Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why I Believe? Portable Slow Stitching Bag.

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Why I Believe
Tonight I'll be using music to share why I believe in God.  Much of the story remains untold, but the lyrics reveal my heart to you....
and perhaps you heart as well.  

to be honest,
several readers have commented on my faith.  
So I want to be transparent.

My faith was like a fickle pickle,
dependent on circumstances,
easily broken.
But not anymore!

Here's a song that shows you me BG - before God.

I still tear up when I hear this song.
that was then,
this is now!

I know I've posted this link many times, but this song is so powerful!

             Hello!  MY name is

I finally accepted His healing.
I'm not naive, I know 
cancer may return,
nightmares will still haunt my sleep,
my loved ones will go to Heaven,
I can walk into my future 
with God 
that it is
gloriously unfolding.  

That's my spiritual walk in a very small nutshell.
Wanna walk with me?
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Portable Slow Stitching Bag

Here is one of my "go-to" tools for portable crafting.
I made it using a fabulous tutorial from Sew Mama Sew.  

I carry miscellaneous items 

in this roomy outside pocket.

More storage!

Right now I'm working on making these
motifs for a border for 
Baby M2's afghan.
I store them on this large ring!

Don't want to lose my motifs!

Slow Stiching
We got to spend today with my dad as we gave him more Smart Phone lessons!  As we were on the road for roughly 2 1/2 hours, I worked on the binding for these potholders.  

They do present a dilemma.
I made them too thick.
My binding was the average width.
I didn't realize my mistake until the binding was sewn on.
I didn't want to be such close friends with my seam ripper.
So, we're making it work, the binding and I.

I think it looks terrible.
So, I'm going to wash it and see how it comes out.
Maybe it'll go to it's intended owner.
Maybe it'll go in the trash.
I don't know.

Any ideas.....please?

Dear Friends, this is my truth.

I'm linking up to Kathy'sSlow Sunday Stitching.  


  1. It looks to me like you could cut off that binding and still have a quarter inch to stitch on a new binding. Maybe? Or, you could cut one layer just inside the seam of the binding where it will be hidden and make the binding just a tad wider. (That probably doesn't make sense, does it?) But honestly, I think they look fine as they are.

    1. Great idea! After I cut off the binding, I realized the pot holder was too thick and simply made the one into two of them! Here's the post where I finished them!

      Thank you!

  2. Pot holders are to prevent things and people from being burned so they need to be thick! And they will be spilled on and maybe even singed, so they need to be tough!
    I think they are perfect for the job! Well done!

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting! I love your attitude! I think they were a bit too thick as I struggled to fold them as I "tested" them.

      You've given me a great idea though - with your "tough" description! I bet my son would love some denim potholders for his kitchen! Thank you for the inspiration!


  3. I am also a Believer, and Jesus Christ is my Savior.

    Your potholders look nice, if I were the recipient I would be pleased with them!
    I never thought to use a ring to hold my crochet motifs together. I usually put them into a freezer bag, but your idea looks tidier. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Hello Aine,
      That's awesome news! I guess that makes us family, right? :)

      Thank you so much for your kind comments on the potholders!

      I also used a zip lock bag for m motifs, but the ring works well for me because if they fall out of my bag, I'll hear the ring hit the ground.

      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!

  4. OK if you think they are too thick to be them hot pads to protect your counter or table top. Personally I think they look fine but if you wanted to you could just put an additional slightly wider binding over this one. Only you would know. Well Ok so would I but I wouldn't tell.

    1. You are a smart cookie! I wish I had read your comment before I cut off the binding and sewed on new binding! :) However, I did end up with two "pot holders"! You made me smile! Love your writing style!