover from cataract surgery.  

Gratitude Journal

In recognition of Father's Day, do you have any particular memories to share? My Dad was both mother and father to me.  He taught me so much about life!  I remember when it was time to buy my first "fancy dress" for my 8th grade graduation.  He went shopping with me and we chose a dress that made me feel beautiful!  
What about any likes about your own children if you have any, and a way they honored your husband? I love how my son talks with my husband, his dad, about life issues.  I love how both my children call their dad almost daily just to say hello.  
Or if lacking any father like men in your life, what would you like in a father?  We're looking for things we
liked about kind men in our lives.  There have been many kind men in my life, from teachers to my friends' husbands.  They show a compassion and integrity that touches my heart.  They have encouraged me.  Their gentleness is a true sign of being the true macho.  
Now for the controversial part.  
Not the "macho" whose meaning has been perverted.  I mean the true macho, the macho in my heart:  a man who is devoted to his family, supports them and defends them.  He often is quiet and steady, sharing his thoughts sparingly, but when he does, they are filled with wisdom.  I am describing my grandfather, my dad and husband.  
Don't get me wrong, these special men in my life, like all humans,  have made many mistakes, but they are men with whom I am safe and whom  I can respect.  

This Week's Moments of Gratitude
1.  My hubby is a fabulous barista!  
2.  I had a nice visit with friends Tuesday night at Starbucks stitching and visiting.  
3.  Taking care of my grandbabies for three days was wonderful.  It was certainly taxing as I'm used to a quiet home, but their conversations and liveliness breathed new life in our home!  Sometimes we laughed so hard I thought I'd have an "accident!"  LOL!  TMI?  

Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Right after last week's post went "live", a dear friend contacted me that her mother, another dear friend, was in the hospital with a hemorrhaging brain tumor. After writing a quick update for prayer, off to the hospital I went.  
I once heard a sermon titled "Bitter or Better?"  I'm sure most of have heard sermons on the same theme:  Do we become bitter or better during trials.  This wise pastor had been through so much, yet he and his family made the decision to become better.  That sermon changed my life.  
People are surprised when I tell them Triple Negative Breast Cancer was the biggest blessing of my life - besides surviving it, of course.  Cancer and God grew my faith, my compassion, my love for life and people.  I had so much support from family and friends who shared their experiences, knowledge, love and time with my family and myself.  I love paying it forward.  
Cancer and God gave me this blog began as a way to keep these same loving people informed of my journey.  Here  is my first post.  I don't read those posts, but perhaps you will?
Cancer and God gave me you, my precious readers.  
Cancer and God gives me the honor of 
- being with loved ones as they go through their journey  
- praying with and for others and their loved ones as they all battle cancer
- writing this section of the blog.
On the way to the hospital, this song was playing on the radio.  
Elisa is recovering from two brain surgeries in one week.  She is 70 years old and battling cancer that has attacked many of her organs.  Her faith in our precious LORD continues to inspire me to trust Him who loves us more that we can ever comprehend.  She kept saying, "But first my precious God's will.  I trust Him."  Even through her fears and tears, she praised her LORD.  Fear is not her future, God is.  And the same goes for us.    
She is having her second brain surgery today (Thursday) as I write this.  Praying for her...
May the LORD let me remember her example always.  

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  1. I can see why you broke down and bought the yellow yarn. Sparkly. Plus discounted.

    I hope your cataract surgery goes smoothly and you are quickly back to your stitching and crafting and reading.

    My husband, calm, resilient, is a good match for me, a worrier and a obsesser.

    Sending prayers for Elisa.

  2. Best wishes for your cataract surgery - I bet you will sail right through! That was my experience with it anyway. I love seeing your progress on Bee Humble - such a lovely project!

  3. My mom had cataract surgery when she was "older" and it went very smoothly. Praying your's does too!

  4. Chrisknits here, it won't let me use my Google. Love the new fabrics!! And I love those wonky trees, I made that runner a few years ago.

  5. Glad you are finding a little love for cozies again.

  6. First answer YES!!! You get more ICE CREAM !! Love it! and oh my - what a week you had. Your encouragement for your friends is amazing. Your step up quilt - well that is cute! you used great colors. Have another great week!

  7. Love the yarn and dishclothes! Good luck with your cataract surgery. My FIL had his done earlier this year and he can't believe how well he can see! I sewed for the first time in FOREVER today, I made a pin cushion and loved how it turned out. It's so cute and adorable!

  8. Hope your surgery went well and your friends are recovering. Good progress this week! For the record, you never need a reason to add batiks to the stash.

  9. So many wonderful accomplishments this year already! Hand stitching projects are perfect for passing the time while waiting at hospitals and doctors.