Sunday, January 8, 2017

Slow Stitching Projects for 2017. A Song.

Hello There!
How were your holidays?  Are you getting back into the groove of normal life - or at least as normal as possible?  Have you set some 2017 crafting goals?  I'd love to hear all of these events!

I was revisiting UFOs, WIPs and patterns I started/purchased before and during my battle with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. 

These poor projects sit hopefully waiting to make it to the "finished" category as they are so eager to begin their intended purpose in life.

And you know what?  They take up too much storage in my studio and mind!  

So, 2017 is my year to clear out the cobwebs beginning with these three Slow Stitching projects!

Slow Stitching.
Today will be a crochet/hand sewing slow stitching day.  I've realized that if I work on one crochet project at a time, so much more gets out of much coveted storage and into a warm, cuddly finish!

So, here is my crocheted Slow Stitching project!

This was inspired by Ruth at Camellia Rose.  I'm using the oh so soft Lion Brand Heartland Yarn in Acadia (beige), Crater Lake (blue), Sequoia(brown) and Yellowstone (gold).  I'v tossed the labels for the marroon and green, so I don't have those exact colors.  Nor could I find them online.....that's how old this project is.  :0

I'm also back to my Grandmother's Flower Garden!  I'm eager to get this one off my design board in 2017!

And of course, now that the felt lunch is complete, it's time for anther felt project for my grandbabies!

I'm hoping to finish this Nativity Themed Advent Calendar by Nancy at Do Small Things With Love.  

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A Song.
Sadly, over the holidays, a friend of ours was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer and passed away.  Several other friends are dealing with a terminal metastasis, occurrence or are newly diagnosed.  This song has brought me great comfort.  I hope it encourages you as well if you are missing someone.

Dear Friend, this is my truth.


  1. Such pretty projects, all. I really like the crochet hexis.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad to be finishing up this project! My goal is to work on it for an hour a week. Amazing what can be accomplished in an hour!