Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Philippians 1:27a - The Rest of The Story. To Do Tuesday Plans

Philippians 1:27a - The Rest of The Story.  
The first part of the story is here.  This post will make much more sense if you take just a few minutes to read the first part of the true story.  

When we thought the cancer may have spread to my bones, I did some online research, which scared me even more!  Apparently, according to my research, there is no cure for bone cancer.  It is considered a chronic condition that can be treated, but not cured.

I distinctly remember going for a walk by myself one dark night.  I just needed time with my LORD. 

I thought of
my husband,
my children,
my grandchildren,
my parents,
my sister,
my friends
and of leaving them,
of being sick
and of dying.

I faced those fears head on as I walked weeping, listening to praise and worship music and praying.

I was finally able to make peace with God’s will rather than my own. 

could I begin the fight of my life!

I had to be at peace with my LORD and Savior first.  Then the peace that passes all understanding surrounded me. 

I could go into my doctor’s office with courage and the knowledge that I was completely in God’s hands.  Sure, I still wept, I was still afraid – but I had the peace that passes all understanding.

11/21/16 UPDATE:  A reader asked a great question:  So, do I have bone cancer?  I am still fighting it?  

I'm so sorry I didn't clarify!
It turned out I don't have bone cancer,
there was only one lump in my left breast,
and I am now in remission!  :)
Thank you, Sharon, for your great question!  :)

Father, I am blessed.
I know this.
One family member had
a reoccurrence of breast cancer
after a 20 year remission.

At least four of my friends have had
metastasis or reoccurrence.

Thus far, I have been blessed,
I know this.
I praise You.

In Jesus’ precious name,
please be with
those who are facing our –
as survivors –
worst fears all over again.

Heal them I pray!
Encourage them.
Strengthen them.
Infuse them with
Your Joy
which is our strength.

To Do Tuesday Goals
Hand Sewing
Wool jubilee leave mat
Cut out patterns
Begin stitching
My daughter gave me a great idea for this wool candle mat - the best is yet to be!  :)


Done!  Continue to hand quilt the Advent tree, but not finished - yet!  :)

Regular Sewing
Done!  Grey Hand warmers - 
9 finished - one has been gifted already! 

X alter blouses - alternations are not fun - always put last.  

Christmas Sewing:
Sew blocks together
Oh Dear!  My blocks were prepared to be sewn together, then I discovered a mistake...my seam ripper and I are hanging out tonight watching a good movie.  :)

Done! Buy sashing fabric

X Baby M2’s afghan crochet 21 more green dots
Let's be honest:  Some time ago, crochet was my first love, but now, it seems sewing has taken over.  

BOM’s & QAL’s 
Done!  Dot Quilt – join dots

Done!  Quilty 365 – prep circles for applique

Here's this week's To Do Tuesday Plans. 
Hand Sewing
Wool jubilee leave mat
-   Continue stitching
Continue to hand quilt the Advent tree
Christmas Sewing:
Add borders
Purchase batting and backing
Make backing
Hopefully, find a long arm quilter who can finish it by Christmas
Regular Sewing
Grey Hand warmers (make 5 more ) 
alter blouses
Baby M2’s afghan crochet 21 more green dots
BOM’s & QAL’s 
Dot Quilt – appliqué dots to foundation fabric

Quilty 365 – appliqué circles to foundation fabric 


  1. Your Faith story is precious. I'm not sure how others deal with all the negative 'life' throws at them without faith in God and what he has done for us in Christ.

    On to quilting and crafts. You are getting a lot accomplished!

    1. Right? It amazes me how others deal with life without our LORD and Savior! That is a huge reason why I write the devotions. Perhaps He can shine some light in otherwise spiritually dark places or even encourage someone who is struggling.

      I am having so much fun sewing! Thank you for your kind comments!

  2. In ready the parts of your story, I find myself with no words. I can't imagine that diagnosis. Having to wait for insurance authorization. While I have been in a different feeling of despair before, but not that, I can understand the feeling of peace that comes from giving it to over to God. He is so good! Thank you for sharing parts of your story!

    Wow, what a week of sewing! I chuckled at the alterations comment. I always leave those for last too! Hoping you have another great sewing week!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, regardless of the reasons for our despair, the peace that passes all understanding that comes when we turn it all over to God is amazing.

      Yes, alterations are the bane of my existence! :)
      Take good care! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. your story hits home. My Mom had breast cancer and they operated. for 7 years she was cancer free until it came back. thanks for sharing your story. yes God IS amazing! and He brings angels to us in our times of need. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I got sick after Thanksgiving and finally went to the doctor - my baby sister threatened me if I didn't. Good thing, too, I have bronchitis! :o Gotta love those baby sisters!

      Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother! Several of my friends have had recurrences - and one is terminal. It certainly makes me appreciate every day even more!

      Thank you for sharing - I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and Merry Christmas!