Thursday, November 10, 2016

Philippians 1:25. Progress on Hand Warmers!

Philippians 1:25

I love this verse, because Paul has found his way, has found his peace.  Let’s look back at verse 24 to see what he is convinced of:

It   is more necessary for the Philippians that He remain on Earth to serve Christ for the sake of further ministry to the Philippians. 
And now that he is convinced of this, he no longer questions the coming hearings or God’s will.
He is convinced he will live.

And he knows why:
For the progress and joy in the faith
more importantly, knows he is God’s will. 

How can we become convinced of God’s will and find this peace,
even if what is happening
is not what we desire? 

Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and -meditation. 

Prayer is talking to God.
Meditation is listening for His still small voice.

How do I pray –
Especially when I’m struggling?

Well, my prayers for myself are pretty simple,
“God, You see what’s going on. 
I need You to work this out.”

Then I might pray a few specifics,
but usually end with something like this:
“Please use me to bless others in this journey.
Have Your way in this situation,
give us the strength and grace to accept and live out your will,
and please work it out so that
You have the glory!
Let Your will be done!”

When I pray for others,
I do add more specifics,
but I try to end with a
prayer for His will.

That is most important to me.
His will is not always easy.
Because, my dear,
perhaps the situation at hand
was not His will to begin with.

But even in those situations,
He can work out His will
for His glory
our benefit.

Now, how do I pray when things are going so well that I have to pinch myself as I giggle?

With praise and worship music.
I dance in my living room.
I sing along –
as my poor dogs howl.
(I’ve been told I have a terrible voice!)
And I dance some more!

Music reaches a part of my heart and soul
That few other things can touch!

So, here’s another song for you! 
Be blessed!

My Dear Lord and Savior,
Sometimes life is so hard, 
we feel lost in confusion and fear.
Sometimes life is so good,
we feel lost in love and praise for You!

Where ever we are,
Please remind us 
to pray,
to listen,
to praise You,
to trust You.


I'm making progress on the hand warmers.  I'm really pleased with how they're coming out!
You may recall that I blogged about them here and they were inspired by this post.  

I'm linking up to Needle and ThreadThursday at My Quilt Infatuation

Dear Friends, this is my truth!

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