Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's My Survivor Anniversary! Slow Stitching.Felt Food

I'm so glad you're visiting - especially today!  

It's my first Survivor Anniversary!  November 13, 2015 
was the last day of treatment for 
Triple Negative Breast Cancer!  
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No more needles.
No more pokes.
No more chemotherapy.
No more radiation.
No more skin burns.

It's My Survivor Anniversary!
For a bunch of different reasons, I ended up going to church by myself.  I wasn't sad about it, I was kind of glad.  

You see, many years ago I was celebrating beating back precancerous cells in my cervix.  

I was home alone - 
kids were at school and 
my husband was at work.

I check the mail box.
There's the letter with the test results.

I'm clear!  

Who to call?  
Everyone was at work.
And then I heard it - 
God's still quiet voice.

"It's ok.  I'm here to celebrate with you!  Let's celebrate together!"
And we did.

Today, many years later,
during praise and worship, 
God reminded me of that day.
So this morning
we again
celebrated together.

Then, my family and friends met at a park.
We played.
We ate.
We laughed.

My granddaughter asked for her fingernails to be painted bright pink for 
breast cancer.  She's five.

I sat the children down with me and explained to them that the balloon represented breast cancer.
And we were going to release them and say, 
"Good bye breast cancer.  
Go away and don't come back!"
So we did.

And when I thanked my son-in-law for the video and pictures he responded with this message:
"You're welcome, many more balloon releases."
From his heart to God's ears.

Dear Friends, this is my truth.
Slow Stitching
Remember this felt food - really the sandwich and chips are made from felt!  I blogged about it here.  :)

Here's the bag for the chips!  I need to make three more!  In both pictures, everything is slow stitched except the vertical lines on the chips.  :)

My grandson made up my name - Ama - when he was but a babe.  It means love in Spanish.  
Pretty cool, huh?


  1. Congratulations I celebrate with you yes.

    LOL that food looks real in the photo...

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, it does look real!
      Thank you for your kind comments!

  2. I just love your felt food!

  3. A great celebration of life and healing!