Thursday, January 19, 2017

Philippians 2:7 Part 2. Baby B's Boot Cuff and Scarf Set

Philippians 2:7 Part 2 con't from here

I am working on boundaries. So, please understand, that’s the view from which I’m interpreting this passage – as well as the earlier verses. 

I apologize if I am in error in interpreting these Scriptures.   As I’ve said before, I am simply a woman of faith sharing God’s Word as it applies to my life. 

Sooooo, here goes!  J

I find it so interesting that in His ministry, Jesus gave His all, BUT remained Jesus…………..

As I look back on my life, I can see times where I’ve given so much – even to my detriment.

I can now recognize my behavior and begin to pull back.  Here’s a few signals that help me:
1)               The Holy Spirit whispers to me to be careful.
2)               I am stressed instead of joyful about helping someone.
3)               I begin to think that I’m am the ONLY person that can save the day.
4)               My husband, who loves me dearly, will begin to show concern and question my actions.   Though I may get irritated, I know I can trust him.  I value his opinions. 

As we’ve discussed
working towards unity (v. 2) & (v.5),
being humble (v. 3-4),
being willing to REALLY listen to others (v. 3-4)
having the mindset of Christ (v. 5),
we also need to remember to ask God at least some of these questions:

1)      Am I in Your will? 
2)      Do You want me to act or is this a case of no response is a response?
3)      Do You want me to say something?  If so, help my words improve on the silence!
4)      Am I enabling this person?  Will my “help” prevent them from experiencing natural consequences; perhaps even inhibit Your will in their lives?
a)     Or am I supporting them?  Will my “help” truly help that person?

My heart if full of what You are speaking to me.  Thank you for giving me courage to
learn about and set boundaries,
apply what I am learning
share what You are teaching me.

I ask You for more
more of You that I may serve You as You desire.

You are awesome. 
You have gone through so much to
touch my heart and life!

Thank you!

Baby B's Boot Cuff and Scarf Set
I had crocheted this scarf for my granddaughter, but used a thinner yarn.  It came out ok, but I felt it was too thin, so I added a border.  And since I added a cute border, I decided to make matching book cuffs as well!   

My granddaughter loved them!  Here they are!

Here is the new and improved scarf!  
It's so pretty!
Baby B loved it!

Here'a a close up of the butterfly!

Baby B. loved how the boot cuffs went with her boots!  At five she is such a fashionista!  I did adjust the pattern for her calve size by chaining 33.

I used Lion Brand's Mondern Baby Yarn in creme for the scarf border and cuffs and Red Heart's Unforgettable in Winery for the scarf body.  

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  1. SUCH a pretty scarf! Love the lacy edging, and those boot cuffs are 'da bomb'!

    1. Thank you! I love when projects come out so wonderful!

  2. Pretty! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

    1. Thank you! Isn't it amazing how a minor change can completely improve the look? :)

  3. Awesome sharing on both counts! Thank you

  4. Perfect edging-I love a contrast. The butterfly pattern really shines.

    1. Thank you! I was nervous about the contrast, but it turned out pretty nice! Yes, the pattern writer did a great job with that butterfly pattern! I have a feeling there are more of these scarves in my future! Thank you for commenting!