Monday, January 30, 2017

Philippians 2:11. Origami Bento Bag

Philippians 2:11

Because of Jesus' obedience to the Father, even unto death, eventually EVERY tongue will acknowledge him as LORD!

Furthermore, this acknowledgement is to the glory of God, our Father!

Woohoo! Hallelujah! 
I just love to praise my Jesus!  I do - even if sometimes it's through tears!  I remember when the nursing home called to tell me my mother had passed away.  Now, mind you, she and I were not close at all.  However, for the last year and a half I took care of her.  Just the same, when I got the call, I held Baby B. in my arms and sang a quietly sang praise song as I wept.

The other day, Baby M., who is now seven, asked me, "Ama, why are you so loud?"

I am.
I truly am. 
Not obnoxiously loud in social situation, but when a favorite song comes out on KLOVE I sing - loudly!

Here's how I responded:

"You know, I know your mama is quiet and you really love that quietness don't you?"

"Yes I do!"

"Well, sometimes the joy of the LORD so fills my own heart that it bubbles right out of my mouth and I have to sing and dance!"


I must admit, I have a terrible singing voice, but thank God that the Word says He loves our praise - and doesn't mention that a requirement is to have a lovely singing voice!

LORD, You are amazing!  Thank you for the gift of praising You!  I just love to praise you - even with my voice!  :)

You are good, all the time,
all the time, You are good!
Dear Friend, 
Turn up the speakers on your electronic device and dance your heart out as you listen to this song!  
Come on!
I dare you!
Double dog dare you!
You'll feel so much better!  :)

Dear Friend, this is my truth!

Origami Bento Bag
A friend of mine crochets.  
She loves yarn. 
We both buy too much yarn.
It's partially my fault.
Another friend and I
taught her how to crochet!

She loves crocheting scarves 
for her loved ones.  

Her cat ate one that was almost finished!
I said, "Bad cat!"
She said, "Playful cat!  :)"
I loved my friend's attitude.

I made her this bag from Very Shannon
I highly recommend this tutorial.  
Don't worry about 
the folding part of the tutorial - 
just follow the pictures!  :)

If slouchy bags are not your style, 
add a bit of interfacing and line it.  
use a heavier fabric, like duck or denim. 

But give this bag a try!  

I did add a snap to it 
so that naughty cat can't get into it without exerting more effort!

Oh, by the way, 

I gave my friend