Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Wednesday's Word. Wednesday's Wrap Up. I Like Photos and Instagram!

Wednesday’s Word:  John 14:23 & 1-2 Updated 8-13-20
We're continuing studying the Scriptures in Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin .  Sofia finds Ludwig and asks him for more verses to ponder.  He shares some verses regarding his dreams of forming a home in America as well as our heavenly home.  
We all long for a place to call home.  As we do so, let's remember that the LORD longs to inhabit our very being, to make a home with us!  Will we let Him?  Will we love Him and obey His teachings?  
Thank God that we can strive to fulfill these two acts:  love Him and obey His teachings.  When we fail, and we will, we can go to Him in repentance and receive His Grace.  After which we will go forward wiser, stronger and even more prepared to love Him and obey His teachings.   
In this challenging time, so many people are struggling to keep their homes, to keep a roof over their children's heads.  Let us lift them up in prayer that their hearts will find peace as the LORD moves and prepares a place for them on Earth as well as in Heaven!  Let us pray for their victory!

Wednesday's Wrap Up
This week’s wrap up is actually a testament to long arm quilters. This quilt was a BOM and even the most experienced quilters had difficulties with the blocks, so you can imagine how I, as an intermediate beginner struggled just to piece the blocks. I also realized that I was pressing all wrong, as I shared in this post. When I took it to my LAQ, she convinced me to quilt it instead of throwing it out. Boy oh boy was she right! Here is it all quilted and in the process of getting bound!
I’m so grateful for her wisdom and talents! In this rare instance I named my quilt. It’s called Pressing Matters because pressing does matter when piecing a quilt!

I Like...
Lee Anna from Not Afraid of Color hosts an “I Like” link up every Thursday in which we post photos of anything we liked. So, here are a few of my favorite photos from this week.
As I was binding the above mentioned quilt, Chico, my husband’s dog, put his stamp of approval on it! 
I just love the difference between color and black and white photos. 

The Fall Table Topper is now at the LAQ, but this extra block became a hot pad!
My sweet and generous daughter made me some of these little baskets! 

As you can see, each one is utilized!
I follow many people with reading accounts on instagram!

Many of you know I love hand sewing.  This lady is an amazing hand sewist!  She always inspires me!  
So there you have it, my likes for the week!  I hope you enjoyed them!
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  1. Wow, your pressing matters looks beautiful all quilted up!!! And Chico is adorbs!

  2. Pressing Matters is indeed beautiful, and the name is so perfect. I wish I could come up with cool names for my quilts. The truth is that pressing does matter - a lot! The other truth is that "It'll quilt out!" I want to add the word "usually" to that phrase. I once saw a lone star quilt someone made with a "D cup" poking up out of the middle. I don't think that would "quilt out".

    Love your likes for the week. I may have to join in.
    Have a great day!

  3. I like you too Pat! now books is a good thing to tweet about!or IG. Chico is handsome... the black and white photo is so much more dramatic, right? It gets gravitas somehow.

  4. I like those baskets! Pressing Matters is beautiful. What a fun name, too.

  5. Oh, those cute baskets your daughter made for you are so nice!! And those ideas for storing or displaying books - wowee! I love the pictures of Chico enjoying the quilt. Dog approval is a good thing. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Pressing Matters is beautiful! So glad you "pressed" on with it! :) It's good that it is Chico approved!

  7. I know it's bad to have favorites, but I love the Gospel of John. So lyrical and so much symbolism. We had John chapter 3 come up in our Thursday prayer service yesterday and listening to my niece read it almost brought me to tears. And I those pictures of Chico on your quilt are just fantastic! My mom's kitty used to crawl up and nap on whatever quilt was on her long-arm and he always looked super comfy too. Have a great week!

  8. I like the owl too. Great gift baskets, so useful.