Sunday, June 4, 2023

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Hello Everyone!
Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you all are doing well!  My husband had dental surgery this week.  Thankfully it went well and he is recovering nicely.  He's an easy patient!  :) 

Needless to say, sewing studio time has been limited.  I've done tons of slow stitching so I can keep an eye on him be with him. 

I finished two audiobooks and am enjoying reading hard copies/ebooks on a more consistent basis.  

I hope you enjoy your visit!  

Here's is an index should you have a special interest you like to read first!

The Weekly Word - is a short devotional that sometimes becomes a Bible Study series.  
My Reading Life - is filled with current, completed and upcoming reads as well as an occasional short review.      
Stash Report and To Do Tuesday is where I'll share share stats regarding my fiber usage and acquisitions, Slow Sunday Stitching projects, goals met/lack thereof and photos of my projects. 
Gratitude Journal - Sometimes I get lost in my own stinky thinking.  This digital journal reminds me to count my blessings! 
Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer -    Here you will find updates on life after Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  I was diagnosed in November of 2014 and my last day of treatment was in November 2015. 

The Weekly Word

As I was listening to Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy, a man of great faith, something hit me.  He shared an instance in which, as a head coach, he had a meeting with a player to learn what was in his heart instead of firing him.  What changed his mind about firing him?  His assigned daily Bible reading.
Having an assigned daily Bible reading takes away the impulse to consistently look for verses that suit our situations.  Instead, we  prayerfully read that day's assigned verses all the while listening to God's voice. 
Developing this habit requires consistency - one of my weaknesses.  However, as I studied the word "consistency", I learned that perseverance is its synonym.  Then I remembered this verse from last week: 
So, I've decided that regardless of whatever Bible Study I'm involved with, I would pick up a devotional  with assigned daily Bible readings and see what God has to say to me.  For now, I'll be reading Streams in the Desert by L. B. Cowan in the mornings and The One Year Book of Hymns in the evenings.  
I'm looking forward to the journey.
Wanna join me?

My Reading Life

Shelly Rae at Book'd Out hosts a non-fiction reading challenge.  Last week she mentioned I could always raise my goal as set new goal as I'm already one book away from meeting my 2023 goal.  Such a great idea!  I'm raising it to 10 books vs. the original six.  I never knew how much I enjoy non-fiction until I started participating in this challenge last year!  Thank you Shelly Rae!

Currently Reading

Finished Reading
"A lifetime together.
Six months of silence.
One last chance.

By all appearances, Frank and Maggie share a happy, loving marriage. But for the past six months, they have not spoken. Not a sentence, not a single word. Maggie isn’t sure what, exactly, provoked Frank’s silence, though she has a few ideas.
Day after day, they have eaten meals together and slept in the same bed in an increasingly uncomfortable silence that has become, for Maggie, deafening.
Then Frank finds Maggie collapsed in the kitchen, unconscious, an empty package of sleeping pills on the table. Rushed to the hospital, she is placed in a medically induced coma while the doctors assess the damage.
If she regains consciousness, Maggie may never be the same. Though he is overwhelmed at the thought of losing his wife, will Frank be able to find his voice once again—and explain his withdrawal—or is it too late?" - Goodreads
**** The Silent Treatment by Abbie Greaves was a book that has been calling to me for months.  It was, at times, a bit slow, but engaging enough that I only skimmed a few pages.  The ending is one that will stay with me for a long time.  Recommend.  
"When a massive explosion occurs deep within the forests of Twelve Sleep County and a colorful environmental activist appears to have perished in the blast, Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett is called to the scene to help investigate. The case is wrapped up quickly, explained as an environmental publicity stunt gone wrong, but Joe isn't convinced. He soon discovers clues that suggest a deadly conspiracy one that will test his courage, his survival skills, and his determination to do the right thing despite all costs." - Goodreads
I enjoyed Open Season (Joe Pickett #1) that I went on to listen to the next book in the series, Savage Run by C.J. Box.  Again, a great read.  The sexist comments are annoying, but not so much that I'll stop reading the series.  Recommend.

"Betty Smith, the beloved author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, weaves a riveting modern myth out of the experiences of her own life in this rediscovered classic. In Brooklyn's unforgiving urban jungle, Maggie Moore is torn between answering her own needs and catering to the desirous men who dominate her life. Confronted by her quarrelsome Irish immigrant father, the feckless lover who may become her husband, and others, Maggie must learn to navigate a cycle of loss, separation, and hope as she forges her own path toward happiness.
With characteristic warmth, compelling insight, and easy, conversational prose, Betty Smith's Maggie-Now poignantly illuminates one woman's struggles and successes as she grapples with timeless questions of desire, duty, self-sacrifice, and the quest for fulfillment. Maggie-Now is an unforgettable masterpiece from one of the twentieth century's greatest talents." - Goodreads
Maggie-Now by Betty Smith was an enjoyable audiobook.  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn has stayed with me since my childhood and I am happy to be listening to Smith's other books.  They are a narrative and commentary (in a sense) on the life of the poor in Brooklyn.  Their resilience and hope for their futures are inspiring.  The last line in the story made me grin.  Highly recommend.  
Slow Read

Stash Report

There's a slight change in my yarn stash.  I purchased 6 ounces of gold yarn for the border of my Fall Afghan.  

Fabric Numbers
I finished binding my Christmas Tumbler Quilt for another 13.19 yards out. (see below) 
I am raising my yearly usage goal to 100 yards.  

To Do Tuesday

I learned a new acronym from Kathleen over at her blog and love it!  It's SEPC - scan your cutting instructions, enlarge them, print them and cut your fabric.  Can you imagine how much less cutting errors we will make by following this acronym?  I love it!  Thank you, Kathleen!  

Last Week's List
1.  Slow Stitching
Binding - I'm now binding this Christmas tumbler quilt. Done!
 - Bee Humble - Make progress on the hand embroidery of Section Five   Done.  I was realizing that Month 4 has needs a bit more work.  I had lost my focus on this wall hanging back in March.  So, I'm going to finish Section Five and then go back to Section 4, then continue to Section Six. Clear as mud, right?  😏
I finished the first block for my Promise Quilt.
Promise Quilt Block 1

In looking through UFOs, I found this one that's at least 35 years old!  I stitched it up when we first got married, but didn't know how to frame it.  If you all have suggestions on sewing a border on this piece for framing, I would appreciate hearing from you!  

2.  Crochet
Fall Granny Square Afghan:  continue making another 16-patch row by making the 16 variegated squares and then moving onto the gold squares.   Done!  Not a whole lot of progress, but some has been made.  
3.  Machine Sewing
A Road Trip Quilt:  Get this baby put together and borders on!  Maybe even make the backing and the binding!  Done!  Let me tell you, quilt was so beyond my skill level and I'm so proud and happy that I finished the flimsy.  As I joined the multiple pieces I noted that there are errors, compensations and finally a wavy flimsy.  But it's done!  I do feel a grand sense of achievement to have finished it am and so ready to get it quilted and bound!  
One Gift a Month Challenge (Day's Filled with Joy):  Stitch up the bowl cozies (May's gift) from  one of the several options Joy at Days Filled with Joy offered!  Not done.
4.  Machine Embroidery 
- Prep kits to make some Christmas gifts   Not done.  I pulled fabrics and am going to be experimenting with batiks and machine embroidery.  
- Pick another UFO to finish 
To combine these two goals, I believe I just may kit these mug rugs.  There are not technically a UFO, but I've been wanting to make them for literally years.  The poinsettia ones are calling my name.  We'll see....

This Week's List
1.  Slow Stitching
Binding - Begin binding my Step It Up (I think that's the name of the pattern) quilt.  
- Bee Humble - Make progress on the hand embroidery of Section Five   
2.  Crochet
Fall Granny Square Afghan:  continue making another 16-patch row by making the 16 gold squares and then start to join the last row!
3.  Machine Sewing
One Gift a Month Challenge (Day's Filled with Joy):  Stitch up the bowl cozies (May's gift) from  one of the several options Joy at Days Filled with Joy offered!
- Now that the Road Trip Quilt is a flimsy, my focus will be on the Fall into a Quilt UFO. These are the blocks I've finished.  These are the blocks I've finished.  Next week I'm hoping to kit a few blocks to get this quilt finished.  
4.  Machine Embroidery 
- Stitch up the mug rugs
- Prep the next machine embroidery UFO project   

Gratitude Journal

the song
Joy by King and Country

The story behind the song

the verse

LeeAnna at Not Afraid of color hosts an "I Like" link up every Thursday.  She provides her "regulars" with a prompt, and here's this week's prompt: 
Tell us about a favorite memory from childhood of eating ice cream. Going to 31 Flavors was such a special treat.  I remember my Dad being so patient as I weighed the options of each flavor before deciding on mint chocolate chip.  Perhaps that special memory is why that's one of my favorite flavors to this day!
Did your family go to Dairy Queen like mine did? I recall 31 Flavors more than Dairy Queen.  However, we did take our own kiddos to Dairy Queen all the time!  
Did you have a birthday ritual where you got anything you wanted at the restaurant?  Not really.  We had more home parties.  
Has your taste changed from tutti-fruitti with sprinkles or does it still make your hear sing?  My childhood faves remain the same - even to digging out chocolate ice cream from the neapolitan like you, LeeAnna!  😋

Chico says, "Thank you for finally letting me use Mia's blankie!"
This Week's Moments of Gratitude
1.  Texting with a sweet young lady going through a huge trial reminded me that indeed all things do indeed work for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  (Romans 8:28)
2.  I got to have a video call with my cousin!
3.  My husband's surgery went well and he's being wise in his recovery.    

Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

This past month one friend was cleared of cancer, one had surgery and one is facing treatment and surgery.  What is going on with so much cancer in our lives?  
As a survivor my heart breaks for them, but I have comfort in knowing they are ladies of great faith.  For those of you in the same situation, watching and praying for those battling health/emotional issues, here's a song that may encourage you - and them.

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  1. I loved A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, too... will look for Maggie - Now and keep an eye out for your thought on Tomorrow Will Be Better.

  2. Pre-pandemic, I often went to both the Catholic Church and the Presbyterian Church. I noticed the Scripture readings were the same (!) and discovered that the Catholic Church long ago created a three-year rotation of readings. Apparently the Presbyterian Church uses the same. I get the daily readings from a Catholic Church list and that's nice.

    It's great that you are going to up your nonfiction for the year. I have always enjoyed nonfiction as much as (more than?) fiction.

    So glad your husband is recovering well from his surgery! Thank you for sharing your moments of gratitude with us.

  3. I'm glad your husband is doing well. Beautiful craft work! Chico is so cute. Have a great week. :)

  4. Hope you enjoy your current reads.

  5. I’m delighted that you are finding the Nonfiction Reader Challenge a worthy effort, and thanks for your kind words.
    I hope your husband is feeling better, I’m sure he appreciated your solicitude.

    Wishing you a wonderful reading week

  6. I love reading Nonfiction as well. I read it slower than fiction, but am always in a book.

  7. Congrats on the Road Trip Quilt! By jumping in (sometimes over our head or skill level) we learn and grow! Well done. Thanks for sharing in Sew & Tell

  8. I love Joe Pickett books! I don't remember sexist comments - I'll have to go back and look. The Silent Treatment sounds really good. Love your Christmas tumbler quilt. I discovered frozen yogurt in 2008 and LOVE it!
    One of my favorite things is to go to a frozen yogurt shop and get a cup of different flavors and top it with some hot fudge and fresh fruit. However I still love ice cream - anything Blue Bell and blizzards at DQ!

  9. Your Christmas tumbler turned out so adorable!!! Love your promise quilt! What a great idea! Growing up, we did Dairy Queen or A & W. But in Japan, it's all about 31 Flavors! It's just simply called 31. I always read your latest book ventures and see if they're on my library apps, if they sound interesting. I enjoyed your post! It did take me a few days to get to it--hope you don't mind!

  10. Im so glad to hear your husband's surgery went well and he is recovering well. This was another post filled with fun photos and book suggestions. your Bee blocks are coming along nicely even if you got fuddled on them. I am in love with the Road Trip quilt. That is one amazing, challenging pattern. Congrats on getting it done. You had me thinking of trips to Dairy Queen. Do you remember the lime slushes that they would put soft serve ice cream in? They were my favourite. Now I try to stick with frozen yogurt. There is a little shop that puts the frozen yogurt along with frozen fruit through the machine and raspberry/blueberry is my all time favourite now. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. Have you thought of framing your stitchery with an attic window type of border? It would frame it but not detract from the beautiful sentiment and stitching. Hope this week has been wonderful for you and you enjoyed taking care of your husband and plenty of crafting time.

  11. I love ice cream and will take it in any shape or form, but am cutting back because of the calories. Sigh! Have a good week.

  12. Bee blocks are looking good! For the sampler, border it just like you would a quilt top. If you want to frame it, make the borders extra wide so you have some to wrap around foam core board. Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher has a lot of finishing techniques on her website if you are looking for something unusual. Email me if you want to discuss more. :)

  13. You have had a very busy week. A picnic with the family sounds delightful. I am so glad to hear that your husband is doing well. I wish him a very speedy recovery. Lots of fabulous projects. Love the Christmas tumbler. Congrats on your finish. Have a lovely week.

  14. too much physical pain going on... hope things calm down for you and you can sew in peace!