Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Short and Sweet. To Do List Tuesday. A Song.

Short and Sweet
This post will be short and sweet! This week was filled with some sewing and a ton of time with family and friends! Saturday we got to play with our two oldest grandbabies all afternoon!  So much fun!

Tuesday To Do List
Last week's list:
Hand Sewing
DONE!  Wool jubilee leave week one
I finished the top of this mat.  
But, I'm finishing it a bit differently
than the Sew Along!
Pop in next week to see this cool idea!

DONE!  Sew buttons on Advent tree
The totally cool benefit of 
completing this task 
was I learned to use 
my Bernina #18 foot 
that sews on buttons!  
It is fabulous!  
Here a link to the tutorial video I used.  

Christmas Sewing:
DONE!  Decide on layout for quilt
I did decided on a layout for this quilt. Secret Sewing until Christmas!

Regular Sewing
DONE!  Grey Hand warmers (5) 

I made the five sets 
cut up more fabric 
to make the rest of them. 
UPDATED 11/4/16:  By the way,
I filled these with white rice.
Here is a link with more details!

X alter blouses

DONE!  Baby M2’s afghan crochet 21 yellow dots

BOM’s & QAL’s  
X Be My Neighbor – cut fabric for block three
X Dot Quilt – join dots
X Quilty 365 – prep circles for applique
These projects will be on next week's list.  

Yea!  I got most of my To Do List finished! This week I spent a lot of time with friends, grandbabies and my husband.  It's been wonderful!

Here's this coming week's To Do List:

Hand Sewing
Wool jubilee leave mat
-    Stitch on holly and leaves
-    Add interfacing
-    Stitch two sides together
Finish hand quilting Advent tree
Christmas Sewing:
Finish flimsy - quilt
Regular Sewing
Grey Blanket
Baby M2’s afghan crochet 21 more yellow dots
BOM’s & QAL’s  
Be My Neighbor – cut fabric for block three
Dot Quilt – join dots
Quilty 365 – prep circles for applique

I'm linking up to Linky Tuesday at Freemotionby the River and To Do Tuesday at Stitch All Things.  

UPDATED 11/4/16:  I'm linking up to a new party:  Fiber Tuesday at Quilting Room with Mel.  

These are such fun parties that many talented people link up to!  I encourage you to check them out!

A Song!
Take a listen!  You'll be smiling by the end!  

Dear Friend,
This is my truth!


  1. Lots of 'done' on your list this week! What are you putting in the hand warmers? What a cute and functional gift!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Great question! I'm putting regular white rice in the hand warmers. I'll need to add that detail :) to the blog! Thank you for visiting, commenting and your question! Have a great day! :)

  2. I am always so encouraged by your posts. Thank you for sharing so much wonderfulness! That song! Super love!! And so much accomplished this week. I need to borrow some of your energy and motivation! LOL!! Hoping your week has been great!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Your encouragement is precious to me - really it is! Yes, I love My Story by Big Daddy Weave!

      During my daily radiation treatements, I lived in El Paso, TX and discovered the Christian radio station, KLOVE. I would listen to it on the way to treatments and back to my hotel. It was then that I discovered so many of the songs that I now post. They encouraged me so much and filled my life with joy rather than fear. God is good - all the time! ;)