Monday, June 8, 2020

Monday's Strength. A Learning Thing. Book Date.

Monday's Strength

Perseverance:  continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition Merriam Webster

To me, for today, perseverance is the focus of this verse.  I know that despite the hindrances, I will persevere as I learn to once again lean on the precious arms of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  

A Learning Thing

After measuring the $7.50 quilt blocks, I added compensating strips and put the blocks together.  To me it looked like a mess and I was ready to throw it out, but I decided to keep it.  I realized pressing was my error, so I studied and learned.  I've decided to call this quilt "Pressing Matters".  


In order to practice this new to me skill, I've joined my local quilt shop's (Be Sew Creative) quilt along, "Qube Crush", which highlights Accuquilt's cube.  I'm following it on their Instagram page.  By using my Accuquilt to ensure accurate cutting, I'm able to focus on practicing pressing guidelines and my blocks are coming out very accurate!  I'm hoping to share those blocks on Wednesday!  

Book Date

Current Reads

The Lost for Words Bookshop: A Novel

At first I struggled to get into this book. By the time the last page was turned, I was sad and hoping for a sequel.  I'll miss reading more about Loveday.  Awesome read.  

I re-listened to this book and thoroughly enjoyed it!
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  1. Love the quilt - it's beautiful!! The cover of the book A Quilt for Christmas is also pretty, makes me want to check out that book. Happy REading!

  2. I like your books about books! I listened The Lost for Words Bookshop on audio, and enjoyed it. The book by Susan Orleans is on my TBR list!

  3. Pressing Matters looks great! It's amazing how small things, such as how you press seams can make such a huge difference on how things look and lay. Good luck with your pressing lessons.