Friday, February 24, 2017

Philippians 2:14 Part 1. Surgery Update. Mason Jar Cosy. Speaking of Mason Jar Meals....

Philippians 2:14

in his usual style of writing in absolutes 
made this act of character development clear:  

Do Everything
Grumbling or Arguing.

Grumble: to mutter in discontent; 
the act of complaining in a low voice

Even as I write about this verse, 
I find myself wanting to grumble!



My first thoughts 
are how I've grumbled about 
the little acts that irritate me.  
They are too meaningless to even list.  

Then I recall that, 
after teacher staff meetings or 
when new demands were announced, 
we would grumble.....
and I've begun to regret that.  

Lately, I've been thinking about 
how those grumbling times were 
such a waste of time!
Circumstances were out of our control!
We could have been coming up with solutions instead!  

Then, I read today's verse:
The irony that the reference numbers, 2:14,
are the same numbers 
as the date of Valentines Day 
is not lost on me.

I noticed something else.  


I prayed 
to the medical staff,
my family,
loved ones,
and myself.  

Something to ponder.
Something to really ponder.

Surgery Update.
I'm getting better and better after cataract surgery!  I'm seeing so clearly now and back to sewing!  Yea!  Here's a little something I crocheted while recovering!

Mason Jar Cosy
Did you see this coming when I started posting about Mason Jar Meals?
Mason Jar Cozy | Free Crochet Pattern by Little Monkeys Crochet (
This free crochet pattern for mason jars is from Little Monkey's Crochet.  I chose it because the pictures are so pretty!  Additionally, it is a very easy beginner pattern!  Plus the pattern covers sizes for quart AND pint size jars!  Win-win! Seriously, stop by and check out her blog!

Thank you, Rebecca, 
for such an awesome pattern!

Here is the one I made!

More may be in my future!
Great use of the bit of leftover yarn 
from this scarf!

I use the cover for both the Overnight Oatmeal as well as the hot soups!  You can find the recipes, as well as this pattern my Pinterest  board.  

Speaking of Mason Jar Meals....
This is the third week my daughter and I have been enjoying mason jar meals.  I've learned a few lessons that I want to share with you.  
Mason Jar Salads
I stopped adding salad dressing to the salads, instead adding it after I pour it into a bowl.  

  • Since I eat my salads at home, it's easy.  For some reason, the taste of the salad dressings seemed to overwhelm the fresh veggies.    
  • My daughter continues to add dressing to her jars and loves it!  Personal preference!  :)
  • I'm cutting up the extra celery, carrots and bell peppers as a quick snack.  
Overnight Oatmeal
These are my favorite!  I am using frozen fruits because they seem to hold up better.
  • Plus, as they defrost, their juices add to the yumminess!
  • Adding a sprinkle of ground cinnamon, nutmeg and/cloves adds an extra taste of goodness!  
  • Cooked barley works as well!
  • Quaker oats has this link for recipes!

Mason Jar Soups
I started experimenting with soups about two weeks ago and am really liking them!
  • Deciding how much and which soup base to use is definitely a Golddilock's type of journey.
  • The first week I added about a teaspoon of Better Than Bouillon base to a pint jar.  It was way to much for me.
  • This last week I added a smidgen with some Consomate de Pollo by Knorr(chicken bouillon).  Not enough spices......oh well.  Next week will be "just right", right?  :)
  • I used cooked barley as well and it was
    delicious.  However, I might have packed my ingredients too tightly because it was harder to heat up.  No biggee though.  I still have four jars to enjoy, so I'll probably pour them into a mug and add the hot water.  
I am eating a TON more fresh produce and even buying more!  

I finding Mason Jar Meals an easy, healthy way to prepare meals for the week.  This works wonderfully for people who work outside/inside the home!


  1. Such a pretty cozy - love how it looks with a candle inside! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you, Susan! I sure appreciate your positive comments! The first picture is from Little Monkey's Crochet and I love how she staged it! I believe some Mason Jar candle holders are in my future! :)

  2. Love your mason jar pinterest board. And especially love your attitude toward your surgery, you ministering to others.

    1. Thank you! I'm enjoying the meals and having fun making them with my daughter once a week! Yes....I figure all things work together for our let's make illness work for everyone's good! Right? Thank you for stopping by!

  3. very pretty mason jar holders! I have not seen that done with crochet before - don't know if you like yogurt but here is a mason jar recipe - put one carton yogurt of your choice in a jar with 1/4 cup of quick oats stir until combined the night before - in the morning add fruit of your choice and a quick breakfast is ready. The oats soak up the moisture and no need to cook but has the health benefits of oats.

    1. Yes, I love yogurt! Thank you for sharing your recipe! I had sadly switched to frozen fruit because fresh didn't seem to keep well. But, you're so right! Add fresh fruit when I'm ready to eat it! Talk about not seeing the trees on account of the forest - or is it vice versa? Anyway, thank you for sharing! Great comment!

  4. My daughter does Mason Jar lunches regularly for herself and her boyfriend. They look SO good--she sends me pics of course. The soup looks good too. Glad to hear you are recovering from cataract surgery--my ophthalmologist tells me I'm about 5 years from that...I will be so happy not to have to wear glasses...except for reading ones of course. :-)

    1. Hi Sandra! I love my Mason Jar salads and breakfasts! I'm still playing with the soup spices. Next steps? I hope to make some healthy desserts! :) I have been amazed at the change in my eyesight! I'm so eager to finish my Hexagan Afghan because I can finally see how beautiful the colors are! Take good care!