Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Philippians 1:26. Leader Ender Project.

Philippians 1:26

Wow…a first glance this verse seems pretty arrogant – the Philippian's boasting in Christ Jesus will abound because Paul is with them?
Right? No, my dear friends, not at all!

What exactly does boasting mean?
Remember, they are praying for the founder of their church –
for his very life. 
So, should they be so blessed to receive him unto their midst,
naturally they will boast and praise God all the more –
because they have reason to do so!

And Paul knows this.
He knows that God
still has work for him
among the Philippians,
so naturally
his return to them would cause
great rejoicing!

I recall the many times my husband and I were separated during his military service.  After I put the kiddos to bed, the nights were long and lonely.  Many times I would comfort myself by imagining our reunion….

those first few moments as he stepped off the plane…..
the joy,
the tears of gratitude,
the hugs,
praising God for his safe return.

Through him being with me again, my boasting in Christ did indeed abound because of my husband’s return.

And you know what?
I bet you my family boasted and praised God for me,
for beating cancer,
for living,
for being with them today.

So, yes, boast loved ones,
boast in the LORD  and
shower Him with your praise!

LORD, there are so many words that we have felt are “wrong” or “prideful”.  But to boast in You in correct.  

Help us to offer sincere praise and boast of 
Your wondrous works in our lives, 
for the presence of our loved ones,
in fact,
for everything in our lives,
good, bad or ugly.
Because it is Your will that will
come of all things.
I love you, LORD.
Thank you, for……You!



Today I had a whole day to myself and it was great!  I've made great progress on a few projects - one of which is joining the dots on my "Dot Your I's" quilt inspired by Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts!
I couldn't believe that the last time I finished some dots was back in September!  Wow!

I also made some progress on my Leader/Ender project!  I'm not sure if it's going to be a quilt or a table runner or...who knows?  :)

These leader/ender pics are pretty much unedited, but they came out ok, right?  I wonder if any of you are working on any leader/ender projects?

And there you have it!  

Dear Friends, this  is my truth!  


  1. Looks like the leader/ender project is coming along! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  2. Love your quote today, and your perspective on it- Excellent!
    I haven't done any leader/ender projects, what is that!?

    1. Hello there! I just did a post on them today! Here's the link!